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The familiar tingling began almost instantly after Henry slid his hard cock inside his new bride. Anne’s wet hole engulfed him in welcoming heat as the length slid in slowly. Kissing softly on her left shoulder, he eased his body down using his knees and forearms for support.

“Ohhh,” responded his sexy wife. “Mmm, oh my god.” Her voice was barely above a whisper, her body alive after a lengthy prelude from Henry’s talented tongue.

Anne had awakened that Sunday morning in her husband’s arms, the first day of the rest of their lives together. They were married the day before and drove the six hours to the Outer Banks for their honeymoon. While she had fretted over every detail of the modest, but tasteful wedding, Henry had planned their trip just as carefully.

She had eased out of bed carefully so as not to wake him. With her usual cat-like grace, she had glided to the window, then pulled back the curtain. She had been careful not to open them too wide lest she expose her C-cup breasts to any potential passersby.

Out the window of their coastal bungalow she had seen short waves from the Atlantic washing over the beach not far away. The lapping of the water had made her think of the way Henry could bring fire to her clit with his soft licks.

After a quick trip to the bathroom, she had returned to bed eager to awaken her new spouse for some early-morning escapades. She had slid under the sheets and moved down until she could draw his soft member into her mouth. She loved the feeling of it hardening inside her and would suck gently until he couldn’t help but thrust lightly.

It hadn’t taken long before Henry was pulling her away so he wouldn’t come too soon. After returning the pleasure (and giving her a nice climax), he had slid over her for a smooth, leisurely ride.

But all that sucking had made him much too sensitive. He forced his mind to calm and his body to relax so that he could make it last as long as possible, hopefully long enough for Anne to have a second orgasm.

Anne wasn’t interested in a slow fuck this morning. Her need caused her to pull and push against his hips urging him faster. Pushing up onto his hands, he gazed down at the beauty beneath him. Anne’s long dark-brown hair was spread across her shoulders and pillow. Her thick lips were spread slightly as she began to breathe faster. Her dark eyes locked onto his, showing the passion building inside.

A track athlete in college, Anne’s legs still maintained their supple strength, and he could feel it as she slid them up his thighs and wrapped them around his waist.

She was pulling him faster, but he was trying to resist the speed or else this would end quickly.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop,” she pleaded and humped her hips upward.

In only a minute, her body stiffened while her inner walls pulsed rhythmically. The sensations were too much, and he came with a groan, blasting over and over inside. He lowered himself back down and lovingly kissed her again and again.

While she had definitely come, Henry had a feeling she wasn’t done; the orgasm was more of a medium intensity, and he figured she had another one possible inside. He wasn’t too worried about pleasing her, however. One of the pleasant discoveries she’d made early in their lovemaking sessions was that he didn’t soften right after coming. As long as he was buried inside, Henry remained hard.

He continued to kiss her and also reached up to caress her cheek with his left hand. He waited to see if she would push up with her hips, signaling her need for more, but she seemed very relaxed. So, he pulled back out and lay down on his side next to her and pulled her close.

Feeling more joy than he even knew was possible, Henry thought about their lives and what had brought them to this point.

Henry and Anne had known each other for a year and a half before they ever had their first date.

Not long out of college, Henry was attending a barbecue at a friend’s house and was immediately drawn to the 5’7″ brunette with a slim waist and ample breasts. While many of her surrounding friends were wearing shorts, Anne had on a light summer dress in purple and white swirls. He loved the way her wavy hair fell down just low enough that it might brush against her nipples if she were nude.

“Getting an eyeful?” came a voice from behind.

Forcing himself to break away from the dark-haired vision, Henry turned to his best friend and asked, “Hey, Mike, who’s the girl talking with Marcy?”

“You mean the frumpy one with the mousy hair and wide ass? I can get you her number if you like.”

“Shut the fuck up. You know who I’m talking about.”

“Yeah I do, but I also see who is walking toward them carrying two drinks.”

Henry saw a tall, well-built man walk over and hand one of the cups to the lovely woman. He gave her a simple kiss on the lips that let Henry know that the two were definitely a couple and probably been so for a while.

“That would be Anne and Sid. They’ve been together for several months now, so give it up. Are you sure you don’t want the frumpy one’s number?”

And so Henry tried to put Anne out of his mind, but it was difficult as she and Mike’s girlfriend Marcy became closer friends. She showed up at dinner parties at Mike’s apartment, always with Sid, while Henry occasionally brought a date.

Half a year later, Anne and Sid broke up, but by this time Henry had settled into a relationship with a sexy blonde named Brandy. While not exactly a rocket scientist, Brandy was always fast with a laugh at his jokes and faster at stripping off her clothes. The two had sex frequently and in many places – including a memorable afternoon in his office.

On that day, Brandy had come to see him at his job at a small marketing firm. He’d held off taking a lunch break so they could spend time together that afternoon. She had worn a long, colorful skirt that swished against the floor as she walked – what she called her gypsy skirt.

Back in the breakroom, he had sat down in a chair with some warmed-up leftovers, ready to hear about her day. Instead, she had sat on his lap and whispered in his ear, “I’m not wearing any underwear.” She had pulled back and giggled, while he had felt a fast twitch in his groin.

“Uhh, well there’s not exactly anywhere here in the office to take advantage of such a pleasant situation.”

“What about right here?” had come the reply with a grinding of her ass in his lap.

“What? Are you kid-”

“Why not? I’m sure everyone else has eaten already, and I have this long outfit for cover.”

As a blush had spread over his cheeks, Brandy had reached down and unzipped his pants.

“I was thinking about you in the car and couldn’t help but get started early. I rubbed myself as I was driving over, and this truck driver I passed must have gotten an eyeful.”

With a glance at the door, she had continued, “Now let me just raise up a little and slide closer.”

Sitting sideways in his lap, Brandy had rubbed his tip around her clit before sinking all the way down in one smooth motion. “That’s it, baby. I feel you thickening. Now let me bounce up a down some. Oooh, yeah. I can feel you throbbing. Do it some more – it makes you feel even fatter.”

A few minutes later, they had heard the distinct click-clack of heels approaching. As a female coworker had entered and headed for the Pepsi machine, Brandy had spoken nonchalantly, “And then I saw the cutest pair of sandals. I know you don’t care about shoes …”

As she had continued as if everything was normal, Brandy had contracted her pussy repeatedly, sending Henry into an excited hunger. He had wanted to scream at the woman to get the hell out of the room so he could pound away, but all he could do was lean his head closer to Brandy’s shoulder so that the coworker wouldn’t see how red his face was.

Seconds after the woman left the room, Henry had wrapped his arms around Brandy’s waist and lifted her up and down on his cock until he exploded.

Just when he had thought he couldn’t pulse another time, she had leaned over to breathe in his ear, “I’m just gonna stand up and walk out of here with your come running down my bare thighs under this skirt.”

After a year, and many more unforgettable humps, that relationship played out, and shortly thereafter Henry asked Anne out.

Neither one had dated that many people; both had been in a few long-term partnerships, but not serious enough for an engagement. In their mid-20s, they were still young enough to be exploring who they were as people and as lovers.

One night at her apartment, Henry knelt on the bed next to her supple form. After giving her legs, ass and back a long, thorough massage, he rolled her over and admired her firm tits. He slathered more massage oil on his hands and slid them across the undersides. He had discovered that the bottoms of her breasts were quite sensitive, too, and made sure to give them plenty of attention.

He cupped the breasts and lightly lifted them before letting them slide back through his oily fingers. He rubbed up and down the valley between them, then across the tops and down the sides, being sure to avoid the center.

“Mmm,” she moaned. The areolas, bigger than a 50-cent piece, swelled and darkened, looking very inviting. So did the plump nipples atop them. His mouth watered as the tips hardened, and he finally could resist no longer.

“Ahh,” she cried out as he sucked the right nipple into his mouth and squeezed the left between finger and thumb. She pulled his head closer as he suckled, applying and releasing pressure. He switched sides, leaning over her body and putting his left hand down as he leaned in. As he clamped down on the erect tip, his right hand cupped her entire sex.

“Mmmaaahhh,” she groaned, her legs sliding around on the sheets.

He made love to her chest as his right index finger slid up and down her lower lips. Eventually she took both hands and pushed his head south. Kissing his way down, he stopped to tongue her belly button while lightly circling her clit hood with fingertips.

Still kneeling by her side, he used his right arm to hold her right leg out of his way and then moved up her thigh with light kisses that sent flames through her body. At the crease where her leg comes up to her lips, he stopped to run his tongue up and down, knowing it is another favorite erogenous zone. From that he moved on to catching each lip in turn between his own lips and sucking and pulling gently.

“Oh god, stop teasing me,” she pleaded, reaching for his hair and pulling him higher to her clit.

His back was beginning to tire from holding himself up in this position so he moved both arms between her thighs so he could lean on his hands.

He then pulled his elbows against the back of her knees. Her legs were pulled back toward her head allowing him to rest a little of his weight on the back of her thighs. Her legs were effectively trapped, so he could continue to do as he pleased even if she were begging for release.

He ran his tongue up and down her slit, pausing slightly each time to flick the nub at the top. In this position, he had a clear view of her pussy and the crinkled hole behind it. A sudden urge passed through him, something he had never considered before. Leaning over further, he licked all the way down her lips and across the perineum. Then, flattening his tongue out as flat as possible, he lapped over her hole and halfway up her crack.

Anne’s hips lurched, but she didn’t protest or try to push him off her thighs. Suddenly very nervous that she would think him a freak and a pervert, he wondered if he should just stop and screw her, but this new curiosity begged him to continue.

He again lapped over the hole and then reversed and went back across it. He didn’t wait to see if she would stop him and began licking the tip up, down, left and right over the puckered opening. He was pleasantly surprised to feel her tremble underneath him, seeming to encourage him further. He didn’t want to hurt her, but neither did he want to tickle her, so he kept a steady, even pressure against her body.

After a couple of minutes, he heard her sigh, and a tension he hadn’t even noticed yet seemed to flow out of her muscles. The opening also relaxed, and he felt his tongue slightly ease forward. Making his tongue a little more stiff, he squirmed directly on the hole and sensed it relaxing further. The entire tip then slid inside as a moan came from behind him.

With an up-and-down movement of his head, he pushed his tongue in and out of her ass. He slipped his left hand up past his face and slid his fingertips over her cunt. Juices were overflowing her hole and were spread out over the lips. He used the moisture to slide up and rub over the clitoris.

Instantly, Anne convulsed with her hips bouncing off the bed. Henry maintained contact the best he could, feeling her ass muscles clenching and releasing his tongue. When he leaned back and pulled his arms out of the way, her legs slid to the bed lifelessly. She had fallen directly to sleep.

After that, Henry had made an effort to include lots of oral play in their sex life. Every time he went down on her, he eventually had to go “back there” with his tongue. On two occasions, she had pulled away slightly in resistance, so he simply stopped doing anything more with his mouth and just mounted her. It was his passive way of saying “when it comes to licking, it’s all or nothing, honey.”

This had to be at least a small disappointment for her because he always gave her at least one orgasm with his tongue before he jumped in the saddle. After the second incident, she never showed any hesitation again.

During his ministrations, he used his tongue or the flat edge of a thumb to push on her hole. For some reason, he still hesitated to insert a finger in her ass. Even though she wasn’t resisting and seemed to be moaning more, he just couldn’t feel 100% sure she was really enjoying the stimulation or if she was just quietly tolerating it. Their relationship was just so perfect that he hated to do anything to ruin it.

One night at his place, he was at the foot of the bed with his mouth on her clit. Then he placed his hands behind her knees and pushed them up toward her head. The legs went back easily, so easily in fact that he knew she must have been helping. Suddenly feeling more encouraged, he moved his mouth lower and started working over her asshole. As had become routine, her sphincter soon relaxed, and his tongue could squirm inside.

This time, however, she pulled her left leg away from his hand and swung it slowly over his head.

He was dejected, thinking she really didn’t want this kind of attention anymore and was completely turning away from him. To his shock, she rolled over on her stomach and then lifted her ass in the air.

He dove forward and shoved his tongue deep as his right thumb dipped underneath and rubbed through her slit. Soaked, his thumb slid smoothly back and forth, then he pushed it up inside her twat at the same time he pumped his tongue in her other hole.

She groaned and pushed back at his face. He sped up his thumb, really pounding his palm against her crotch. She gasped and her ass seemed to open even further.

Emblazoned with a new confidence, he kept his thumb pumping as he moved up on the bed and went closer on his knees. With his left hand, he reached down to rub his cock and felt the entire length coated with its own drool. He rubbed the clear fluid around to ensure an even coat and then brought it close to her rear.

Pulling his right thumb out, he used his hand to rub his dick up and down over the widened asshole. She didn’t flinch or tighten up, merely held still as he enjoyed the slippery coating of his saliva mixing with his precome. He held the shaft steady and pushed forward. He wondered if she would lurch forward and crawl away, but she held her ground.

While his cock was fairly wide, the head came down to a slender tip, like a spear – perfect for the job at hand. The end moved into her hole about half an inch before he felt the beginnings of resistance. He didn’t pull away, though, just used his hand to move the shaft slightly, changing the angle of the gentle pressure. The head went in perhaps another half-inch before he felt a quick clench-and-relax from her muscles.

The squeezing on his cock tip felt wonderful, but he didn’t want to rush forward suddenly. Instead he eased back slightly and moved forward again. He let a little spit drop from his lips to his cock, which was drooling itself and adding to the lubrication.

With the same light push as before, he leaned in and felt the head slip right back in that first inch as before and then a little further. The outside of her hole was completely relaxed now, but he could feel he was bumping against a little tightness further inside. He didn’t know much about anatomy, but it felt like a second sphincter about two inches in. He slowly moved back and forth some until this muscle also relaxed, and the head slipped all the way inside.

He paused to enjoy the sensation of being in her ass for the first time – feeling that it was probably the first time any man had been in her ass (which he later found out to be true).

Rather than pull back out, he pushed forward some more and felt the going was easier now. Even though his girth was pretty big, the slender tip seemed to have done its job well.

He pulled back and moved forward a few times and then remembered that he wasn’t stimulating her anymore. He reached around her slender waist with his left arm and put his index and middle fingers on her clit. He softly stroked it as he stroked her ass.

“Ohh,” she moaned. Then as the strokes continued, she called out, “Oh god oh god oh god. Yes, yes.”

The tight, warm vice of her ass and her moans were too much for him. He knew he was getting close and hoped that it wouldn’t hurt her to shoot off inside her ass. He knew his cock bulged even wider when he was coming, but he absolutely didn’t want to leave her wonderful hole.

He frigged her clit faster as she moaned louder. She had been vocal in bed before, but now she grew louder than she had ever been. Her arousal enhanced his excitement, and he picked up speed, sliding in and out quickly, but still worried about sinking to his full depth.

Suddenly she screamed and her ass began pulsing over and over. The feeling was too much, and despite his fears, he pulled her back on him and buried himself deep as he spurted over and over as hard as he has ever come in his life.

The two collapsed on the bed. Henry was spent, but at the same time quite aroused at the idea of having her ass again and again.

To his complete shock, Anne’s demeanor changed after that. She didn’t offer her ass up to him again, and on a few occasions when he inserted a finger in her ass, she pulled away.

Finally one evening as they fondled each other in bed, he came right out and said, “I want to be back here” and caressed her ass cheek. She pulled her hips back and said softly, “No.”

“Why not?”

“It’s dirty, and I feel like I’m just some object when you touch me there. Like some kind of blowup doll.”

“What? That’s crazy. I’m deeply in love with you, and I certainly don’t think of you as some sex toy. When I’m with you, I’m making love to you. And when two people are in love, I don’t think there is anything wrong with expressing that love in any way they want, as long as there is love and respect. And I do respect you.”

Despite his pleas, Anne didn’t give in.

Unfortunately, that night was still deeply embedded in his mind – just like his dick had been deeply embedded in her behind. And now every time her back was turned to him, he would stare at her perfect ass and wish for another stab at it.

Eventually during oral sex, he couldn’t resist trying something once again, and he dipped his tongue down to lick her hole. Just like most of the first experiences, she didn’t resist and seemed to come harder then. After that, he once again began making rimming a common part of their lovemaking. But he never went any further than that.

Now here they were on their honeymoon, and he was so satisfied with his wedding bliss that it hadn’t even occurred to him during their morning screw that he should want her ass.

He lay on his left side with his right arm across her body. He placed his head on her shoulder and his right hand on her left breast and sighed contentedly. He thought he might drift off to sleep again, but then he felt her take his right hand off her tit and push it further down.

Oh, he realized. She isn’t quite done yet.

He slid his hand across her mound and down her lips. He felt her moisture and then at the opening, a little of his own seed seeping out. He ran his fingers up and down and over the clit. Up and down, back and forth. A few minutes passed, and she hadn’t come yet. He worried his fingers might be too rough and considered licking her out. Then he had another idea.

Since it had been several minutes since he’d pulled out, his penis had deflated and would be very soft if he rubbed it over her clit. But he was feeling a bit wiped out and didn’t want to get on top. So he decided to approach her sideways.

With her on her back and him on his left side, he squirmed around until his hips were just lower down the bed than her crotch. He lifted both her legs up and over his right hip and slid forward until his cock could reach her.

In this position, both hands were free, so he used the right one to rub himself against her and reached around her right thigh to use his left hand to pull back the hood over the clit. She gave a soft sigh and seemed to be settling in for a long session.

It didn’t take but a few minutes before his member stretched out again, though a little less firm than before. He pushed forward and slid the head inside her, eliciting a “mmm” from Anne.

When he pulled the head back, the tip was coated in his come and made sliding around her lips and clit much more fun.

Then he began alternating between slipping inside and rubbing against her clit. Wanting to see the action, he used his left arm to push her right leg up and out of the way. She got the idea and reached down to grasp the leg and pull it further up. Now he could watch the tool rubbing all around.

He wanted to try something different and inched a little more forward and turned his hips so he was angled downward some. Then he placed the length against her slit and started gently sawing it against her. This allowed the shaft to stimulate the clit while the head rubbed all over the outside of her opening. Anne’s continued sighing (and intermittent gasping) further encouraged him and swelled his cock to full strength.

He was surprised to see even more cum ooze out of her and coat his head. The seed started to drip further down, so he moved the head and caught up with the fluid just as it was reaching her asshole. She gave a gasp as the soaked member slid over her, and suddenly he was remembering that one special night when he took her anal cherry. He so wanted to do it again, but he wasn’t about to ruin their honeymoon with the suggestion.

Still, he couldn’t help his infatuation.

He reached out his left hand and rubbed her clit, while his right hand helped massage his cockhead against her taint and ass. Her breathing quickened, and so did his. She was building toward a massive orgasm, and her excitement and the kinky feel of her ass against the side of his head was pushing him there, too.

After several minutes of pressure and rubbing against her clit and ass, she announced, “Oh god, I’m gonna come.” He rubbed his head harder on and around her ass and prepared to blow a big load all over her cheeks.

With her right leg already pulled back toward her chest, Anne suddenly reached down and pulled the left leg back as well. The change shifted the angle of her hips upward, and in one quick motion, his slippery cock plunged into her relaxed ass.

Henry was surprised, aroused, orgasmic and worried all at the same time. He glanced up at her face and saw her shocked face looking back. Then while maintaining eye contact, she shuddered, the entire bed quaking. Afraid to move inside her ass, he held still, then felt the rhythmic contractions of her muscles, which milked him over the edge. Never looking away from her, he erupted in her ass for only the second time.

Her face was pulled tight during the frenzy, but then she relaxed, and a warm smile spread over her face. She let go of her legs, which moved down to again drape over his hips. She reached out a hand and petted his face.

Still deep inside her, Henry knew that something had changed now. Before she worried that he didn’t respect her and objectified her when it came to her ass. But now she knew that she was indeed an object: an object of his affection and adoration. And he now knew she’d be open to him no matter which hole he wanted.

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