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A Taste of Brandy

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My eight year old daughter has a playmate from school the same age that lives down the street from us. This works out great for my wife and me because it makes it easy to take her over on play dates or have her little friend over as well.

The parents of this little girl had her while quite young, at the age of fifteen to be exact. This summer this nice young couple broke up with her boyfriend moving out of the house. My wife and I told her if she needed anything at all, all she had to do was too call and we could help her out.

The mother’s name is Brandy and Brandy really appreciated the help, especially with things her ex boyfriend used to do. I would go down and help her when her pipes froze in the winter. When she could not get the lawnmower started or change a tire on her car. I really did not mind cause Brandy has mid length blonde hair, firm thirty six d breasts (which I found out snooping in the bathroom), and a nice round ass. She is a very attractive young woman who has given me many of a boner when get a chance home alone to myself.

One day Brandy called because the faucet on her kitchen sink would not shut off, the faucet was made out of cheap plastic so there was really no sense in trying to fix it. I told her I would go over to the local ACE Hardware and pick up a new one and install it for her. She said she would not be able to pay for it until she got a child support check or a paycheck which ever would come first. I told her don’t worry about it; I was not going to squabble over a new faucet.

I picked up a decent new faucet and came back to her house to install it in the sink for her. The whole operation only took me a half hour to get done, I put my tools back into the toolbox and started to leave.

Brandy was sitting at her kitchen table the whole time sobbing in her hands, I felt bad because I was so busy with the sink I did not even notice. I put my arm around her shoulders and asked her what is wrong?

“It has just been real difficult these last few months.” She sobbed. “Working two jobs and arguing with my ex over shit like child support.”

Without even thinking about it I started to rub her shoulders giving her a firm yet gentle massage. My wife calls my massages the ultimate stress reliever so I must of sub consciously done it for her.

“Oh Rick that feels so good.” She moaned.

“Yeah I got magic hands so I’m told.” I said.

I continued to work on her shoulders coming down to the front by the collarbone and then back up again. Then staying true to my usual technique I went down further on her back she leaned forward to give me better access. I kneaded her back through the soft fabric of her t shirt realizing she did not even have a bra on today.

“Wow this really feels so good.” She sighed.

“This would be a lot better with your shirt off and some hot oil.” I replied hopefully.

“Really there is some baby oil in the bathroom.” She said getting up from her chair.

“Okay I’ll be right back.” I said trying not to sound excited.

When I returned Brandy had left the kitchen so I warmed the baby oil up until it was just Luke warm. She called me from her bedroom to come in with the baby oil; she said it would be better to massage her in there. I went in and was surprised at what I saw; Brandy was laying on the bed with just a bikini top on and a pair of jogging shorts.

I squirted the warm oil onto her back and began to knead it into her tense muscles. She moaned several times as I kneaded tense muscles that have been tense for a long time. I grew ever boulder by untying her top and gently pushing at her waistband catching a few quick glimpses of her ass.

“Would you mind if I did your legs?” I asked.

“Oh yes that would feel wonderful.” She sighed.

I started at the calves and worked my way up to the knees, he legs were short but they had great color and muscle tone to them. Brandy seemed to be off in another world as my hands worked up past the knees to the thighs; first I worked the back of them. Then I got bold and let my hands slide down to the inside of them. She spread her legs just a little more to give me better access at the inside thigh.

Figuring not to rush things I would let my hand roam all over her thighs stopping just short of getting them into her shorts. Then I saw something that nearly made my cock explode right on the spot. A wisp of blonde pubic hair was sticking out just a little bit and I could make out the lining of her pussy lips.

I could not take it any more and decided that it was now or never if I was going to try and get a piece of this young woman. I gently slid both hand up her legs one went up her shorts caressing her ass cheek, the other sought out her pussy. The one that sought out the pussy found it and found that it was starting to moisten with juice. Brandy brought her ass up into the air and spread her legs apart to give me better access to her pussy.

I pulled her shorts down to her knees exposing her sweet ass and a beautiful blonde pussy. Spreading the lips apart I buried my face onto the pussy finding her clit with my tongue. Brandy tasted so good and sweet as I licked her wonderful little pussy and clit like a child with an oversized lollipop. Brandy’s soft moans were becoming more rapid as my tongue continued to massage her clit with a furious assault. Soon she was coming all over my face and tongue; she dropped her ass down as quickly as she brought it up.

Not wanting to give her a chance to change her mind and not wanting to change my mind either, I pulled her shorts the rest of the way off. She rolled over onto her back after I got the shorts off; I had to stand up to get my shirt and jeans off. She laid on her back playing with her pussy while I undressed.

I got between her legs and plunged my cock into her tight little pussy until I could feel its full eight inches inside her. I felt ten years younger as I pounded my hard cock into this tight young mother as fast and hard as I could. She encouraged me laying there moaning over and over to fuck her hard. After she had a couple of orgasms she wanted to get on top and ride my cock herself.

I obliged her and got on my back watching her climb on top of my cock, she immediately started to bounce up and down on it. She squeezed her tight pussy muscles around my cock with each downward thrust. I could not hold back the flood gates anymore and filled her up with plenty of cum.

She waited until my cock withered inside of her completely and then got off of my cock. Much to my surprise she got down on her knees in front of it and began to lick and suck it.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM I love the taste of cum and my juices on freshly fucked cock.” She said.

“It sure does feel good.” I moaned.

Before I knew it I was rock solid again as this young woman gave me a very highly skilled blow job. Once she got me good and excited again she stop sucking and wanted me to fuck her again. She climbed on top of my cock and rode it at a slower more intense pace. I took the liberty to fondle her firm tits and tweak the eraser sized nipples on the end of them.

Once she brought herself off to another orgasm she got off and got herself on all fours. I positioned myself behind her and began to fuck her doggie style, she told me to take it slow. So I slowly fucked my cock in and out of her squishy just fucked pussy until she told me to start to fuck her harder. Goddamn this was one horny little bitch I thought as I started to pump my cock in and out of her.

Putting one hand on her hips I reached up with my other hand and grabbed her hair while fucking her as hard as I could. She screamed loudly with cries of lust as she got the roughest hardest fucking she had in all her twenty three years. Finally I shot another load into her tight snatch and kept fucking her until it was now completely limp.

As I dressed we both figured we would have to find more things wrong around her house so we could grab an occasional afternoon fuck fest.

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