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Bad day.

‘Bad day’ didn’t even begin to encompass the events of Jim’s Friday afternoon. As well-paid upper-level manager of a huge accounting firm, he had to depend on a lot of different people to get a job done; the office was a finely-tuned machine. But when someone didn’t do their job, everything broke down. Luckily, Jim’s managerial style kept this from happening very often.

He was a tough boss, no doubts about it, but he was also kind, gentlemanly, and everybody’s good pal. But this new guy was driving him up the wall. He would be fired on Monday, but until then Jim just has to bear the embarrassment of missing another deadline and losing a big account.

It was after 8 PM when he left. Up until about 4 PM, he had been looking forward to a quiet dinner at home with is beautiful wife Karen, but after that all he could think about was strangling Wayne Carlson until his eyes popped out of his head like champagne corks. But we won’t get into that. The last one to leave, he locked up the main office door and stalked to the elevator, punching the button for the garage level so hard it made his thumb hurt. He fumed, muttering all the way down the 47 floors, and emerged in the dark garage. His executive parking space was waiting for him, as was his new toy: a brand new Audi RS 6. He opened the door and put his briefcase on the passenger side, then stood up outside the car to take off his jacket. He was getting a little hot around the collar, in more ways than one. He loosened his tie and jumped in the car, giving it some gas as he started it to make it roar to life in a satisfying fashion. He sped out of the garage as fast as he dared, taking the turns at a breakneck pace, tires squealing. The man at the gate saw him coming and simply opened the gate before he got there; no one else in the garage had a car like that, or drove like that. Jim gave him a quick salute as he sped past, cutting off another car as he darted out into the busy city streets.

He was feeling better already. Spying an open corridor in the maze of evening traffic, he downshifted to 3rd and stamped on the gas, hearing the tires screech for purchase and feeling his back sink into the seat as if he taking off on a jet. Within minutes he was on the highway and really opened it up. With 450 ponies at his disposal, he tore like heck down the left lane at over 100 mph, feeling better and better as the engine wound higher and higher. He cut across three lanes of traffic to make his exit, and didn’t stop speeding until he was in his driveway in picture-perfect suburbia.

The front door was open a crack, allowing Jim to push it open violently with his foot, the knob crashing into a coat rack. His wife Karen was standing near the sink in the kitchen, and just shook her head.

“Hi honey!” she called out, hearing his things drop on the floor by the door. “How was your day?”

Jim simply muttered expletives, barely keeping himself under control. Usually, his wife’s quiet obliviousness to his daily trials was refreshing; it made him realize there was life outside of work. But today it wasn’t working. He fumed silently, slumping down at the table. She turned to him, dinner already made, and set in front of him a pint glass of beer and a plate of meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and green beans. Jim muttered a genuine ‘thank you’ and shoveled down his food in minutes. He got up with is beer and left the table. He walked through the living room and to the front door, where he picked up his briefcase and carried it back into the family room. He switched on ESPN to watch the highlights and opened the case. Jim took long pulls from the beer as he looked over the day’s losses, working the numbers over in his head.

He nearly dropped his beer. He had estimated far too low. Carlson’s slow action came with an opportunity cost of tens of millions of dollars. The company could have been on easy street. Steam virtually shot from Jim’s ears. He chugged the last of his beer and gently set the glass down on the coffee table, his hands shaking with rage. He ran them through his hair and looked towards the kitchen. Karen was there, looking beautiful as usual, knowing well enough to leave him alone for a while to let him cool off. She wore a simply white smock, the outline of a white lace bra underneath. Her pants were a pair of tight khakis, the thin material showing her panty line well. Her feet were clad only in little white flip-flops, and an apron covered her front. Suddenly, looking at her ass, he was overcome with lust. He had to take her, right there and then.

He stood up from the couch and walked slowly into the kitchen, taking in the surroundings in a sort of stupor. His rage had given him a huge adrenaline rush. She was making cookies; rolling out the dough and cutting shapes, probably for her kindergarten class. A tin of Crisco shortening sat on the counter near her right hand. She didn’t turn around as he approached; probably thinking he had come for another beer.

Karen jumped a laughed a bit as he sidled up behind her and put a hand on her ass, squeezing firmly.

“Oo!” she cooed. “My my, Jim, has the office given you a hard-on for once?”

Her question was answered as Jim pressed his big cock against her ass through his pants. He was so hard that it almost hurt. Karen started to try to turn around, but Jim restrained her gently, letting her know what he wanted. She complied. She felt his fingers fumble quickly with her button and fly, and suddenly her pants were undone. She grabbed hold of the counter and thrust her ass out as Jim jerked her pants down, just low enough to expose her panty-clad bubble-butt. The term ‘panty-clad’ only held for another split second before those two were jerked down off her ass. No other clothing had been touched; her shirt was in place, and she still wore the apron, somehow adding to her sexy allure.

Jim unzipped his pants and fished out his erection with some difficulty, pulling out his balls also. Karen moaned a little as she felt his hot rod against her buttocks, anticipating that shaft in her pussy at any second, stabbing deep into her, hitting her G-spot hard just the way she liked it. ‘But’ Jim had other plans. Her eyes darted to the right as she spied his hand quickly pop over and dig out a large dollop of Crisco with four fingers. She was puzzled, but only for a second. She felt his fingers between her big, round cheeks, spreading the thick, greasy shortening all over her tight, virgin pucker! Her eyes popped open.

“Whooooaahoho there mister, don’t even think about it!” she said, straightening up a little. But while straightening up would have kept him out of her pussy, her hiney was another matter all together; he was still right in line! She tried to turn around, but he held her against the counter with one strong arm. With his free hand he guided his throbbing, swollen cock between his wife’s buttocks, pressing the tip against her rosebud as she stood bolt upright against the counter. Karen didn’t even have time to protest a second time.

“Unnnnggghhh!!!” Karen groaned, her toes curling. The greasy shortening was like a shapeless pry bar; her anus stretched open like a hungry mouth! Karen gasped over and over, disbelieving, as her husbands long shaft slid deep into the uncharted territory of her tush.

“JEsus you’re tight!” Jim groaned, his breathing ragged as he held onto his wife’s hips.

“Aagh! Uh!…I’m a fucking virgin, Jim! Please! OH!! Please take it easy!” Karen cried. Jim shook with excitement, barely hearing his wife’s groans and cries. He held her wide, curvy ass flush against the counter as she stood up straight, her head tilted back and her teeth gritted. He looked down at their coupling, relishing the visual with his wife’s cries in the background. Karen had the best ass ever. Her buttocks were so round and tight that even when she bent over and touched her toes you still couldn’t see her pucker. And now, even with his cock up in her rump like a hotdog in a bun, he couldn’t actually see where his cock disappeared into her; only where his greasy, glistening cock was squeezed up between her tightly-clenching buttocks.

“Ohhhh yes! God…” Jim breathed. Karen’s sphincter was so tight that even with the greasy lube he was unable to really thrust. Rather, he had to force his cock back and forth; the blood wrung from his cock on the way out, her bowels opening up on the way in. His cock was long, but not especially thick, and he forced every inch into his wife’s bottom. She cried out and pounded the counter with her fist, biting her lip.

“Unnngghh!…” she groaned as he pushed deep into her.

“Ohhhh yeah, how’s that feel, sweetie?” Jim said into her ear, kissing her neck as he slowly plumbed her depths.

“Aaah! Nng! It…ow! Careful!” Karen yelped when he pushed too fast. Jim slowed. He wanted to enjoy every second of this.

“Where is my cock?”

“Ohhh Jesus!” Karen gasped.

“Where?” Jim said, pushing deep.

“Ohhh!! It’s….it’s in my ass!” she cried. “God is it in my ass…”

“How deep?” Jim asked, pushing in slowly.

“Uh! So deep!” Karen moaned back.

“Tell me just what I’m doing…” Jim said. He slowly slid in and out, in and out of his wife’s arse, all the way to the balls each time, forcing her to take his full 9 inches.

“Ok…oo! God…your cock’s sliding out…”

“Of where?”

“Ah! Ugh! Of my ass! Your cock’s sliding out of my ass…and now! Uh shit! It’s…mm!…sliding back in! (God that’s deep!)” Karen continued.

“Keep going…” Jim said, his breathe quickening.

“Ok…oo! Oo!! OO!! Oh God, you are SO fucking me in my ass! Ung! Your cock…it’s sliding out! Ohgod! Uh! Now in again! Oo…out…God, it’s sliding easier now! OoooJesus you’re going faster! Oh God! Your cock is going up and down in my butt…God, SO deep! You’re hurting me but I don’t even care! Oh!Oh!Oh!OH!! In!Out!In!Out!In!Out! Unnnggg!…IN!!…Oh! Oh my God you’re coming! I can feel it! I can feel you coming in my ass! Ohhhhh yeeessss, come for me baby! Shoot all that come up my tight ass!”

Jim’s mouth hung open and his legs were as tight as guitar strings as he went on tiptoes. He moaned over and over again as his emptied his balls into Karen’s butt, pumping a huge load into her as she moaned and cried out. Karen held onto the counter with white knuckles, her eyes tight shut as her husband clung to her hips through his orgasm. After what seemed like minutes, his cock finally stopped pumping come into her ass, and her over-sensitive muscles pushed out his softened shaft. She let out a held breath as he exited and leaned her elbows on the counter as Jim flopped down on a chair behind her, breathing hard.

“…ohmygod.” Karen gasped. She slowly straightened up and put a hand on her abdomen; she was a little sore from the depth, but she felt warm and refreshed all over! Behind her, Jim stood, gently pulling up her panties and pants and buttoning her fly.

“Thanks honey,” he said, kissing her neck and giving her booty a pat and squeeze combo.

“Don’t mention it,” Karen said with a smile. As she padded around the kitchen making her cookies, she could feel his load in her panties, leaking from her ass and making her buttocks slide past each other smoothly. “Can’t wait for the next bad day…” she said, shaking her head with a smile.

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