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Alone In The Garage…

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I waited as patient as a person could be. It was 10:29 P.M. Any number of things could have gone wrong. I kept my cool. I waited silently, a shadow among shadows. I breathed deeply trying to relax my nerves. She would come as she had every night at this same time. I should know. I trailed her for three weeks and observed that she always entered the parking garage at this time.

For all I knew she was on the elevator heading up to her car, where I now was. The darkness was my friend and it would hide me until the last moment when she would be mine. I knew she was cheating on her husband, I think she thought no one else knew, but her and her lover.

I heard the “ding” of the elevator and knew there was no turning back now. It was either now or never and I was determined to do what I came to do. I saw the elevator doors open and out she stepped. I saw her beautiful curly red hair first, followed by a long brown trench coat, which hid her splendid body. I swallowed a lump in my throat, sure that she heard me, which she did not. Adrenaline pumped throughout my body as I became aware of her perfume.

She reached the car and started unlocking the door. I grabbed her arm roughly. “Don’t.” I said. I heard her gasp. I was even more turned on by the realism that I was now going to have her. I whispered in her ear “Unlock the back door and lie down across the back seat and you won’t get hurt.” She said, “Please I’ll give you anything. Take my money, but please don’t hurt me.” I said, “If it was your money I wanted I’d have it by now and be long gone.” I told her. She seemed to be more scared now then ever.

I took her trench coat off her and threw it to the ground. “If you do as I say you won’t get hurt. If you cross me your ass is grass.” I said pointing my knife at her. I heard her sharp intake of breath. Finally, she lay down across the backseat. I felt my erection grow (which I didn’t think was possible, since I was hard as steel for the past half-hour or so). “Good.” I heard myself say. I rubbed her cheek with my free hand. My hand roamed down her neck to the white blouse that covered what must be 34 CC’s.

I knew she was 39 (15 years older than me), but he breasts were as firm and swelled as if she were 21. My free hand roamed down her body and now covered the front of her mini-skirt. I could feel the heat through her clothes and my excitement grew. She moaned “Please.” as tears fell from her eyes. I took my knife and ran it along her face (careful not to cut her). I said, “Shut up bitch.” She did although she whimpered softly, which I enjoyed. It turned me on even more, if possible.

My free hand went under her skirt feeling the wetness, I wonder if she were enjoying this as much as me. Her panties were silk and smooth to the touch. I grabbed a handful and ripped them off her and she breathed heavy again. I could see her eyes were closed. My knife hand went up to her blouse and cut the front open, revealing the flesh of her firm breasts. I let the knife travel down to the front of her bra and I slipped the sharp blade under the small part of the bra that connected the two cups together. I cut it and heard her cry. My eyes took in the hard nipples which were a dark red or a slight brown (it was hard to tell in the darkness). I leaned down and sucked a nipple into my mouth saying “Shhh.” at the same time.

I used both hands to lift her skirt to reveal the bright red bush. I let my lips hover above hers and slowly stuck my tongue out, licking her lips. I let my groin grind against hers. Feeling her wetness through my clothes, excited me even more.. I reached down and unzipped my fly as I slid my tongue into her mouth. Our tongues met as I released my penis from the underwear. I slid my dick along the length of her slit. I could now feel the wetness, skin to skin. Both my hands were groping her huge breasts. I straddled her chest and rubbed my dick between them as I made her hold them both together.

Finally, I rubbed my dick against her closed lips. “No.” She whispered, but it was a weak protest. With a couple of thrusts, I was in her hot, wet mouth. I thrust in and out saying “You know you want it. Suck me dry, baby!” In addition, surprisingly, she did suck, not only letting me fuck her mouth, but actually sucking me like there was no tomorrow. I grabbed the back of her hair and forced her head up harder and faster. I heard the slurping noises, which added to my excitement. I now used both hands on the back of her head pulling it up onto my dick and let loose so much cum that I thought I would drown her. I forced her to swallow until I felt the last drop come out of me. I listened as she made gulping noises and something about that kept me hard.

I straddled her chest again and fucked her tits for a few minutes and I heard her moaning. She probably hated that she was in this situation, but there was no mistaking it, she loved the tit fucking I gave her. I made her hold her tits together again, as I fucked them. I reached back under her skirt (which had fallen down enough to cover her again) and slipped my first two fingers in her pussy. I moaned “Baby you are so wet!”

I slipped my body down so I was in position to slide inside her and rubbed my dick along her slit. I grabbed her hand and wrapped it around my dick saying “Put me in you!” She slipped the head between her pussylips still not in her yet, but I thrust forward surprising her and she moaned softly. I said, “There’s no reason you can’t enjoy this.” I made her pull me deep inside her and hold onto my dick as it slid in and out of her. She let go and moaned louder. I covered her mouth with one hand as I watched her tits bounce with the force of my thrusts. We went on that way for a few minutes until I tired of the position.

I pulled out of her and turned her over into a doggie style position. I re-entered her and fucked faster holding onto her tits from below. I felt her cum as her breathing quickened. I held onto her tits by both nipples, which were incredibly hard as I fucked her through her intense orgasm. She started moaning very sexy. I fucked her faster and faster. She amazed me by saying “I want to feel your cum inside me.” I almost lost it at that point, but I said “Not yet.”

I made her change positions and she straddled me. I lay on my back and she rode me. Hard! I could hear her asscheeks slap fast and wet against my lap. My hands roamed up and down her front and then cupped her asscheeks lifting her up and down faster. I came deep inside her. She lay across my chest exhausted. We were both sweaty and smelled of sex. My hands roamed up and down her back, from her ass up to the back of her neck. I got up and she said, “Is that it?” I left her laying there on her front, wondering what I would do next.

Her ass was facing me. I grabbed her asscheeks and spread them apart. My cock nudged her asshole and I made her pull me into her ass, which she did slowly gasping at the slight pain. I let my cock rest inside her ass so we could both get used to the tightness. Slowly I started to fuck her ass. I let my hands cup her tits as my teeth nibbled on her ears. She was really getting into it now, moaning louder. I fucked her harder and faster with each passing moment. She came again as I stuck my tongue back into her mouth.

She sucked on my tongue as she sucked my dick earlier. She moaned around my tongue and her whole body shook, convulsing around my hard-as-steel dick. I sent what seemed like a gallon of hot cum into her ass. She lay there spent and actually fell asleep. I left her there alone and abused. I still wonder until this day if she ever found out, it was her husband, who hired me to rape her for cheating on him. I must say that it was the best job I have ever had……….

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