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A Wild Night With Kelly

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Larry clearly remembered that unusually warm September day when he first met Kelly five years ago.

Larry and his wife Allison had volunteered to help his goddaughter Lynn transport her stuff to college, and get settled in her dorm room. Lynn was the only child of his lifelong friend Sam who had died almost seven years ago. Shortly before Sam passed away Larry had promised that he would look after Lynn, like she was one of his own, and help Sam’s wife Jennifer in any way that he could.

Over the coming years Larry watched Lynn grow from a child who was devastated by the loss of her father, into a beautiful, intelligent, and vibrant young woman. Larry and Lynn enjoyed a very close bond, and talked at least a couple of times each week, with Lynn often asking Larry for advice instead of her mom.

Larry carried a heavy box into Lynn’s dorm room and momentarily stopped in his tracks as he noticed this beautiful young woman talking to Lynn. After he set the box in the corner Lynn stopped him and said, “Larry this is my new friend Kelly.” Larry and Kelly both smiled and exchanged pleasantries.

As Larry went back to the van for another load of boxes he kept thinking about the lovely young woman he had just met. Kelly was an extremely beautiful woman about five foot five inches tall, with smooth mocha colored skin. She had an exotic Polynesian look with beautiful expressive brown eyes, high cheekbones, and sensuous full lips that were framed by long dark hair that flowed halfway down her back. The tight pink shorts and white top that she was wearing accentuated her firm breasts and ass.

When Larry returned with more boxes Kelly was bent over at the waist getting something out of a box on the floor. Her firm ass was pointed in his direction. When Kelly moved he could see her full breasts swaying inside the tight top revealing that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Larry’s body responded and his dick started to stir in his pants, much to his dismay.

Kelly looked over her shoulder and caught Larry starring at her ass, and noticed the tent in the front of his pants. Kelly loved the way men looked at her, and enjoyed teasing them unmercifully. She felt her dark pointy nipples becoming stiff and thrusting against the thin material of her tight top. She turned around quickly and moved towards Larry to help him with the boxes, giving him a nice view of her firm breasts and dark nipples stretching the thin material of the tight white top. Kelly smiled teasingly and when she was three feet away from him she stopped and lowered her glance to his crotch and asked, “Do you need any help with that?”

Larry knew that Kelly had caught him looking, and the double meaning of her words caused him to pause for a few seconds before he finally stammered , “I’m not sure.”

Kelly laughed and reached out and took the top box and carried it over to where Lynn was standing. Kelly whispered something to Lynn and they both glanced at Larry and giggled wildly.

Lynn and Kelly became very close friends, and from that day on every time Larry came to visit Lynn at college Kelly always managed to find a way to tease and flirt with him. Larry would always get noticeably aroused, and then Kelly would flash him a seductive smile while her smoldering brown eyes screamed fuck me. Larry was usually left standing there thinking about Kelly, and on more than occasion he was forced to quickly hide his erection before Allison or Lynn noticed his condition. Later when he was at home alone just thinking about Kelly would make him hard and cause him to masturbate while he fantasized about doing all sorts of nasty things with her.

During their phone conversations Lynn would sometimes make comments to Larry about Kelly’s wild sexual exploits, and her special attraction to older men. One night Lynn called Larry after returning from a frat party, where she had too much to drink. She was crying because some guy she hardly knew had been groping her, and trying to talk her into going to his room. Lynn had slapped him across the face and left the party. After talking with Larry for a couple of minutes she finally calmed down and stopped crying. “You’re such a great guy Larry. You always make me feel better when we talk, and I hope that I’m lucky enough to find someone like you for a husband someday.”

Larry replied, “Thank you Lynn. You’re a beautiful and very special young woman and I know that you will find the right guy someday who will make you happy, treat you with respect, and appreciate all you have to offer.”

“Kelly and I are always talking about how great a guy you are. Kelly finds you very attractive Larry, that’s why she is always teasing you unmercifully and making you hard. She has mentioned on more than one occasion that she would love to get you alone and seduce you. She has such beautiful breasts and her delicious pussy is shaved smooth, and tastes so good. I bet you would just love to eat her pussy and fuck her, wouldn’t you Larry?”

Larry was in shock as Lynn’s words quickly registered in his brain. He had always thought that his goddaughter Lynn was a sweet and innocent young woman, and had never heard such explicit language come out of her mouth before. Larry sat there silently for a moment as he savored Lynn’s description of Kelly’s body, and pictured Lynn and Kelly’s young bodies intertwined in passion. He realized that his cock was stirring in his pants, and that Lynn was waiting for him to say something. Larry finally replied, “Lynn it’s obvious that you had too much to drink tonight, and I don’t really think that I should be my sexual desires or fantasies with you.”

“I’m sorry Larry, I didn’t mean to make you so uncomfortable. I just wanted you to know that Kelly thinks you’re great, and would be willing to do anything to make you happy. I like Allison very much, but sometimes it doesn’t seem like the two of you are very happy anymore. You’re more to me than just a godfather, and I want you to be happy and enjoy all the pleasures that life has to offer. Please don’t tell my mom that I got drunk, and said all those things to you.”

Larry laughed and said, “It’s okay Lynn, our conversation tonight will stay between us. I’m flattered that a beautiful young woman like Kelly would find an older man like me attractive, even though I can’t understand why. You better get some sleep so you don’t fall asleep during your classes tomorrow. Goodnight Lynn.”

“Goodnight Larry, thanks again for being so understanding.”

The years passed quickly, and Larry and Allison decided to throw a graduation party for Lynn at their house since they had a pool and hot tub. Lynn had graduated with excellent grades and a degree in hotel management. Kelly had obtained a degree in marketing.

The party was a huge success with everyone having a great time. Lynn, Kelly, and Lynn’s mom Jennifer had decided to sleep over at Larry’s so they could drink and not worry about having to drive home afterwards. Around eleven all the other guests had left so Allison and Jennifer said they were calling it a day, and headed off to bed. It was a beautiful warm, star filled, summer night and Larry decided to stay up with Lynn and Kelly. Both of them had been drinking quite a bit and he wanted to make sure they were going to be okay.

Larry sat in the chaise, pretending to be asleep, but stealing a glance at the two young women in the pool every chance he got. They were both wearing very skimpy bikinis. The tops only covered half of their full breasts, and the bottoms barely covered their pussies and ass. Larry felt his cock twitching as he noticed that Lynn and Kelly were standing very close to each other in the water. When Kelly reached out and started touching Lynn’s breasts Larry’s cock hardened quickly. He watched through half closed eyes as Lynn’s hands were all over Kelly’s breasts. The two women quickly removed the bikini tops from each other, freeing their breasts. They pulled each other closer, mashing their bare breasts and nipples together as they kissed. Larry had never seen two women making out before, and his cock was straining against the front of his swim trunks. Both women had one hand under the water and it was obvious from their facial expressions, and the moans drifting in the air, that they were fingering each other under the water. Larry was getting so hot watching them that he wanted to get his cock out and jerk off, or else join them in the pool. Within minutes they had both fingered each other to a climax.

Kelly was still very horny so she suggested going into the hot tub so they could have some more fun.

Larry finally got to see their wonderful breasts as they got out of the pool. Lynn’s large breasts had beautiful round aureoles and pointy nipples. Kelly’s firm breasts were a perfect size, and her nipples were much darker and longer than Lynn’s. He thought about how their breasts would feel in his hands, and in his mouth while he sucked on their swollen nipples.

Larry watched the two young women thrashing around in the hot tub, both finally moaning with orgasmic pleasure. When he thought they had finished for the night Larry slowly drifted off to sleep. He dreamed about fucking and sucking the two gorgeous woman at the same time.

Kelly and Lynn were temporarily spent so they decided to get out of the hot tub and lay out and look up at the stars. They had to walk past Larry to get to the other chaise. Kelly stopped abruptly, and Lynn almost walked into her. Kelly pointed to Larry laying there on the chaise sleeping. There was just enough moonlight for Kelly and Lynn to see the huge bulge tenting his swim trunks. Kelly whispered into Lynn’s ear, “Oh doesn’t that look yummy, it makes me so fucking hot thinking about how that would feel inside of me. Larry must be having a very naughty dream. I think that we should attack him and help ourselves to some hot cock and cream.”

Lynn stood there frozen, torn between the inviting looking bulge that was making her wet between her legs, and the moral dilemma of having sex with her godfather who was a married man. Finally she whispered back to Kelly, “Why don’t you have some fun with Larry, and I’ll just watch.”

“Okay Lynn, but feel free to join in anytime you want. I’m sure that Larry has enough cream for two hungry kitties.”

Lynn put her bikini top back on stood behind chaise that Larry was sleeping on. She knew it was wrong to watch Kelly and him, but some deep dark desire inside of her wanted to see Larry in action. She had to admit that she had fantasized about Larry fucking her or eating her pussy many times when she masturbated. She had even bought a cock shaped vibrator, and when she pushed it deep inside of her and climaxed she often pretended it was Larry fucking her.

Kelly’s mouth and pussy were watering as she stood there looking at Larry’s erection, thinking about how she wanted to attack him. She had wanted this man for so many years, and it looked like tonight she was finally going to get what she desired. The chaise was wide enough for two people so Kelly crawled next to Larry, being careful not to actually get against him. Then her delicate hand reached out and gently traced the full length of his stiff shaft, until a soft moan escaped from Larry’s lips. Kelly could tell that his meat was a nice length and thickness. Her pussy juices were running down her legs. Kelly carefully worked her fingers inside the leg of the swim trucks and grasped the shaft with her soft hand. Again she caressed the length until Larry moaned.

Watching Kelly caress Larry and hearing him moan softly was getting to Lynn. Her hands were tweaking her nipples making them hard and needy again.

Kelly wanted to free Larry’s cock from his swim trunks so she could lick it with her tongue, and take him into her mouth and suck him. Very carefully she worked the leg portion of the trunks upward towards his balls, and then used her soft hand to guide his shaft to the freedom of the night air. Finally her patience was rewarded and Larry’s nicely shaped cock was sticking straight up in the air. Kelly positioned herself and moved her mouth towards the swollen cock that was calling her name. It had been a long time since she wanted a particular mans cock so badly. When her mouth was almost touching him her tongue flicked out and tickled the swollen cock head until Larry stirred a little and moaned louder. Kelly backed off for a few seconds not wanting to wake him just yet. Kelly repeated the gentle tongue action a few more times, and then her patience ran out. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and slowly engulfed half of Larry’s throbbing rod, and then started sucking.

Larry moaned and thrust his hips upwards as his eyes fluttered open. Once he realized what was happening he groaned, “Oh my gawd Kelly, what are you doing?”

Kelly removed the hot rod from her mouth and replied, “I’m sucking your beautiful cock Larry. Doesn’t it feel good? I know that you have thought about me doing this to you, and I want to taste your cream before you fuck me. You just lay back and let Kelly show you how much she wants your fucking cock.”

Lynn was standing there with one hand working on her nipples, and the other inside her bikini bottom rubbing her slippery snatch. When Larry opened his eyes she quickly moved backwards so he couldn’t see her.

Larry was struggling to gain his composure. He knew this was wrong but Kelly was right about him fantasizing about this moment for a very long time. He was going to stop her, but before he could move her hot hungry mouth was swallowing his cock again. All he could do was moan with pleasure as his fingers ran through her long dark hair.

Kelly knew that no man could resist her hot sucking mouth. She loved the feeling of power it gave her to have a mans cock buried in her mouth. She had sucked quite a few cocks in her life and acquired a real talent for driving men crazy. She looked up into Larry’s face as she slowly worked downward an inch at a time until her full lips were at his balls, and his cock was buried down her throat. Her hand was squeezing around the base of his balls to keep him from shooting too quickly.

Larry watched in total amazement as Kelly swallowed his whole shaft. Feeling the head of his cock lodged in the tight opening of her throat almost caused him to blow his load. His hands were in her hair gently pulling her mouth up and down his shaft as he fucked her face. Larry had never felt anything so incredible in his life before. Allison would give him a blow job from time to time, but nothing like this young cocksucker.

Kelly backed off his shaft so she could breathe, then used her tongue to torture his throbbing head, before sliding the whole shaft back down her throat. The look on Larry’s face was pure rapture as he enjoyed and appreciated her oral talents. Kelly would take him close to shooting and then back off.

Kelly’s hot mouth was driving Larry crazy. Every time he felt ready to shoot she would stop and wait a minute, then go back down on him. He was whimpering at this point, “Oh you fucking cocksucker, please let me cum in your hot wet mouth!”

Kelly looked up at said, “Okay baby I’m ready to taste your cream now!” She started bobbing up and down on the shaft faster, and sucking even harder, until she felt Larry’s whole body tense. Then she opened her mouth wide and used both of her soft hands to pull on his cock. Larry grunted like a wild animal and exploded into her hot greedy mouth. Stream after stream of hot sticky cum shot in her mouth and pooled on her tongue. When he was done shooting Kelly made sure that he watched as she slowly swirled his load around in her mouth and then swallowed it. Then she went back to work on cleaning his cock, making sure that she captured every last drop of jism. She smiled up at him and said, “Oh Larry your cum tasted so good.”

Lynn started to climax and moan loudly shortly after watching Kelly devour Larry’s cock and swallow his load. She was disappointed that Kelly had not saved any to share with her. She would have really enjoyed a taste of Larry’s nectar.

Larry realized for the first time that Lynn had been standing there watching what had just happened. He was embarrassed, and yet there was something about Lynn watching that also turned him on.

Kelly didn’t want to waste a moment so she sat down on Larry’s lap and humped her thinly covered pussy against his semi erect shaft. Her bikini bottom was soaked and the material was pulled tightly into her slit, tormenting her clit and allowing her slick outer lips to actually rub against the shaft pinned underneath her. Kelly was getting hotter and hotter as she rocked back and forth against his cock while moaning wildly.

Larry sucked her tits and nipples, as he cupped her firm ass. His strong hands on her ass were pulling her even tighter against his swelling cock. One of his fingers snaked inside her bikini bottom and started running up and down between her ass cheeks. When his lubricated finger reached her anal opening he massaged the brown puckered opening looking for a way inside.

Lynn had laid down of the other chaise and now had two fingers buried deep inside her pussy as she watched Kelly humping Larry.

Kelly came with a loud moan as Larry’s finger slipped inside her ass. Her whole body trembled as his finger continued to fuck her tight ass, until she stopped moving back and forth and collapsed against Larry’s body.

Larry laid Kelly down on the chaise and was just ready to remove her bikini bottom and start eating her wet twat when there was a scream from inside the house. He jumped up quickly and stuffed his cock back in his swim trunks as he dashed into the house.

When he reached the bedroom Allison was in a state of panic. “Larry there is a bat in the house. I was sleeping and then I woke up for some reason and heard something rustling against the drapes. When I turned on the light it started flying around the room and I screamed.”

Larry finally tracked down the flying intruder and captured it alive. He took it outside and let it fly off into the night. With Allison awake his night of fun was over, and he just stood there overcome with disappointment. He kept thinking about what might have been. Larry wondered whether he would ever see Kelly again.

Kelly and Lynn both managed to find jobs around the same time, and shared an apartment. Unfortunately they had to move to Dallas which was twelve hundred miles away. Lynn became a management trainee at a posh five star hotel, and Kelly went to work for a software development company.

Another year passed and Larry’s life became dull and boring. Something about that missed opportunity with Kelly haunted him. He often wondered whether Lynn would have eventually joined in the action that night. He still remembered how incredibly hot she had looked that night laying there on the chaise with two fingers buried deep in her snatch, and her nipples looking like they were going to explode. He had wanted to fuck both of them. Sometimes Larry fantasized about being with Kelly or Lynn individually, and sometimes he was with both of them.

One day Larry’s boss walked into his office and gave him a very important project. The company needed to replace some of their existing software and Larry was going to be in charge of selecting and implementing the new software. If things went well he would receive a big promotion at the end of the project. When Larry researched vendors he was pleasantly surprised to see that the company where Kelly worked was one of the market leaders. He contacted them for information, and they appeared to have a good product. During one of his phone conversations with the account manager Howard, he asked about Kelly. Howard not only knew Kelly, she was his new assistant. Howard asked Larry whether that would be a problem. He didn’t want to put Larry into a position where there might be a conflict of interest. Larry responded that he would select the software vendor based on their product, and he didn’t have a problem with Kelly being involved. Howard suggested that Larry should come visit them in Dallas. They would put him up at a first class hotel and show him their product. Larry could also visit a couple of other customers in the area who were using the same software.

When Larry’s travel arrangements were finalized he phoned Lynn to tell her when he would be in town, and they made plans to get together. Larry wondered whether it was a coincidence that the software company had arranged for Larry to stay at the same hotel where Lynn worked. When he arrived and was escorted to his room Larry was shocked, and thought there must be some mistake. The room was a large suite, and one of the best in the hotel. Larry found out later that Kelly and Lynn had both pulled some strings in order to upgrade him to this luxurious suite. The suite even had a jacuzzi big enough for two adults to share comfortably.

Howard called Larry to make sure that he was satisfied with everything at the hotel. They made plans for the two of them to have dinner at a nearby restaurant at six. Larry called Lynn to let her know that he was at the hotel, and they made plans to get together the following evening.

Larry walked into the restaurant and talked with the maitre d, and was immediately escorted to a table near the back. His jaw dropped in surprise when he saw Kelly sitting there. She rose to greet him, and Larry mentally noted that she was even more beautiful then he remembered. Kelly was wearing a nice fitting black business suit, light blue button down blouse, and high heels. They exchanged a quick hug and Kelly told Larry that Howard had asked her to fill in tonight at the last minute, and convey his apologies.

Kelly smiled coyly and said, “I hope you don’t mind me being the substitute tonight. I have studied your software requirements and will be happy to explain why our company thinks that we have the best product to fit your business needs.”

Larry smiled and replied, “Okay Kelly if you’re up to the challenge then I don’t have any problem with you taking Howard’s place tonight. Please understand that just because we know each other it won’t help your company land the contract, unless they have the best product.”

Kelly smiled warmly, her brown eyes sparkling as she replied, “I understand completely Larry, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Your company is going to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for new software, and it’s important that you acquire the best product at the right price. I don’t expect you to treat me any differently than other vendor sales representatives who want your business.”

During the next hour and a half they enjoyed a delicious meal and a couple of drinks while they discussed business. Kelly remained very professional the whole time, and Larry was very impressed with her knowledge of the product, his company’s requirements, and her poise under pressure. He had asked some very tough questions and Kelly answered them like a very experienced sales representative.

Kelly confidently asked, “Larry is there any other business you would like to discuss tonight?”

Larry replied, “No Kelly I believe that we have discussed everything that I expected to cover tonight with Howard. I must tell you that I’m very impressed, and you can be sure that I will let Howard know tomorrow that you handled yourself very well.”

Kelly smiled warmly and thanked him for the compliment. Then she excused herself and headed towards the powder room to freshen up. Now that they were finished discussing company business Kelly wanted to pursue some other unfinished business with this older man that she found attractive. Kelly applied more lip gloss, and unfastened the top two buttons of her silk blouse exposing some cleavage from her ample breasts that were encased in a lacy black push-up bra. She felt a stirring in her loins, and a wetness between her legs as she thought about her plans for tonight.

Larry had managed to display a professional demeanor throughout the whole dinner, even though his cock had starting twitching as soon as he laid eyes on Kelly. He had to admit that some of the thoughts racing through his mind during dinner had nothing to do with business, and everything to do with pleasure. Now as she walked across the room he watched Kelly’s firm ass sway seductively in the tight skirt, his mind wandering back to that night of Lynn’s graduation party.

Kelly returned to the table and leaned forward towards Larry and asked “I hope you don’t mind me getting more comfortable since we’re done discussing business? I was getting a little warm so I just had to take off my jacket.”

“No problem,” Larry replied as his eyes stared at the beautiful woman sitting across from him. With her jacket removed, and her silk blouse partially unbuttoned she was displaying a fair amount of cleavage, and he could see the outline of her pointy nipples thrusting against the silky blouse.

Kelly’s sensuous brown eyes stared back at Larry, and she smiled seductively as she coyly asked, “Are you up for desert?”

Larry immediately noticed that there was a spark in Kelly’s brown eyes, a difference in her smile, and a sexy tone in her voice as she asked the question. He struggled for a moment wondering exactly what her question meant. Before he could answer he felt Kelly’s nylon clad foot slowly moving up his leg. When her toes reached his crotch his face turned bright red with embarrassment.

Kelly laughed at Larry’s obvious discomfort and breathlessly said, “Feels like your up for more than desert to me. Why don’t we go back to your hotel for a nightcap.” Kelly signaled for the waiter to bring their bill.

Larry was torn between his pure animal lust for this beautiful young woman who obviously wanted to have sex with him, the moral dilemma of cheating on his wife Allison, and the ethical question of sleeping with a vendors sales representative. Larry finally managed to regain his composure and said, “Okay Kelly, we can go back to the hotel for a nightcap, but then you must leave. ”

Kelly purred, “Whatever you want Larry.” She paid their bill, and then her and Larry walked out to the car. Larry opened the car door for her and when Kelly slid inside she made sure that he received a nice peek of her stocking covered legs as her skirt rode up her thighs.

Larry had noticed the lacy top of Kelly’s stockings as she slid into the car, and now as he went around the front of the car his erection was tenting the front of his pants and he knew that Kelly would notice his arousal as soon as he entered the car.

Kelly was delighted to see the bulge in the front of his pants, knowing that her leg show had caused the reaction she planned. She moved in her seat so that she was facing Larry, and pulled her skirt up around her waist. Using her soft seductive voice Kelly asked, “Larry do you remember that night when we almost fucked? It still makes me wet and horny just thinking about how great it would have felt having you inside me. Larry lets have that nightcap in your room.” Kelly’s hand glided up her shimmering stocking covered leg and moved towards her wet thong covered pussy as she spoke.

Larry didn’t answer right away. Instead he glanced sideways and watched as Kelly’s fingers pulled the narrow triangle of silk covering her pussy aside showing him her glistening wet pussy lips, framed by her stocking covered legs and lacy garter belt. Finally he responded, “Yes Kelly I remember that night vividly. You had me so hot and I wanted to fuck you so bad, but we both had too much to drink that night. You’re a very beautiful and sexy woman that any man would love to have sex with, but we both know that letting anything happen between us now would be very wrong.”

Kelly responded by unbuttoning the last three buttons on her blue silk blouse causing it to part and display her full succulent breasts encased in the black lacy push up bra with sheer cups. Her dark swollen nipples thrust out trying to escape the confinement of the sheer material. Kelly sucked in her breath noticeably when her fingers made first contact with the bare lips of her dew covered pussy. “Oh damn you Larry, my kitty wants you so bad,” she purred.

Larry was having a hard time concentrating on his driving. When he did look in Kelly’s direction he saw her beautiful dark skinned breasts encased in the sheer cupped bra, and her fingers slowly rubbing herself, making wet squishy sounds. The aroma of her arousal filled the air assaulting his senses. His cock was fully erect and throbbing, aching for release from the tight confines of his pants. Larry sighed deeply and said, “You’re such a beautiful woman Kelly, and so fucking hot. You know that I want you very bad, but I’m a married man, and your client. There are so many reasons why we shouldn’t let this happen.”

Kelly reached across the seat and placed her dew covered fingers to his lips as she said, “You never had the chance to taste my sweet pussy the last time. You can do anything you want to me tonight Larry. I can be a very nasty little girl when I’m this hot. Please let me have your cock tonight.” Without waiting for an answer Kelly’s other hand reached across and grasped Larry’s throbbing boner. She deftly opened the zipper and her hand snaked inside his boxer shorts and squeezed his cock.

Larry groaned with pleasure as he felt Kelly’s soft warm hand wrapped around his stiff rod. Damn it felt so good having another woman touching his manhood. He opened his mouth and sucked her sweet dew from her fingers. His brain was racing, fighting for control, as his heightened senses were attacked by her touch and taste. He kept asking himself how could any red blooded man resist this beautiful young woman who was throwing herself at him.

Kelly’s one hand returned to her soaked pussy, her fingers flicking back and forth across her clit causing her to throw her head back and moan. Her other hand had removed Larry’s cock from his pants and she was stroking him softly. “Oh Larry just holding your hot cock in my hand is making me so fucking hot, I’m going to cum.” The words had barely left her lips before she moaned even louder, her fingers flying feverishly over her clit as the waves of orgasmic bliss washed over her. Watching Kelly frigging herself and hearing those beautiful moans of wanton pleasure almost made him shoot his load and lose control of the car. He quickly reached down and pried Kelly’s hot hand from his manhood, much to her disappointment. The car pulled into the hotel parking lot about the same time Kelly opened her eyes and floated back to earth.

Kelly looked at Larry through lust filled eyes and said, Oh Larry I need you so bad. Please take me to your room and fuck me!”

Larry just stared at her for a long moment, knowing this was his last chance to stop them from plunging headlong over the cliff of desire. His pure animal lust finally won the internal struggle and he smiled and reached out, softly touching her cheek as he said, “Okay Kelly you win. I’m going to take you up to my suite and fuck you all night long.”

They both quickly fixed their clothing and headed up to his suite. Riding up to the eighteenth floor in the elevator Kelly pressed her body tightly against him, grinding her pussy against his cock as she gave him a hot open mouthed kiss to keep his passion burning, and make sure he didn’t change his mind.

When they entered his suite Kelly was very impressed with the size and ambience of the luxurious suite. While Larry went to the bathroom Kelly looked around, and when she saw a camcorder sitting on the table next to the large sofa a wicked idea crossed her mind. When Larry joined her in the room Kelly pressed her firm young body tight against him and whispered into his ear, “Thinking about you capturing us fucking with your camcorder is making me very hot and juicy. I have always wanted to make a dirty movie, and this way you will have something to enjoy over and over again.”

Larry grinned and replied, “I brought the camcorder along to capture the presentation tomorrow, but since you are such a hot and nasty little slut I would love to record every minute of our time together. Why don’t we start with you sitting on the sofa teasing me a little.”

Kelly sat on the sofa and posed wantonly for Larry who captured every minute on tape. She made sure that he got lots of erotic shots of her stocking covered legs, garter belt, thong, and lacy bra. Kelly loved teasing men, and making them hot. After a few more minutes of teasing she slowly stripped off her skirt, blouse, thong, and bra. Now she was sitting there in just her stockings, garter belt, and high heels, as she played with her wet pussy and dark brown nipples that were fully erect. Kelly looked at Larry, lust smoldering in her gorgeous brown eyes as she removed her sticky fingers from her twat and licked them seductively. Kelly liked Larry a lot and she wanted tonight to be very special for both of them. Kelly purred, “Posing for you is making me so fucking hot Larry, and that big bulge in your pants looks so inviting. Would you like me to suck on it for you?”

“Hell yes Kelly I would love to feel your hot fucking mouth sucking my cock.”

Kelly got up from the sofa, cupping and squeezing her breasts as she sauntered slowly towards the large leather chair where Larry was sitting. She got down on her knees in front of him and quickly loosened his belt, unzipped him, and pulled his pants and boxers down his legs. Kelly stared wantonly at Larry’s erect cock jutting straight out, and she licked her lips sensually in anticipation. His cock was about six inches long, and nice and thick. Kelly liked thick cocks best, and her juices oozed from her pussy as she thought about Larry’s perfectly shaped dick fucking her tight pussy and ass. Kelly’s hot mouth moved into position near his throbbing cock, her tongue snaking out and licking just the head causing Larry to moan softly. Kelly looked up into his lust filled eyes as she engulfed just the head in her mouth. Her tongue continued fluttering around his head even as it disappeared into her mouth.

Larry positioned the camcorder on the table next to the chair so he could record every second of Kelly sucking him off. Her hot wet mouth felt so damn good and he moaned, “Oh you nasty little doll, you really know how to give great head.” Within seconds it was clear that Kelly’s oral talents were much better than his wife Allison. Kelly’s never ending tongue action stimulated every nerve ending in his cock head, and it was driving him insane with pleasure. His hands caressed her smooth neck, and then worked their way upward sensually tracing the outline of her inner ear, before moving into her dark silky hair. “Suck me baby! Show me how much meat you can swallow.”

She enjoyed being with a man who took charge and Kelly wanted Larry to treat her like his nasty slut tonight, and do whatever he wanted to her. She started sucking his delicious lollipop like it was her favorite flavor, softly at first and then a little harder. Kelly removed it from her mouth for a second and noticed that some precum had leaked from the slit in the head. Her tongue captured the sticky fluid and swirled it around in her mouth savoring his taste. “Oh you taste so fucking good Larry, I can’t wait until you give me a big mouthful of your sweet cream.” Kelly’s hungry mouth went back to sucking and licking his cock, while her soft hands caressed his balls that were full of hot cum.

Larry looked down at the beautiful sight of Kelly sucking his thick cock, half of it buried in her mouth, and her liquid brown eyes watching his facial expressions as she drove him crazy. His hands were now on the back of her head gently urging Kelly to take more of his meat into her incredible hot wet oral cavern. Larry moaned encouragement, “Come on you nasty fucking cock sucking slut, shove it down your throat! Let me see you take it all!”

Kelly knew that he was very close to cumming so she quickly backed off his cock and said, “Don’t worry baby, Kelly is going to take you down her throat and make you blow your load real soon.” She loved hearing Larry talk dirty to her, and feeling his hands on the back of her head gently urging her to go deeper really turned her on causing her pussy to weep even more. Kelly sucked Larry almost to the point of no return three times, each time backing off and not letting him cum.

Each time Kelly backed off Larry groaned, “Oh damn Kelly, you’re killing me! You’re such a bad sucking slut! I need to cum so fucking bad! Please let me cum in your mouth!”

Kelly loved the feeling of power it gave her to hear a man beg for release. She smiled back at Larry and said, “Okay baby Kelly’s going to let you cum now.” Kelly eagerly worked her way back down the thick shaft slowly pushing it deeper and deeper.

Larry watched in amazement as inch after inch of his thick cock disappeared until Kelly’s full red lips were against his balls. No woman had ever deep throated Larry before and feeling his cock down Kelly’s throat caused his boiling cum to explode. Larry screamed that he was cumming, as his cock convulsed and shot the first wad of cum down her sweet throat.

Kelly felt Larry’s hips lifting off the chair as some of his hot cum exploded down her throat. She quickly backed off and opened her mouth wide so she could capture the rest of his sticky jism on her tongue. One hand was massaging his balls, and the other was stroking his shaft as she coaxed more and more cum to pour into her open mouth. Some of his sticky cream missed her mouth and landed on her lips and chin. Kelly waited until Larry was done shooting then she showed him the pool of cream sitting in her mouth. Smiling wantonly she swirled it around in her mouth with her pink tongue, savoring the taste and consistency before finally swallowing it. Then her nasty tongue scooped up the cum from her lips, as her fingers retrieved what had landed on her cheek. Kelly sucked her fingers clean and then her mouth went back down on Larry’s cock to capture every last drop of the precious liquid.

Larry sat there enjoying the last lingering moments of his pleasure as Kelly’s hot hungry mouth finished cleaning his cock which was starting to soften. Finally he said, “Damn Kelly that was the best fucking blowjob I ever had.”

Kelly thanked him for the compliment and replied, “I really enjoyed sucking you off Larry, your cum tasted so good. While I’m in the bathroom freshening up I want you to think about what you want to do next. The night is young and you can have anything your heart, or should I say your cock, desires.”

Larry quickly decided what he wanted next from Kelly, and he moved the camcorder into position and got everything else ready while she was in the bathroom. When she came back into the room she was still wearing her garter belt, stockings, and high heels. Larry walked across the room and pulled her against him roughly as he said, “Now it’s time for Larry to punish his hot and nasty little slut for seducing him.”

Kelly was very surprised by Larry’s rough manner, and different tone of voice. She also noticed a strange look in his eyes and a twinge of fear passed suddenly passed over her. Before she could reply he raised one of his strong hands and brought it down quickly smacking one of her firm ass cheeks with a resounding crack. Kelly’s body stiffened and she gasped as the pain resonated throughout her body. She struggled to break free from his grasp, but she was no match for his strength. A tear formed in the corner of her eye and she pleaded with Larry, “I know that I said you could do anything, but I’m not into pain and that really hurt.” Her words no sooner left her mouth when he raised his hand again and reddened the other ass cheek, causing her to struggle even harder as another tear ran down her cheek. Kelly sobbed, “I was going to take you around the world tonight, but you just blew it Larry. Let go of me right now, I’m out of here!”

Larry laughed at Kelly and growled, “Look slut I’ll tell you when we are finished for the night. You need to learn that when you tell a man he can have anything he wants, you better be prepared to back up your slutty talk with action.” As Kelly struggled it caused her pussy to brush back and forth against Larry making him harden again. Despite her protests Larry could also feel her cunt getting wetter again. He suddenly picked her up, carried her over to the bed, and threw her down temporarily knocking the wind and struggle out of her. Then he pounced on top of her and pinned her arms and legs while he fastened each of them securely.

Kelly laid there on her back with her arms and legs spread wide and securely fastened to the top and bottom of the bed. Her ass cheeks still burned from being spanked, but the coolness of the satin sheets against her ass provided some comfort. Kelly had stopped crying and her dark brown eyes glared up at Larry with an angry fire of defiance as she said, “This is rape, and if you don’t let me go right now I’m going to scream so loud that everyone in the hotel will hear me.”

Larry’s eyes softened as he scanned Kelly’s beautiful dark skinned body laying there helpless on the light green satin sheet. His cock was almost fully hardened again. Finally he said, “I’m very sorry Kelly. I didn’t mean to hurt or scare you. I just wanted you to know that I’m in control now, and you will do everything that I ask. Please don’t scream for help or I’ll be forced to gag you, and that will spoil things for both of us. I can see how excited and wet your pussy is again, and I know that my nasty little slut will beg to be fucked.”

Kelly’s oozing pussy and hard swollen nipples were betraying her. She had a secret fantasy about being tied up, and taken against her will. Now her body was reacting wantonly to being restrained and seeing Larry’s stiff cock, even though she was still somewhat pissed about being spanked. Still trying to remain defiant Kelly replied harshly, “Do whatever you want, but I don’t ever need to beg men for sex.”

Despite her strong words Larry knew that Kelly was helpless to defend herself and it would only be a matter of time before he would hear the words pouring from mouth. Larry bent over her naked body and started to slowly kiss and lick every square inch of her flesh. Whenever he heard a sharp intake of her breath, a soft moan, or her body squirming, he knew that he had discovered one of her hot spots. He put his cock against her full lips and said, “Open your mouth and make it wet for me you dirty slut.” Larry noticed that Kelly’s brown eyes had softened, and pure animal lust had replaced the rage.

Kelly’s body responded as Larry expertly explored and tortured her body like no man had ever done before. Once he found one of her hot spots he would concentrate on that area causing the flames of passion to intensify. She felt like her whole body was on fire. Kelly eagerly opened her mouth and bathed his cock with her saliva.

Larry straddled her torso and started rubbing his cock in slow lazy circles around the aureole of her tits causing her to moan. He rubbed the large purple knob against her stiff nipples. Then he placed his slick cock between her beautiful full tits and started sliding it back and forth between the mounds of flesh.

Kelly gasped with pleasure as she watched Larry’s fingers toying with her pointy nipples while he fucked her tits. She could feel the heat and smooth skin of his shaft as he tormented her. Kelly moaned, “Oh yes baby, I just love having my tits fucked.”

Larry felt his cum start boiling again so he stopped fucking her tits. He licked and gently nibbled on her nipples causing more moans. Then his tongue trailed downwards across her belly to her navel which he remembered was one of her hot spots. His tongue circled around the outside of her navel and then dipped inside the indentation and swirled around. Larry had been patient long enough but now it was finally time to fully enjoy the taste of her dripping wet snatch. His tongue danced across her crease and dipped inside to gather her dew. The taste of her nectar was exquisite, and the combined aroma of her cologne and sexual excitement aroused him greatly. Larry’s fingers penetrated Kelly’s opening and slowly slid inside the wet tunnel, as his mouth worked on the outside giving her double pleasure.

Kelly loved being eaten and finger fucked at the same time, and she was moaning wildly and lifting her hips off the satin sheet that was quickly becoming wet. Larry would take her almost to the edge of orgasmic bliss and then stop, causing Kelly to moan, “Oh eat me Larry! Make me cum!”

He continued toying wityh her, taking her close and then stopping. Larry moved into position so his cock could rub against her slit while his fingers twisted her perky nipples. He kept alternating between eating her pussy almost to climax, and rubbing his shaft against her.

Kelly was constantly moaning now telling Larry how good it felt, and after almost coming five times she was out of her mind with need. He had tormented her longer and made her hotter than any man had ever done, and she couldn’t take it anymore. Kelly finally screamed, “Oh please give it to me fucker! Please fuck me! Give me that big fucking cock and make me cum!”

Finally hearing Kelly give in and beg wantonly for his cock was such sweet music to Larry’s ears. He left his shaft slide through her drenched pussy lips one last time, and then he buried the bone deep in her pussy with one smooth stroke while his fingers pulled her nipples hard.

Kelly screamed and her whole body convulsed as a gigantic orgasm rocked her. Wave after wave crashed down on her and swept her away.

Larry kept on plunging his dick into the clutching velvet lined pussy until Kelly was totally spent and went limp. Then he just kept his cock buried savoring the sensation of her tight snatch wrapped around him.

When Kelly finally regained her senses her arms and legs were untied, and Larry was laying there holding her tenderly. She smiled contentedly and said, “That orgasm was so fucking unbelievable Larry. You’re even better than I ever imagined.”

Larry got up and put a new tape in the camcorder as he watched Kelly laying there enjoying the afterglow. Gently he rolled her over on her belly and started to kiss the back of her neck and then slowly work his way down her spine until his tongue reached her ass. Her ass was still pink from the earlier spanking so he licked and kissed it everywhere causing Kelly to moan. Then his tongue danced back to the crease between her cheeks as his hands pulled her firm cheeks apart so he could provide some anal attention. Larry’s pink tongue licked the sensitive brown puckered opening of her anus making it wet with his saliva. He dipped his finger into her pussy to lubricate it thoroughly and then slowly wormed it into her tight ass one inch at a time, stretching the tight sleeve and making her moan deeply. Larry asked, “So baby are you going to be a real slut and let me fuck your ass?”

When a man knew how to take it slowly, and make sure she was lubricated properly Kelly really enjoyed anal. However she had only met a few men in her life who were special enough, and tender enough to deserve the forbidden fruit. Kelly replied, “Oh yes baby, I’ll be your nasty slut and let you fuck my tight ass.”

Larry positioned Kelly on her side facing towards the mirrored wall next to the bed. He reached around and used his hand to play with her tits and pussy just to get her a little worked up. Then he slipped his thick cock into hot wet pussy to make sure that she was fully aroused. After a couple of minutes of fucking her pussy he pulled his lubricated cock from her pussy and positioned the head against her brown puckered opening. He pushed forward and gradually the muscle relaxed and allowed his head to penetrate into the hot dark opening. Allison had tried anal sex with him a couple of times but she never enjoyed it, and it had been years since she last allowed him to fuck her that way. Kelly’s ass was so hot and tight wrapped around his thick cock. Larry fingered her clit to provide more excitement, and waited for Kelly to signal that she was ready for more.

Kelly laid there enjoying the feeling of having just the head of his cock in her ass, while he played with her clit. When she became accustomed to the feeling of his meat in her ass she pushed her hips backward against him causing half of his slippery cock to ease inside before she told him to stop.

Larry watched her facial expression in the mirror change from discomfort to pleasure.

Kelly opened her eyes and watched Larry’s expression in the mirror. It was obvious that he was really enjoying fucking her ass, and Kelly was starting to feel pleasure instead of discomfort from the penetration. She pushed backwards and smiled wantonly as she said, “Okay baby, slowly stuff the rest of that thick beautiful cock up my ass.”

Larry was more than happy to oblige her request, and eased the rest into her slowly. Having his whole cock buried in her hot tight ass was incredible, and he kept telling her how good it felt and how much he appreciated her giving him this gift. His fingers flicked back and forth faster against her clit driving her crazy with double pleasure.

Kelly was getting closer and closer to having another climax, so she moaned, “Oh yes baby, fuck my ass hard and shoot your big load deep inside me!”

Larry started pulling his cock partially out of her ass and then jamming it all the way back into her. Harder and harder he thrust into her ass and then his whole body stiffened as he screamed, “Here comes my jism you nasty ass fucking slut!”

Kelly could feel his thick cock pulse as stream after stream of hot cum rushed up his shaft and sprayed inside her ass, causing her to lose control and plunge over the orgasmic cliff again. The combined vaginal and anal orgasm melted together into one intense white hot sensation of wonderful pleasure that just seemed to last forever.

Larry removed his cock from her ass and went to the bathroom to clean off. When he returned Kelly was still laying on her side, her beautiful tits rising and falling as she breathed deeply. His cum was starting to slowly ooze out of her ass. Suddenly there was a loud knock on the door, and Larry crossed the room, threw on a bathrobe, and opened the door. Much to his surprise it was Lynn, and she quickly pushed her way into the room.

Lynn started to say something, but stopped dead in her tracks at the sight of Kelly laying there basking in the afterglow of her recent climax. Lynn giggled a little and looking at Larry said, “There was a complaint about too much noise coming from this room. Now I understand why there was so much noise. Looks like I missed quite a bit of fun.” Then she winked and whispered in Larry’s ear, “I’m going to go out in the hall and give you hell loud enough for everyone to hear and then walk away. I get off in ten minutes so don’t start anything until I get back.” Lynn left the room and convincingly gave Larry hell, before going back down to the front desk to report that she had talked to the guilty party. Ten minutes later when her shift was over Lynn sneaked back up the room and used her pass card to enter silently.

Larry and Lynn sit there talking for a few minutes about everyday things. From time to time Larry caught her sneaking a peak at the naked body of Kelly laying in the bed but he doesn’t say anything. He is too busy sneaking a peak up Lynn’s skirt every chance he got. Even though he had already blown his load twice tonight Larry still felt aroused by the sight of Lynn’s stocking covered legs. Lynn must have been aroused too because she was not making any attempt to keep her skirt from riding up her thighs, or her legs together. Any other time Larry would have felt very uncomfortable with what was happening, but tonight nothing seemed taboo.

Lynn was aware that Larry was looking at her differently tonight, so she mades sure that he was getting a good look up her skirt. After her shift ended Lynn had gone to the ladies room, removed her pantyhose, and put on her red open crotch panties and thigh high stockings which she kept in her bag for special occasions. Knowing that he was looking up her skirt was making her pussy moist. Over the years Lynn had plenty of fantasies about having sex with Larry, and she was wondering whether tonight would finally be her chance. Lynn noticed the bulge forming in Larry’s bathrobe so she decided to make the first move. She spread her legs further apart and pretended to be looking at Kelly.

Larry’s cock sprang to full attention, and tried to escape from his bathrobe when he looked in Lynn’s direction the next time. The way she was sitting with her legs spread he could see the lacy tops of her thigh high stockings, and her bare glistening pussy lips framed by the red open crotch panties.

Lynn quickly turned her head, smiling seductively, and locked eyes with Larry as she asked, “Is looking at my pussy making you hot?”

Larry squirmed in his seat as he thought about how he wanted to answer Lynn’s question. Seeing her glistening pussy had certainly excited him, but should he really let this go all the way. Before he could answer Lynn she had already started across the room to where he was sitting.

Lynn stood in front of Larry, her legs apart, and slowly raised her skirt giving him a close up view of her fancy thigh high stockings, and dew covered pussy lips. She reached out and took his hand and placed it at her wetness. While Larry’s fingers explored her wetness Lynn quickly removed her sweater, and the lacy bra that had contained her large hanging breasts. Then she unfastened her skirt and let it drop to the floor, standing there in front of him with just her stockings, open crotch panties, and high heels. Lynn told him to stand up, and when he did she moved into his arms and gave him a long tongue filled passionate kiss while her hands snaked inside the bathrobe and explored his throbbing thick cock. Lynn fell to her knees and started licking and sucking him expertly, almost making him cum before standing up again and pressing her firm young body and pussy tight against his throbbing cock. Lynn whispered in his ear, “I want you to fuck me Larry!” She took his hand and pulled him across the room to the bed, fondling his cock the whole time.

Lynn was another beautiful well built young woman, and Larry’s sexual instincts kicked in. He pushed her down onto the bed with her long stocking covered legs dangling over the edge. Larry went down on his knees and started licking her beautiful bare lips, while two fingers disappeared inside her wet clutching pussy. His tongue danced all over her lips and then went to work on her clit.

Lynn whimpered with need and used her hands to hold Larry’s head at exactly the right spot as his tongue worked its magic. Within minutes Lynn was coming hard from his expert oral attention. She looked up at Larry and moaned, “That was great, but now I want to feel that thick cock of yours fucking me hard.”

Larry shed the bathrobe and rubbed his cock against her wet lips and clit. He grabbed one of her stocking covered ankles with each hand. Larry raised her legs up in the air until her heels were pointing towards the ceiling, then he spread her legs wide apart giving him full access to her wet pussy. The sight of her laying there playing with her big tits and coral nipples, and her stocking covered legs and bare pussy made his cock throb with anticipation. He placed the head at the opening and pushed forward until the head disappeared inside, then withdrew it slowly and rubbed it against the outer lips. Lynn’s whimpers were growing louder as he teased her unmercifully. Larry already knew the answer but he asked, “How bad do you want it Lynn?”

Lynn moaned, “You have me so fucking hot Larry! Please give it to me, I need it so bad!”

Larry slid the head back inside, and used his hand to swirl it around in slow lazy circles. Then he thrust forward and his whole cock disappeared into her extremely tight tunnel. Larry had thought that Kelly was tight when he fucked her, but Lynn’s pussy was even tighter. Lynn’s breathing was coming in ragged gulps, her whimpers had increased in volume and intensity, and he knew that she would be coming very soon. He pulled his cock back and then rammed it into her, causing his balls to bounce against her ass on each powerful stroke. Harder and harder he thrust into her until he felt her pussy spasm and heard the unmistakable sounds of a woman reaching her climax. He kept pounding her hard, making it last as long as possible, until her body finally relaxed.

Kelly’s eyes fluttered open just in time to see Larry fucking Lynn hard and making her cum. She crawled over closer and waited until Lynn’s orgasm had almost ended, then she dove forward and her tongue attacked Lynn’s clit while Larry’s hard cock was still buried inside Lynn.

Lynn’s whole body started trembling, and her whimpers got louder again, as Kelly’s tongue quickly brought her to another intense orgasm.

Kelly and Lynn crawled up on the bed and started kissing passionately and touching each other tenderly, slowly igniting their passions again.

Larry put a new tape in the camcorder and stood at the side of the bed recording every second of the hot show that Kelly and Lynn were providing. The contrast between Kelly’s mocha colored skin, and Lynn’s white skin was breathtaking. Kelly and Lynn had moved into the classic sixty nine position, and each had their face buried between the legs of the other, causing sensuous moans of pleasure to fill the air. Kelly was on top and her beautiful dark skinned ass sticking up in the air was causing Larry’s cock to harden quickly. He positioned the camcorder so it would record everything without being held, and crawled up on the bed and moved into position behind Kelly. Larry put his cock head at the juicy opening and slowly slid it inside.

Kelly moaned louder as she felt Larry’s thick hot cock sliding into her wet pussy from behind. She loved being fucked from behind. The combination of Lynn working on her clit and Larry fucking her from behind was driving her crazy. She stopped eating Lynn for a minute and looked back over her shoulder at Larry and moaned, “Oh yes baby you’re cock feels so good. Give it to me fucker! Fuck my pussy hard!” Kelly’s hot mouth went back to Lynn’s clit and licked it faster and harder, causing Lynn to whimper madly.

Larry started to slowly move in and out of Kelly’s clutching twat, taking her higher and higher.

Lynn was the first to come and her whimpers reached a crescendo as the orgasm tore through her loins and slowly coursed through the rest of her body.

Kelly made sure that Lynn’s climax had finished and then she raised her head and looked back at Larry with wanton lust in her eyes and pleaded, “Oh you fucking cock! Stuff me! Fuck me harder baby!”

Larry took hold of Kelly’s hips and started slamming into her velvet lined pussy with all his strength, causing her moans to increase in volume. His balls slapped violently against the outside of her pussy on each deep thrust into her hot cunt. One of Larry’s hands reached down and gathered Kelly’s long dark hair into a ponytail and he pulled it backwards as he fucked her hard.

Lynn had recovered from her orgasm and was working on Kelly’s clit unmercifully, while her fingers roughly pulled and twisted Kelly’s dark brown nipples that were so hard they felt like pebbles.

Kelly’s body started quivering and she screamed, “Oh yes, Oh yes, I’m cumming!” Kelly felt like her body was floating weightless as the white hot scorching heat of one orgasm after another coursed through every fiber of her being, until she eventually collapsed on top of Lynn’s body.

Larry made them all a drink, and they sat and rested for a little while talking about how wild the night had been.

Lynn looked at her watch and noted that it was almost nine. With a naughty gleam in her deep blue eyes she asked Kelly, “Have you had enough yet?”

Kelly laughed and replied, “You know me Lynn. I can’t ever get enough sex, and Larry is so good I could fuck him all night long.”

Lynn giggled, “Oh Kelly, you’re such an insatiable slut.” She walked across the room, reached in her purse and pulled out her cell phone. Lynn talked softly so Kelly and Larry could not hear what she was saying. When she finished Lynn returned to Kelly and Larry and sat down with a wicked smile on her face.

Kelly asked, “I know that smile. What are you planning girlfriend.”

Before Lynn could answer there was a soft rap at the door. Lynn quickly walked across the room, and stood behind the door as she opened it so no one passing in the hall could see her naked body.

When the black man closed the door and saw Lynn standing there naked his eyes lit up, his cock twitched in his pants, and a big smile crossed his face because he knew that he was going to have some delicious white pussy tonight.

Lynn brought him over to where Kelly and Larry were sitting naked, and introduced him as her coworker Ray.

Kelly stared up at the tall black man, impressed by his six foot four inch height, and strong muscular build. She noticed that his cock was already tenting the front of his pants as his eyes roamed every inch of her exposed body. Kelly’s juices started flowing again just thinking about his hard body, and big black cock, underneath his tight clothing.

Larry was intimidated by Ray’s size but he shook hands, almost wincing with pain as the mans large black hand felt like vise squeezing his hand. He fixed a drink for Ray which the man drank quickly.

Kelly stood in front of him, and Lynn behind, as they both kissed him and pressed their hot gyrating naked bodies against Ray. As they teased him they helped Ray shed his necktie, shirt, and undershirt revealing a smooth skinned muscular chest with hard little nipples. Kelly’s hands touched the bulge in his pants, and she could tell that his cock was very big.

Ray’s strong hands were busy, eagerly touching Kelly and Lynn’s tits and pussies. He looked into Kelly’s brown eyes and said, “Lynn tells me that you’re a nasty fucking cumslut. Now that you have made my cock so big and hard I think you should set it free and suck it for me.”

Kelly slid down his body and dropped to her knees in front of the black stud, quickly sending his pants and boxer shorts down to his ankles. Her mouth watered, and her eyes sparkled as Kelly stared at Ray’s large black prick hanging there just waiting for some attention. It had to be at least nine inches long , and two inches thick. Kelly’s tongue and mouth eagerly went to work on the monster, causing Ray to groan with excitement.

Lynn squirmed with desire as she watched Kelly performing her oral magic on Ray’s beautiful black shaft. Finally she couldn’t stand just watching anymore, and she dropped to her knees and started sucking Ray’s meat.

Larry just watched, and recorded, the two young sluts hotly licking and sucking Ray’s cock and balls. From his moans of pleasure it was quite obvious that he was really enjoying the oral talents of the two young sluts.

These two beautiful white women were driving Ray crazy with their mouths and he knew that his climax was quickly approaching. He moaned loudly, “You nasty cocksuckers are so fucking good! I hope you’re ready cause Ray’s going to give you his big load any minute now!”

Kelly removed the big piece of stiff black meat from her mouth, pointed it towards her tits, and pumped him furiously with both hands as she said, “Thats it Ray, cum all over my fucking tits.”

Lynn’s tongue continued licking and tormenting the smooth black swollen cock head, while Kelly jerked him off.

Ray looked down and saw both women staring up at him with their beautiful eyes. While he would have preferred shooting his load into their mouths, or down their throats, it was their choice where they wanted it. His whole body tensed and he groaned as he exploded.

Kelly almost came from the sensation, as spurt after spurt of his hot sticky jism hit her dark pointy nipples and coated her tits. Kelly kept on pumping Ray, amazed by the amount of cum he was able to shoot.

Lynn waited until Ray was done shooting then her hot wet mouth engulfed his cock, cleaning him, and capturing every last morsel. She finally let Ray’s dick pop from her mouth, and then turned her attention to all the cum that had plastered Kelly’s fabulous tits. Lynn started licking Kelly’s tits and gathering up all the spilled jism. When she had a mouthful she kissed Kelly with an open mouth, sharing the bounty with her.

Larry was holding the camcorder and he had zoomed in when Ray was shooting, and Lynn was cleaning his cock. As he watched Lynn and Kelly trading the sticky strands of cum back and forth between their hot mouths he zoomed in even closer so you could see the pearl colored cum coating both their tongues.

Kelly and Lynn both looked up at Ray and eagerly showed him the cum sitting in their mouths before slowly swallowing all of it. Watching these two nasty young sluts enjoying his cream made his softening cock twitch and start to harden again.

Larry fixed them all another drink as they rested for a couple of minutes.

Ray told Kelly and Lynn to lay on the bed next to each other. He crawled up on the bed with them and started sucking their nipples, before moving his mouth down to their pussies. He would take turns first eating Lynn’s pussy, and then moving over to Kelly’s, making both of them groan with pleasure. When Ray moved his mouth from one twat to another his fingers dove in to replace his mouth and keep the fire burning in their pussies. He looked over his shoulder and saw Larry standing there stroking his hard cock. He said, “Hey man, hold on a minute, I’m sure that one of these nasty little cunts can take care of that cock for you.”

Kelly and Lynn were touching each other and kissing wildly as Ray tormented their pussies with his mouth and hands. They looked up and motioned for Larry to bring his cock closer so they could both suck him.

Larry felt like he had died and gone to heaven as he enjoyed the double sensation of having two hot babes expertly sucking him at the same time.

After a couple of minutes Ray told the girls to stop sucking Larry and move over so Ray could lay down on the bed. He told Kelly to sit on his cock and face him so he could see how much she enjoyed being stuffed by his monster.

Kelly straddled his legs and slowly lowered herself down on the large nine inch cock, her face contorting with a mixture of pain and pleasure for a few seconds as she got used to being stretched by his monster. Then she looked up at him with a big smile to let Ray know that she was ready to start sliding up and down his pole.

Ray put two pillows under his head and told Lynn to sit backwards on his face looking towards Kelly as he ate her pussy.

Lynn positioned herself as instructed, and lowered her pussy to his face. She was close enough to reach out and play with Kelly’s tits.

Larry made sure that the camcorder was set up properly to capture all the hot threesome action.

Kelly started to slowly raise and lower herself on the black monster. As her pussy got unbelievably wet she was able to move upwards faster and then slam herself down on the hard shaft. Kelly had never taken a cock this long and thick so deep before, and the sensations were driving her insane. She looked over her shoulder and saw Larry standing there, hard cock in hand, and pure animal lust in his eyes. Kelly had never been penetrated by two cocks at the same time before, and she was eager to give it a try. She leaned forward into Lynn’s arms for support, and then used her long red fingernails to spread her ass cheeks apart and present Larry with a target he couldn’t resist. Kelly cooed, “Fuck my ass Larry! I want both of your cocks fucking me at the same time!”

Lynn gently rocked against Ray’s face, feeling his tongue dancing all over her pussy and setting her on fire. Her arms helped to support Kelly as she watched Larry move in behind her.

Larry held his shaft and slowly moved it in slow lazy circles around the puckered brown ring of Kelly’s anus which was already very wet from all the juice flowing from her excited pussy. When he felt the dark rosebud relax he pushed the head into her ass and Kelly squealed with joy. He waited a little and then slowly pushed another inch inside. Kelly was already so aroused that it didn’t take long before her tight dark tunnel relaxed and Larry was able to slide the rest of his meat inside until it was buried to the hilt.

Kelly was feeling so much pleasure that she could barely talk, but she managed to tell Ray and Larry to start pumping her a little, between her moans that were growing in intensity and volume.

Ray started moving his hips, causing his cock to slide in and out of Kelly’s hot wet pussy.

Only a thin membrane separated the two men’s cocks. Larry could feel Ray’s cock moving and he was a little embarrassed at first, but then lust overcame him and he started to slowly fuck Kelly’s tight rectum.

Eventually the two men found a rhythm that worked well. As one man pushed his cock in the other would pull out.

The double fucking was better than anything that Kelly had ever experienced sexually, and she quickly reached the point of no return. Kelly screamed as a climax more intense than anything she had ever felt before slammed into her body. Wave after wave of white searing heat pulsed through her body. Ray and Larry kept fucking her, and as one of Kelly’s orgasms ended another began. She eventually lost count of how many, and passed out for a few seconds.

Lynn had been very close to the edge a couple of times, and watching Kelly being double penetrated, and hearing her cum was just too much. Lynn ground her pussy against Ray’s head almost smothering him as her body trembled, and her whimpers climbed the musical scale as she experienced another wild climax.

Kelly’s pussy clamped down on him so tightly when she climaxed that Ray lost control, grunting as his cock pulsed and shot stream after stream of molten jism deep inside her cunt.

Larry’s passion had been building, but he just wasn’t close enough to cum yet so he just enjoyed the feeling of being buried deep in Kelly’s ass. As she climaxed he could feel every muscle in her ass and pussy contracting as she experienced multiple orgasms.

Everyone was spent so they all collapsed on the bed exhausted, and drifted off to sleep, Ray holding Lynn, and Larry holding Kelly.

Larry woke up and was surprised to see that Lynn and Ray were gone. He looked around and noticed a note laying on the table next to the bed. As he read it he laughed to himself. The note said, “Ray and I went back to his place for a nightcap. I really enjoyed seeing you have such a great time tonight. I hope that Kelly doesn’t wear out your equipment. I’m really looking forward to spending some quality time alone with you before you head back home.” Larry went back to bed and laid down next to Kelly.

Kelly finally stirred, and opened her eyes to see Larry holding her and staring into her face. She nuzzled against him and purred, “I want to feel you inside of me one more time tonight, but first let’s take a shower together.”

Larry and Kelly took a nice relaxing hot shower together, playfully soaping each other and touching teasingly until they were both aroused again. They got out of the shower and Kelly took Larry by his erect and led him across the suite to the jacuzzi room, where they both slipped into the warm bubbling water.

Larry was sitting, so Kelly straddled his legs and sat down on his lap facing him. His rigid cock was trapped against her pussy lips which were already becoming slick again from her dew. Kelly’s dark brown nipples had hardened again, and were pressing hotly against Larry’s chest.

Larry nuzzled her neck and kissed her open mouth, tenderly at first and then with more urgency. His fingertips sensually rubbed her back and traced their way down her spine until his strong hands were cupping her ass and pulling her tight against his manhood.

Kelly kissed him passionately, their tongues dancing in each others mouth. Her hand snaked between their bodies and grabbed his cock, guiding it into her needy pussy. Gently she rocked back and forth sending their mutual pleasure spiraling upwards. Then she got up, turned around, and sat back down on his cock driving it deeply into her hungry twat. She leaned back into Larry, rotating her hips to intensify the fire building inside each of them. Kelly turned her head to the side and kissed him hotly, her tongue always on the move. She cooed, “Oh yes baby, fuck me! Your cock feels so good stuffed inside my pussy! My kitty wants some more of your hot fucking cream! Oh yes, give it to me baby!” Kelly concentrated on causing the muscles of her vaginal wall to contract and squeeze his cock hard, making her love tunnel even tighter than normal.

Larry’s one hand was tweaking Kelly’s puffy nipples, and the other was rubbing her clit driving her wild with need. Higher and higher they climbed the ladder of passion, both doing everything possible to make it feel great. The sensation of Kelly’s vaginal walls gripping him tightly like a soft hand was more than Larry could take. He lost control and pinched Kelly’s nipples firmly as he thrust upwards into her, depositing his cream deep inside and feeding her hungry kitty.

Kelly felt Larry’s thick shaft pulsing inside her as he emptied his load with a loud groan, and his fingers were squeezing her nipples unmercifully. Her breathing became ragged and she gasped for breath, grunting like an wild animal, and then moaning wildly as the fury of the orgasmic storm was unleashed within her loins. The warmth intensified and then spread quickly as her pussy enjoyed one ripple of wanton pleasure after another. The storm of ecstasy raged within her for a very long time before it finally subsided. Eventually everything became calm.

They sat there with Larry inside her for a long time, talking about how very special the night had been for both of them.

Finally Kelly got out of the jacuzzi and got dressed. She hugged and kissed him at the door and said, “I will always remember this very special night that we had together Larry. I really hope that we can do this again some time, but I’ll also understand if we can’t. Thank you so much for making my fantasy come true.”

The next day at the sales presentation they both acted professionally and no one could have guessed what had happened between them the night before.

When it came time for Larry to finally select the winning vendor it was a very tough decision. Kelly’s company and one other vendor both had excellent products, and support people. In the end Larry gave the contract to Kelly’s competitor. The good news was that the other vendor also had their headquarters and training facility in Dallas. Larry would need to visit Dallas from time to time over the next year, and that would give him plenty of opportunities to spend time with Kelly and Lynn.

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