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A Strip to Build a Dream On

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I have never really adjusted to the intense thrill of rotating my practically naked hips in front of a woman staring avidly at my hard eight inch cock, damp in the piss hole by now, her eyes riveted on it as it swayed there, an inch or so from her lips. The heavy beat of Ravel made me surge slowly but lewdly, the moment capturing me as much as her, and I knew she would give me the grand finish to my act when her tongue flicked out toward it.

The tight elastic mini jock strap was looped behind my balls, thrusting my genitals out, and the long dance of seduction of the entire room culminated in this moment. After performing for three years, I had learned which women were most likely to cooperate, and hadn’t made a mistake for several months now.

I whispered to the sensual, forty year old woman staring at my weaving tool “A couple of sucks, Baby. Thats all it’ll take.” Her eyes flickered up to mine, she drew in a quick, urgent breath, and opened her mouth as her eyes began to close. She leaned forward and took half my throbbing member deep into her mouth, as I spread my arms and threw my head back. I felt her lips close, the suction intensify my tingling pleasure, my mental and physical euphoria climbing fast, and humped into her face, once, twice, and then felt my cum overtake me as the roomfull of women screamed. I felt the jism shooting like a hose as I groaned with pleasure, and the white goo almost immediately oozed out the side of her red lips.

She swallowed quickly, eyes wide now and staring up at me as I humped again, feeling another shot surge into her mouth, even as a dribble leaked down her chin. I felt her hand grip my taut ass, and the wild soaring combination of cumming and triumphing blanked me out for a moment. She swallowed again, her eyes glassy, and I saw her hand pawing at her cunt under the table. “Go ahead Baby” I breathed, and she smiled crazily, then screamed softly around my wet tool. Her hand now slowed and surged, and I thought I could almost smell the pussy juice as she orgasmed herself. I dropped my card with my mobile phone number into the deep crevice between two amazingly full tits, thinking she sure looked good considering her age. Nine times out of ten they called me, and I occasionally moved in with one if it paid well.

The sign had said “Well built young men wanted for amateur night”, in front of the Cosmic Palace. It was a strip bar that had two Ladies nights a week, and the idea of dancing for women had always been a kind of fantasy of mine. I’m really not a buffed weightlifter or anything, but had played football, and still stayed in shape. Since then, I’ve started doing weights, but not to the exaggerated extent a lot of the guys do. A slim but toned look sets me a bit apart.

That night I just brought an old graduation gown and a pair of glasses. I was embarrassed when I first stepped out onto the stage, unfamiliar with the sense of bright lights in my eyes, the strange cacaphony of noise, giggling, cheering, and some lewd comments from the crowd of women. At first I moved around, first turning my back, then facing them, letting the long gown shift so they got glimpses of my tanned skin and the tight speedo bathing suit underneath. My face felt as though it must be beet red, and the effort to keep time with the music made me perspire lightly.

But amazingly quickly, I began to realize how sexy the whole thing made me feel. My eyes adjusted to the light, and I began to pick out women close to the edge of the stage, a couple very pretty, and felt my cock start to stiffen. The noise settled down, or I adjusted, and I could connect voices to particular women. Even that first night, teasing them seemed to come naturally, and I would spread my arms and hump my hips toward the ones who had attracted my attention. I heard whispers like “Look, he’s gettin’ hard”, and “Work that thing stud”.

The music slowed to a heavier beat, and I let the gown slip down to my waist, pushing my twitching, black sheathed cock at the material as I got closer to several of the enthusiastic girls, and heard one groan “Yeah Baby, bring it on over here”. I sidled over there, and flashed my hips to her, within a couple of feet, and realized she was riveted to my prick, as it jumped and twisted. Curious now, and excited, I crept closer, and damned if she didn’t press her cheek to the thick organ, and it popped up out of the suit.

I was shocked, and turned my back as I tried to stuff it back inside the elastic, even as I heard screams of encouragement. The guys who had gone before me had limited themselves to completely exposing themselves only at the end, and not near the audience. Even as I got myself tucked in, my mind was spinning with the realization that no cops had come running up to arrest me, and that the women, rather than being offended, were cheering and encouraging me to “Show us the goods, studly.” So I kept prancing around, finally tossing the gown into the wings, and getting close to the several women leaning over the stage, seeming to beckon to me.

When I nuzzled up to them, all but one tried to kiss the tip of my dong through the suit, and one grabbed at the edge of it. I jumped back when she did that, teasing still. But my head was buzzing, and I was really turned on. I must have lost track of time, I was supposed to get it over with in ten minutes, and caught the boss spinning his finger as a sign to hurry up. I sort of slow walked along the edge of the long curved stage, playing with the top edge of the speedo, flashing my pubic hair at them. Later, I shaved it off, but they were screaming, and seemed to delight in each move I made. Even that first night, I found I could push down the suit, flash my cock, and cover it again quickly.

The music got louder, and I realized they were trying to get me to finish. One of the women, kind of heavy but with a pretty face, was leaning way out at a spot that the whole room could see. I got in front of her, and pulled the suit back behind my balls, with that stiff erection weaving at her, and she held her arms out toward me. Curious as to how far she’d go, I twitched closer, and damn if she didn’t grab my ass and get her mouth on the head of my cock. She pulled on my hips, and I sunk to the back of her mouth, maybe four inches, and felt her sucking.

I gurgled to her “Watch out honey.” She looked up, and nodded frantically. I had no idea whether I could get off, but stroked into her, and felt a cum burst from her hands squeezing my ass right into my tool, heard the room screaming, and saw the woman swallowing hard. The music stopped, and all there was was screaming, as I kept shooting into that sucking mouth. It was an amazing nut, sharp and sweet. I pulled out and pranced over to the curtain, my still stiff cock leaking as I exited, stage right.

The next guy was waiting there, in a bathing suit outfit, with his mouth hanging open. I could hardly believe I’d done it, but felt great. The guy squeaked “Jesus buddy, I think that’s illegal.” I just grinned at him. Later that night, the boss said I could have a regular gig if I wanted it, and even though one of the last guys jacked off on the stage, I won the contest. I didn’t even realize I had a hundred fifty bucks stuck in my suit. The prize was two hundred. When we were led out at the end, three women tucked slips of paper with their phone numbers into my suit. Its been a hell of a ride since then.

Marcia Hardin felt like she was in another dimension as she and her three former classmates staggered out of the bar. The taste of the kids jism was still strong in her mouth, her wet panties felt sticky, and she had a strange feeling in her stomach, as though she was going to throw up. How could I have done that, her mind cried, suck a guy off in front of maybe a hundred people. The Corporate Vice President, firm feminist views always prepared in argument when one of the suits even hinted at an interest in her, hadn’t been laid in three years, and a rising star at WellTec. It was as though she had regressed back to her wild college years, after the long evening reminiscing with her former roomate, and two other successful almuni. Gloria had suggested this club, and they had been lucky to get a front row table.

Marcia could dimly hear their voices, “Far out Marcy”, and “God was that guy hung”. Meanwhile she was worrying about whether there had been any company people there to see her raunchy wild impulse. As the cool night air sobered her quickly, and her stomach settled down, she got control of herself, and said goodnight, jumping quickly into a passing cab. “415 Park. Take Broadway.” She sat back and felt an impulse to let tears fall, until she vaguely realized she was still turned on. The little orgasm she had had in the club had been short and intense, but if she had been at home, using one of her toys, she’d have gone on to two or three more, letting their strength increase. She always made a little ceremony of it, checking a couple of porn sites on the Net to get her in the mood.

She wondered “What came over me? I have maybe sucked two or three cocks my whole life, all twenty years ago, and never ever let them cum in my mouth.” The vivid memory of how sexy the slim but well built kid had been as he danced sensually, with that big clipped tool weaving around, had seemed to hypnotize her. She decided it must be a regression, seeking the sense of freedom of her pre-corporate self. She felt the card tickling her abdomen, and pulled it out of her bodice just as the cab pulled up in front of her apartment. She almost ran up the walk to the doors, punched in the security code, and hurried up to her twelfth floor apartment.

When she sat down on the large leather couch in her dimly lit living room, she glanced up at the digital clock and realized it was only one o’clock, fairly early by her Saturday night standards. She often had a dinner date, usually a customer or supplier, and would come home, shower, and have one of her sexy nights. Sometimes she would work out in the basement gym for an hour or so, stretching and challenging her well toned body. She had found her sensuality a handy weapon in the couple of advancement competitions she’d been in. The implants she’d had when her always large tits had started to sag in her late twenties had been done by the best guy she could find, even though the cost had staggered her at the time.

As she pulled off her blouse, her mind still spun with desire, a sense of frustration she had been feeling for some time, the sense that with her new wealth and power she should be happier, and vague memories of her wild, out of control need for that young stud. He probably thought she was dumpy and flabby under her long sleeved blouse and the tailored pants. Probably thought she was a sex starved housewife or something. She chuckled. Well, she probably was sex starved.

Suddenly another thought crashed into her thoughts. What about aids. Oh my god, he might be a goddamn gigolo, one of those crazies. On an impulse, she called the mobile number on her own mobile, and heard the baritone, husky voice say “Hello”. Her stomach flipped. She disconnected fast. As she sat staring at the clock, the phone buzzed. He was calling back.

All I heard was heavy breathing, then the click, click, click, and the dial tone. I was all cleaned up and walking up toward the Village, thinking I might go hear the Jazz at the Voice for a while. It occurred to me that the woman from the club might be calling, she had seemed the type, though that was tough to predict. I remembered those great looking tits, and hit “return”. I let it ring about six times, and almost hung up, when I heard a breathy, low female voice, very attractive sounding, say “Hello?”

“Lady, don’t hang up. I know it must seem weird to you, but that happens every night I work. You aren’t demented or anything. The atmosphere just gets you. It isn’t personal or anything.” I heard the breathing, then in a halting kind of way, she muttered “Listen, you don’t have any diseases or anything do you?” Not the first time the question had come up, and it always pisses me off a little.

“Lady I’m real careful, and not stupid, for christ sake. Anyway you can’t pass Aids that way, unless you have a cut in your mouth or something. I can show you my last blood test, two months ago. If you were that scared, you shouldn’t have done it.” There was a long silence, then she said “I didn’t mean to be offensive. The whole thing was a shock to me, is all. Y…you mean that really happens every night?”

There was a husky tone to her words, and I figured she was still turned on. I asked her “Look, what’s your name? I hate to call you Lady. We were both turned on, and I still am. Want me to come show you the blood test?”

Another long pause, and then, with a choked laugh, she said “Marcia. 415 Park. Apartment 121.” Then a click as she disconnected. I felt the heat in my groin rise. I remembered her tits. And what a great address.

Marcia sat staring at the phone. “What the fuck are you doing”, she thought. But she could feel her pussy pulsing. Why should she feel shy? She had sucked his cock. He didn’t sound like an oaf. She rushed into the shower.

As she scrubbed herself, she thought about what to wear. “Admit it, you wanna get laid. He probably knows it. He must be willing. Think how many casual sexual encounters you had in school. Whats so different about this?” She ended up with her white opaque pegnoir and flesh colored thong panties. As she prepared, she felt herself getting almost dizzy with anticipation and excitement. She felt happy she had shaved her groin and armpits just yesterday, and chose the musky White Diamonds perfume.

As she combed her short blonde hair, she thought about what she should say to him. “Want to get it on, big boy?” He was big, six two at least. “Would you like a drink?” Shit, shit , shit. Don’t want to sound like an asshole, or an aging fool. The thought of having him on top of her, filling her, thrilling her wildly made her almost purr in anticipation. Christ it had been three years since she had been with a man. She quickly put on the dark blue mascara she had always used to make herself look sexy.

When the talk box buzzed, she had one last moment when she felt the urge to tell him to go away, forget it, leave her alone. But even as she felt the urge to avoid what was coming, she knew she wouldn’t do it. She was vibratiing with excitement as she buzzed him in. His cum had tasted good, salty and thick. He was young, could probably get it up again, and she wanted to let him make her cum and cum. Vaguely, she realized she was horny and wet, ready for whatever.

And then he was there. Smiling at her in the doorway, dressed in a leather jacket and tight jeans, his eyes sweeping up and down over her body, making her feel weak kneed. She backed away as he entered, her hands rubbing her thighs, tongue tied like a schoolgirl. “Mmmmm, Marcia you’re looking good Baby.”

I couldn’t see her body well through the white lingerie, but her nipples were stiff, and the look on her face was slightly open mouthed, very hot. As I slipped off my jacket, she backed away slightly, her hands rubbing her thighs, which pressed the smooth material against her, giving me a tempting better glimpse of tanned, very well toned muscles, with a flat stomach. She had a much darker eye shadow on than in the club, and the short, masculine looking hair framed a face more handsome and mature than pretty. Must be an executive type, I thought, and doing damn well in this high class apartment.

It was dimly lit, but I could see a leather sectional in beige and some strong modern paintings on the wall. We stared at each other for a minute, the sexual tension resonating in the quiet room, no music. I started to slowly unbutton my shirt. My experience has been that if you get talking things can go bad, and that its better just to wait for a woman like this to say something. I could see she wanted to get laid, and the thing to do is avoid anything that breaks the mood. As I started to pull the shirt off, she sucked in a breath.

I stood there, five feet away from her. When I didn’t make any further move, she took a step toward me, letting the movement open the robe slightly. I saw her lick her lips. Her hands reached for the ribbon that held the top of her outfit together, and two things happened. The gap in front showed me a pair of tiny thong panties with no sign of pubic hair, and the edges of two very firm breasts, with no bra at all. No doubt about it, she wanted it.

I unbuckled my belt and pulled down my pants. As I slid them off, I stepped out of the loafers, and stood there with my cock already pushing out from the dark blue bikini underwear. I heard her whisper “You bastard”, then smile and shrug off the white garment.

In beige three inch heels, her body looked almost too good to be true. She was very toned, but just short of buffed. Her legs weren’t that long, but well and firmly shaped. Her abs were slightly ripped, and the tits were clearly silicone, and a little larger than I had thought. The nipples were nice and small, ruby red and sticking out firmly. She had nice shoulders, which also showed signs of firm muscle. There was no shadow in her groin. I must say I love shaved pussy.

I breathed “Looking very good, Marcia. Don’t stop.” I pushed down my briefs, and waited. She stared at me, then pushed hers down. Her cunt had pronounced firm lips which were damp, and went straight down about an inch. I sunk down to my knees, and held my arms out to her. I whispered again, “Bring it to me Baby.” Her face lit with passion and she took three steps toward me as I tilted my head up, right at the level of her hips. As she got so near I smelled her musky perfume, I arched back a bit, and she took another, feet spread step, and brought that lovely looking twat to my mouth.

I grabbed her slim ass cheeks and she grabbed my head behind the ears. My brain was buzzing as I felt her flesh press to my mouth, losing track of what was what, but tasting pussy juice, perfume, and feeling her hips fucking my face. I tried to get my tongue into her, or on her clit, but she was putting too much pressure on and I couldn’t really feel anything but her pulsing skin and wetness. Looking up at her, she was staring at me with a stunned look while her abdomen strained rhythmically. Those big tits hardly wobbled but looked sexy as hell as the tempo of her hips increased, and I realized she was building up to a hot orgasm.

Her eyes slowly closed and she got wilder, when suddenly the hips froze, then bucked hard, and the wetness increased. I felt my tongue seem to find a hole, and she groaned as I tried to move deeper, quickly finding my tongue at full extension. I heard her whispering “‘Fuck, fuck, fuck”. She started staggering, unsteady on her feet, and we fell backwards so I was flat on my back with her hips’ weight fully on my head. She stayed like that for a minute or so, then opened her eyes, stared at me, and blushed. She was breathing very hard.

I felt her raise her hips to put less weight on me, as I let my hands drift up her back and covered her breasts. She smiled as I cupped them and pinched the nipples gently. After another minute of staring down at me, she stood up very athletically, grabbing my hand and pulling me up with her. She pressed herself to me, her skin damp, and kissed me openmouthed. Our tongues dueled, and the smell of her body surrounded us, a little sweat, perfume, and the tart odor of cunt mixed together. Finally, she pulled her head back and murmured “What’s your name?”

Marcia felt very confused as she asked the kid his name, feeling his cock between their stomachs, hard and stiff. She had an urge to regain control of herself, but she was still vibrating with sexual tension, wanting more, wanting him to fuck her. To feel that cock inside her, pummeling her, giving her the kind of soaring, powerful release she usually only got from her long plastic dildo after an hour of masturbation. All she could smell was herself, as though he was still cool, but his cock was good and hard. She’d always heard young guys could keep it up for long periods of time, but it was still a surprise. When he answered “Mitch”, she repeated it and licked his cheek. Ah, there, a little after shave. Almost sweet tasting.

It didn’t feel dangerous, naked with this stranger in her own apartment, exposed and at risk, violating all kinds of rules of personal security. It felt tense and urgent, tingling anticipation in her stomach, a sense of adventure with an edge of naughty defiance of the rules. She twisted around and pushed her butt against his thigh, fumbling down to wrap her hand around his cock. God it was big and hard. She stroked it a couple of times, then covered the tip with her finger. There it was, a little drop of fluid. Somehow she knew he could fuck her through a couple more cums, even as she felt his hands cover her right tit and arched into it. Then his tongue was in her ear, as he sucked, no one had ever done that before and it was exciting as she felt his finger enter her quivering snatch. She squeezed his cock, and he chuckled.

With a shock, she realized he was the first man who had made love to her in this apartment. The guest bedroom had mirrors on one wall and the closet, and she had occasionally imagined being fucked in there, watching herself. The idea appealed to her in this wild experience, and she pulled him through the short hallway into the left door. Rotating the knob to provide a soft, sensual light that lit the pale blue bed, she threw the coverlet off. He was staring at the mirrors, and their reflection, with a smile on his face. She fell on the bed and he crawled between her legs until he could kiss her breasts, while she stared at the strong young man on the wall. She could see the stiff member as he knelt over her with his face on her chest.

She groaned “Fuck me Mitch. God I’m hot. Go ahead, stick it…..oh yeah, all the way….ungh..all….all…oh yeahhhhhhhh.” The sense of fullness she felt seemed totally new, better than anything her fevered brain could remember, she wasn’t sure she’d ever had a cock that big or that deep inside her. Yet it was a perfect fit, as it began stroking out, then back in, all the way to the bottom and pinging on her clit. She was arching, eyes closed, meeting his thrusts as she heard him grunting softly with each penetration. She felt her cunt begin to open up, as it always did when her cum approached, and glanced over at the mirror, to meet his eyes as they both stared at the sensual couple joined in passion there.

She raised her hips higher, so she could scrape the top of her pussy down the length of his cock with each stroke, and concentrated on the rising tension there, the feeling better than the dildo, no need for her finger, and was overtaken unexpectedly by the bursting dam of sensation as she soared into a blinding orgasmic fit, hearing something strange in the background that she finally realized was a scream of release in her own voice. She heard a sucking noise as his cock moved faster and faster, then slowed. She lay there in a stupor, vaguely aware of his gentle thrusts still going, as she came down slowly.

Suddenly, in a flurry of movement on the rocking bed, she was turned on her side so she faced the mirror, and saw him fitting his red tipped cock inside her from behind, her whole body, glistening with sweat, seeming to move onto the penetrating member. She heard him whisper “God you’re wet Baby, got another one in you, okay if I shoot inside you?” She could see his hand slide up from her pussy as she felt that wonderful fullness again, and numbly nodded as she remembered wondering why she kept bothering with the pills. Then he started fucking again, his abdomen pushing on her rear, and she heard the small grunts each time he pushed deep. She pulled her legs forward and hooked one over his thighs to get it deeper, and could see the wet, glistening tool as it thrust and retracted in her spread cunt.

His hand left her breast and pinched her clitoris, and she felt the shooting thrills each time he squeezed, in the same rhythm as his stroking tool. She almost reached down to push his arm away but heard him gasp “Awful close Marcia, come on Babe, come on.” She felt his thrusts become more brutal, harder and more spasmodic. But the heat was spreading from her groin upwards, and she wiggled as best she could trying to increase the friction inside her.

There was no conscious thought in her mind, just the straining as she felt herself rising again, stronger even than the last, building up a wall that his frantic pummeling seemed to crescendo. Her good fucks of the past had been when she got off before the man, then let him cum while she bathed in the soft afterglow, but he seemed intent on making her finish as he did, and it happened with wild, piercing humps as she almost blanked out, her eyes closed and cries of passion as he groaned. She couldn’t feel anything in her pussy but heat, though after a moment she could see liquid leaking out around his still moving prick. Almost as suddenly as he had gotten wild, she felt less fullness, and his hips stopped moving.

They were both gasping, and her thigh seemed to be wet and sticky, with a new smell as his hand pulled her against him. She began to relax, exhaustion overtaking her. Both their breathing slowed, though his cock didn’t pop out. She felt him kissing her neck, as she wiggled against his damp body langorously. As consciousness returned, she waited for him to vault away and toward the bathroom like men did, but he stayed cuddled there. Somehow she didn’t care about soiling the sheets, or douching out, or talking. It all seemed irrelevant to the warmth and comfort of being there.

I remembered Erica Jong’s “zipless fuck” as we lay there gasping, her ass cheeks pressing against my groin. She had gone for it as though it had been a long time, but that made four cums tonight, so she was no stranger to sexual need. I figured there was a story here, guessing she was an executive who had been wild in the past but was not married or anything, at least now. I felt more attracted to her than usual, her body going away the sexiest I had ever seen on a woman over thirty. I felt her relaxing, then realized by her rhythmic breathing she was asleep. I pulled a sheet over us, and closed my eyes with the tip of my soft cock still inside her.

I woke up at my usual eight o’clock, feeling great. Nothing like a good piece of ass to make me sleep hard and fast. Sometime during the night we had slipped apart, and she was curled up with her back still toward me, while I was flat on my back. She was still asleep. I slipped away and opened the cupboard, but it was empty. The master bedroom was across the hallway, and she had a dressing room with rows of suits and a few dresses, but no robe. Obviously she didn’t do this very often. I took a quick shower, then checked that she was still asleep.

The kitchen had a well stocked fridge, and I started some bacon, and scrambled eggs. Her coffeemaker was already filled with coffee. Marcia was a well organized lady. The damn bacon spatter stung my stomach a couple of times, and I had to cover my groin. I was about to sit down to eat when she appeared in the doorway, in a terrycloth robe. She had a strange look on her face, a little fear, a little smile, and wide eyes that made me wonder what we had in store for us.

She heard him mumble between bites “Sorry Baby, but I was famished. That was quite a workout last night. There’s enough for both of us.” He was sitting at her kitchen table, on one of the high stools, hair damp, and not a stitch of clothing on. He acted like he belonged there.

Her mind was a jumble of conflicting thoughts. She should kick his ass out before he settled in, or tried to fuck her again. Gee he looked handsome sitting there. Boy do I feel good. Before she realized what she was doing, she stretched luxuriantly, then sat down beside him, pulling a cup toward her. She looked down at his cock hanging there, wondering if the damn thing ever got soft like most men’s. When he grinned at her, reaching for the coffee, she waited for him to pour her a cup, then leaned over and kissed him, thinking she was glad she had brushed her teeth at least. He obviously had showered. What the hell am I doing, she wondered.

“How old are you Mitch?” she asked, taking a sip.

He swallowed, then answered “Twenty four, Marcie. Two years at Columbia, ran out of money, been doing that act for the last three. Its a surprisingly good living.Haven’t thought much about what to do with my life, having too much fun with this. You’re some kind of executive, right?” He leaned over and licked at her neck. “You smell good, Baby. Like sex.”

Marcia felt her pussy tingle. Familiar son of a bitch, but it was good last night. Offhand, she could never remember better sex, even when she was a teen. He seemed to know what he was doing, and she of course had much more experience now. “Look Mitch, you are a good lover, and I loved it last night. But there isn’t room in my life for this right now. I work my ass off, and look at the difference in our ages.” She watched his face, but he was impassive. “Stay today, we can talk a bit, but hell, where we going?”

He smiled at her, then. “Baby, you’re a good piece of ass, know that? Knockout body, sexy as hell. I’d like to be with you as long as it feels good. I’m not looking for romance, or commitment, or anything. You tell me to walk, I walk. But I keep thinking, if it was that good the first time, how much better could it be? Up to you though.” Then he grinned broadly at her. “And if I stay, Baby, it won’t be to talk.”

She watched him pick up his plate, carry it to the sink, scrub it and drop it into the dishwasher. Well, she thought, at least he’s domesticated. She admired his firm ass, he looked more broad shouldered from the rear, and saw his cock dangle as he leaned over the built in cabinet. She felt her pussy tingle again.

She rose to her feet as she finished her coffee. She let the robe fall open. He was leaning against the sink, facing her, letting her see his dong as it seemed to pulse, and felt the air on her nude body. Chuckling, she breathed “Okay stud, I’m going to shower. Want to join me?”

I watched her ass swing as she tossed her robe on the floor and headed for the same bathroom I had used. I remembered the nice big shower, and as she leaned in to turn the water on, saw the puffy lips of her cunt that already looked a little wet. I grabbed her hips and pushed my growing prick at that target, and she giggled as she pushed back. Then she twisted around and grabbed my cock, pulling me into the big glass enclosed area that was already starting to fog up. I grabbed the soap, and started washing her tits. She let the water soak her hair, and looked younger, sexier, with the water making her glisten. I washed under her arms, her flesh feeling great as I started down toward her groin, even as I felt her hand massaging my cock.

I heard her whisper “Mitch, wash my ass, then fuck it, okay. I love getting cornholed.” I ran my soapy hands down into her ass crack, letting my fingers find the tiny hole and pushing one in, feeling it open willingly. Her eyes were bright as she stared at me, her hand still jacking my tool. I washed her pussy quickly, not sure if the wetness was all water or some of her juice. I felt her groping against the far wall, and saw her pull a big dildo out of a cabinet there.

She pushed herself against the side wall, still holding me, and pulled the head of my cock against her sphincter. I heard her gasp in a breath, then pushed as she located the head and slid it into her asshole. She seemed to be choking, and as I penetrated, I felt her wiggling around, then could feel something entering her bottom, and as I started to fuck deep, felt the pressure from the other side of her increase. She was supporting herself with her head against the wall while both hands stroked the bright red plastic in and out of her cunt, and I could look down over her shoulder and see it moving. Everything was wet and slippery, and the pressure on my tool was intense. She began to grunt with each inward stroke of my cock, matching it with the dildo, and as she got louder and louder, I realized I couldn’t control myself.

I pride myself on taking a while to get off, but the combination of the pressure of being up her ass and the movement of the dildo against me was too much, and I felt myself pushing harder and harder, each stroke frantic. I heard her groan wildly, felt her stop pushing the plastic, and muttered “Shit Baby” as I began to cum into her. I was sucking on her neck, and felt her hand grab my head and pull as she tried to kiss me under the spray of the shower. It was one of those quick, intense nuts that soars, but ends fast too.

She seemed to collapse against the wall, one hand supporting herself while the other pawed at my hair, gasping as my body pushed against her. I couldn’t think, just stayed there with my hands running up and down her firm, wet body. I whispered “You are a sexy bitch, Marcie. How long you been dreaming that up?”

She laughed as she twisted around, the dildo still hanging out of her pussy, and pulled me to her. She held me against her, and breathed “This isn’t my first rodeo, cowboy. You’ll see.” I guessed that was the moment she recognized we fit together well, and it would be foolish to give it up. She laughed, maybe realizing she had made that decision, then pushed me away. “I gotta shampoo Baby. Get out and put something on. I guess we have to talk.”


Marcia chuckled to herself as she hurried toward her apartment’s door, feeling the air on her bare legs and damp pussy. This was part of their routine now, when he hadn’t gotten home until three or four in the morning following a show, and was sleeping when she left. He would surprise her with some sort of sensual game, and they made such evenings memorable for their wild abandon and intense pleasure. She found that she looked forward to these evenings more and more. Four months, she thought. Hard to believe.

As she walked in the door, throwing off her jacket, he was nowhere to be found. Looking around, a sound from the guest bedroom caught her attention. Then she noticed the black bustierre he had bought her a couple of weeks before, spread out on the couch, with black stockings and the damn six inch spike shoes. He loved that damn outfit, she thought, even though she could hardly walk in the shoes. The black outfit simply supported her tits, but didn’t cover them, and exposed her pussy. Mitch was very visual, and she found she enjoyed him ogling her. He had taught her how to do a strip tease, and occasionally hinted he’d love to see her do it in one of the titty bars. She hadn’t come that far though.

As she slipped into the outfit, and staggered toward the guest bedroom, her mind drifted over her feelings about him. He was very accommodating, and kept the apartment immaculate. They had gone out in public, to shows, movies, and dancing several times. The biggest problem she had was that when they were together, she became urgently horny almost immediately. She found she loved caressing him in public, and he had offered to fuck her right on a busy sidewalk if she wanted. She hadn’t come that far either.

A meal was one long seduction. She did things like give him blow jobs under the table in one private area of a restaurant, and he loved getting his fingers inside her and making a show of sucking them clean of her juice. Marcia was astounded at her awakened sensuality, and her sense of being out of control of it was overcome by her pleasure. And he never seemed threatening in the least. She had to admit it had been one of the happiest periods of her life.

She paused at the guest room door, took a deep breath, stiffened her ankles in the ridiculous shoes, and stepped into the mirrored room. Her reflection in the far mirror was a tall, erotic dominatrix, her hips pushed forward, inner pussylips hanging between her thighs, amazing breasts, a stranger to Marcia. It was shocking the way these outfits took her to new places in her mind, but she could feel the wetness as her cunt nearly flooded. Suddenly she had no problem strutting over to the bed, sneering at the naked young woman reclined there, her arms stretched toward the four corners of the bed and tied with wispy rope. She had tight, small breasts, a little tuft of hair above her slit, and a little smile on her cute, cheerleader face.

There was no sign of Mitch. She had met the girl before, one night at his favorite Village bar, and remembered the rather brazen way Tina, that was her name, had ogled her. Her sneer turned to an evil smile as she remembered the night Mitch had talked her into revealing her affair with her college roommate her junior year. She was always vulnerable and loose lipped after he finished with her, weak after several climaxes, her mind hazily basking in sexual fulfillment. She had told him about the sense of adventure she had felt having a lesbian affair even as she dated one of the football players. It had been weeks ago, but Mitch rarely forgot her confessions. He had warned her the night he brought a friend home for their first threeway, but this was a surprise. She knew he was around somewhere but as always, decided to play it his way.

I heard Marcia breathe “Aren’t you a cute little slave, Tina. Let’s see, how can you service me? Lets try this.” As she straddled the girl’s face, facing me, I found myself amazed at how easily she shifted from the stern, controlled executive into this erotic, anything goes slut. She looked absolutely spectacular in the outfit, and Tina obviously thought so too, as her hips began to hump. I saw Marcia’s eyes flitting around the room wondering where I was hiding, but I hadn’t told her about the one way glass I had installed in the closet. Then her eyes closed as Tina’s experienced tongue began to pleasure her pussy, she leaned down and began to suck sloppily in Tina’s groin. It would be interesting to see how long Tina could hold out not having her arms and hands in play, though she had told me when we were setting this up she loved playing the submissive.

Even though my cock was hard as a board, there wasn’t any way for me to join them at this moment, given the geometry. I figured Marcia would change things around when she decided the time was right, I knew she played these games primarily to build up to the two of us together. The first time we had done a double, with my buddy Lewis from the club, she had insisted on fresh blood tests, and meeting him before hand. But the last couple of months, she had trusted me to use good judgment, and I had.

Our relationship is surely the strongest I’ve ever had, and though we don’t talk much about it, I think she feels strongly too. She never told me that, but instead came home one day with a checkbook that had ten thousand dollars in it, and it was a joint account. She’s surprisingly considerate, always letting me pay for dinners as an example, but insisting the cash come from that account. We’re both strong personalities, but seem to be comfortable together. The live-ins I had before tended to act like they owned me.

I saw Tina release her hands and legs, lifting her knees so Marcia’s head had easier access to her twisting hips. That was the two minute warning we’d agreed on, she must be close to her nut, as her hands started pulling and tugging the ass over her head. I hit the remote to start my music, and they both paused, Marcia looking around with a little smile on her face. Tina humped up harder, Marcia dived into her pussy, and Tina started to scream.

I exited the closet and began to do my act in front of Marcia, humping and grinding, my cock covered for now, watching her face light up as she ogled me. She hadn’t cum yet, and as Tina slowly came down from her climax, Marcia would lower her head to drink some of the juice from the moaning girl below her, then lift her head again to watch me. Then as I exposed my cock and balls, she crawled off Tina to the bottom of the bed, with her mouth open. Tina was sitting up now, watching me, a tired smile lighting up her flushed face. Remembering my instructions, she pulled the dildo out of the bedside table and pushed it into Marcia’s wet cunt.

Marcia sucked in a breath as she felt that, and started gently pushing back, never taking her eyes off my weaving tool. You can never tell how well these kind of games will work out, but this one seemed to be pretty hot

and I watched her face for signs she was getting close, which started almost immediately after the dildo entered her. I put my cock to her lips, and as she sucked it in, her eyes holding mine, I whispered, just as when we first met, “A couple of sucks, Baby, that’s all it will take.” It took a bit more than that, since I had been squeezed in the closet for half an hour, but very quickly I felt the tension rise, threw back my head, and started pumping my jiz into her hot wet mouth. I could feel her swallowing.

Knowing the signs of his oncoming cum helped Marcia be ready, and make sure she captured all his spend. She rolled it around in her mouth, sensing a slightly different taste, maybe he had fruit for lunch, when the tube stroking her pussy caused a sudden, intense orgasm. She grabbed his waist frantically, keeping him in her mouth, trembling with ecstasy. The music kept going, and she thought it was a shame she couldn’t hear the sounds of pleasure in the room. He would get rid of the girl now, she knew, and they would wallow in each other

into the night, since it was Friday. He only worked weekdays now, since they didn’t need his act to to fill up on weekends. She could feel the sweat under her bustierre, and thought of the pleasure they always got when they showered. My god, she thought, I really am nuts about this kid.

As she lay spread out on the bed, vaguely hearing Mitch saying goodbye to Tina, and her giggle “Call me again, stud, she’s sooooo hot”, the pleasure of anticipation filled her heart. She realized how addicted she had become to the amazing sexual fervor that she knew could consume her for hours on end, and that she thought he felt too. Her peaking sexuality combined with his overwhelming drive made their time together linger in her mind as the center of her life these past months, little flashes of particular moments of passion making her smile. He would come to her now, she knew, and their evening would continue for as long as she could manage. He never tired of their lovemaking, seeming insatiable as they often fucked for hours. And, as he had promised, he made no demands on her, simply accepting her control over their lives.

“She says you’re a sexy bitch, Baby. She wanted to stay, but I figure it’s my turn at your hot twat. I wanna taste that sloppy pussy. You ready?” Marcia raised her head and gave him a limp grin. She raised her knees as his head dived toward her groin, and she abandoned herself to him.

She awoke the next morning still tingling with the memory of her many climaxes. She could feel the stiff dried spunk on her face and tits, nasty in a way she found herself loving. She smelled the coffee, knew he was waiting for her in the kitchen, and stretched sensuously. She would shower, not bothering with makeup and her hair, and they would take their breakfast together, nude. It occurred to her she could wear the damn spike heeled shoes, they made her legs look so much longer, and reached down to her pussy, freeing it from the stiff coating and pulling the inner lips down. She knew he loved that. As she skipped into the shower, she decided to lube up her ass, he hadn’t taken her there last night.

He had made eggs benedict, and as she ate, watching his cock stiffen when she licked a drop of hollandaise from a nipple, she wondered vaguely when he had made the sauce. Probably yesterday afternoon. “I lubed up my ass, Mitch. You missed that last night. The sauce is really good, you sure are getting the hang of it. How about I rub a little into my cunt, and lets go out on the patio to enjoy this nice morning?” It was nice and private out there, and they often took advantage of it. She stood and smeared some of the yellow sauce just above her pussy, then strutted through the patio door,exaggerating the twist of her hips. She knelt on the armless lounge, and sighed as she felt his breath at her limp inner labia. His finger pushed inside her rectum, They were going to have another lovely morning.


She lay on her side as his cock thrust ever so slowly into her ass, his hand manipulating her clit as the other squeezed her breast, occasionally pinching the nipple. He was whispering seductively in her ear, reliving their night. “You looked so fucking sexy, babe, with all that makeup, like a forty second street whore, and you’re really getting good on the pole. They were throwing money at you when you pretended to cum. I could see the juice shining on the pole, The next girl licked it off, did you see that? Her name’s Ginger, I bet we could get her over here sometime. Jim damn near begged me to get you to come in every week. He said you were the best MILF he’d ever seen. Oooh, slow down, lets make it last. Easy, easy.”

She was beginning to feel more urgent, remembering the hungry, demented faces in the big crowd, their desire so obvious, the thrill their need gave her tingling in her groin. She hadn’t even waited to get home, but instead mounted his cock in the cab, careless about the driver, and came after five strokes. It had taken him nine months to talk her into it, but after the first time, and the addictive nature of all that lewd admiration, she liked it at least once a week. She was learning more and more about the heavy, colorful, slutty makeup she used as both a disguise and a costume, to become the flagrantly sexual courtesan she craved to be. And Mitch loved the adventure, the avid way she lost herself in it, and the wild sex that she demanded afterwards.

“You’re such a bastard, Mitch, making me do that nasty display. You just like to see me demean myself, don’t you?” He was chuckling as she went on. He loved to talk dirty with her. “I thought the lipstick on my tits was a nice touch, didn’t you? That fake tattoo on my thigh seemed to work too. Pointing right at my slutty pussy. As though those perverts needed directions. It turns you on to know you’ll be getting into that hot cunt on display as soon as I finish, doesn’t it? I should make you come out there and fuck me right on stage. Make you shoot all over my sweaty body the way you like. Oh god Mitch, I’m damn near ready, lets get off, you haven’t even cum yet tonight. Thats it honey, fuck that hot ass, oh yes, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…….”

The orgasms from her ass were more intense, but shorter than most others. He tried to stretch them out, but she was tight enough that he admitted it was hard to control himself. She seemed to bloom as she soared into the amazing peak, and when she felt him shooting into her bowels, lubricating their joining, she snickered and mumbled “Lost control again, huh stud? You’re going to have to carry me to the bathroom, or I’ll make such a mess.” As she came down, she did not lose her sense of vitality, and knowing he would still be up for it, wondered briefly what they should do next. Once more should be enough for tonight, she had to work tomorrow.

I tried to pick her up without my dick leaving her, but it slipped out and I felt some dripping, and got her to the shower before there was any serious leakage. As she turned on the spray, I knelt behind her and lapped at the combination of jiz and lube dribbling down her thigh. She wiggled her taut butt, and I felt the water washing away the sweat, the body makeup she’d used, and the fake tattoo. As we played and soaped, my cock was still in pretty good shape, around half hard, and I hoped she wasn’t finished for the night. I expected her to want at least one more fuck, to calm the exhibitionist that had always lurked inside her.

I thought she had bloomed in the thirteen months we’d been together. Her face had softened, she said they found her more relaxed at work, and her new position rested on her newfound ability to get along with her peers. I had liberated several fantasies she had suppressed, and once they were out, she would wallow in them for a couple of months, then simply embrace them as an occasional pleasure. She was far less conservative, even taking me to one of her company affairs. I got along fine, except for a couple of senior execs who I thought were after Marcia. She confirmed it later, and chuckled about the way I had pissed them off. “They can’t touch me darling, which is probably more infuriating than the fact that they can’t get into my pants.”

She had been surprised when I had trouble balancing the checkbook. “You’re so competent about so many things, darling, and this is so easy.” After teaching me how that worked, she made me take a couple of courses at Columbia in finance. I had a lot of trouble the first couple of months, but she was surprisingly patient in working with me. Somehow one afternoon, the light hit me, and I sailed through the rest of the term.

Meanwhile, the sex, which had started out amazing, got better and better. We experimented, tried swinging, did several threesomes, but nothing ever seemed to work as well as the two of us for a long evening. She needed a young virile stud like me to keep up with her. We did a week in Barbados, at a couples only beach resort, and spent the whole week nude, outside, and fucking. We had several offers to swing, but it didn’t seem necessary. Marcia was already talking about going back. “I just lost myself in it, darling. Nothing but you, you, you, fucking fucking, fucking.” When she told me that, we looked at each other, then laughed. She spoke for both of us:”No, I couldn’t live that way ALL the time. Maybe, oh, I dunno, half?”

My mind returned to the shower as I felt her her finger wiggling in my ass. She zinged my prostate, and my cock jumped. She pushed against it and kissed me, smiling. “Go get us some brandy dear. Meet me in the guest room.” I walked out into the living room, toweling off, and filled two snifters. When I got back to the mirrored bedroom, she was standing at the foot of the bed, where she was reflected in all three walls, in a white bathing suit that was basically two thin strips of material running down from her neck, over her nipples, and into her slit, leaving the fat outer lips exposed. Her arms were stretched over her head, and she wore a pair of six inch heels in a matching white. She was gazing at me in the far mirror, intently.

“Mitch honey, I want this to be my wedding dress, down in Barbados, all I’ll wear the whole three weeks.” I grinned, first liking the dressing up thing she knew turned me on, and the six inch heels she had learned to be comfortable in. Then I realized what she’d said. I slumped weakly down on the bed.

She was staring at me, a little fear in her eyes. I said “Oh jesus babe, I don’t want to screw things up. We’ve got a good thing going here, I mean I guess I love you, but shit, do you need the problems? I always told you, I don’t need anything, you treat me well, life is fucking great, I mean why fuck with it? But if that’s what you want, it’s okay with me, I sure don’t want to give you up.”

She looked relieved. She sat down beside me, the strips pulling away so her nipples pressed against me, and I realized she had refreshed her makeup in the short time I’d been getting the brandy. She took one of the snifters, clinked my glass, and whispered “Drink up.” Her hand gripped my soft cock as we sipped the strong liquid. “It’s a simple deal, really darling. I can’t imagine life without you anymore, This has been the happiest year of my life. I want to bind myself to you, and you to me. I want you to be well provided for even if something happens to me. Who the hell else do I have to give my money to? I figure if I take good care of myself, I can still turn you on when I’m sixty and you’re forty five. And I went off the pills a month ago. A month and a half actually. I could be pregnant right now. You can still do your shows, play your games with teenyboppers, whatever. You know I don’t mind. So what if our relationship is based on sex? It’s really terrific sex. So, yes, it’s what I want. More than that, it’s what makes sense for us.”

As I listened to her, I guessed what she was saying did make sense. She knew she had me wrapped around her finger right now, but it was only normal to worry about how things would change as we aged. No matter how often I tried, she always seemed to fear that our relationship was only about sex, and how good she looked. I’d get financial security, she’d get sexual security. She whispered “But I’m taking no chances. Lets get another load of your wigglers inside me.” I felt her lips on my cock, sighed, and lay back on the bed as we began to make love.


I watched Marcia strut out of the surf, her amazing fifty five year old brown body shining in the Barbados sun. Not an ounce of fat, flat stomach, a little more ripped now, her age showing only in a few wrinkles around her eyes. Those sexy inner labia extending out of her groin, her hips wiggling in the soft sand. A walking wet dream.

She plopped down beside me, holding my eyes as she reached out and grabbed my dick. “Pretty sexy for an old lady, huh stud? At least the little head thinks so.” She liked outrageous things now, so she bent over and sucked me inside her mouth. My sixteen year old son was standing in the surf, and when he saw his mother deepthroat me, he waved, and laughed, doing the clenched fist pumping “Yeah” sign. I chuckled, and Marcia raised her head. Seeing the boy, she stuck out her tongue at him. He flipped his already impressive cock at her. She muttered “Little shit.”

She lay back and relaxed in the tropical sun, holding my hand. “I’m getting my eyes done again next month darling, can’t have my age show. I must say I wonder if you even care anymore. All you look at is my tits and my pussy.”

I said “You know I only love you for your body, Babe. A little maturity turns me on. Seriously, you know you don’t need to do it for me, don’t you? And your son doesn’t seem to mind your age.” Jason was swimming out toward his sister, kneeling on a body board, her already big tits hanging down as she watched for a wave. Only eleven months younger than her brother, her trim, athletic body reminded me of her mother.

“Well I have to compete with Melanie, honey. Christ look at those tits. I think she’ll grow into them, though. I’m sure you noticed she shaved her pubes for this vacation. It is fun, isn’t it? I let Jason do my ass last night. It’s still fuck, fuck, fuck isn’t it? I do love this spot. Did you talk to the office? They were hoping to land that Mason account. The one with that sexy dyke we both like. I didn’t tell them the fix was in.”

I was watching Jason sitting behind Melanie on the board, nuzzling her neck and covering both tits. She wasn’t paying attention, just looking over his shoulder for a wave. Suddenly, she pushed him off the board, and started paddling, catching a nice curl of surf, and getting covered with the foaming water. I could hear Jason complaining loudly. She rode it all the way to the beach, then flipped over to her back. Jason skidded in on the next wave and slid over her, and I saw her spread her knees as he lowered his mouth to her nipple. Her hand came up to pull him more tightly to her. There was some wiggling, her knees came up, and suddenly they were fucking.

Marcia felt a little thrill as she watched her son’s ass thrusting up and down into her daughter. She loved their casual eroticism, the freedom she and Mitch had taught them. She knew how good Jason’s cock must feel to Melanie, having taught him all he knew. He wasn’t the lover Mitch was, but that would be asking a lot at sixteen. She swore neither kid would fall victim to the inhibition she had once felt. They were both going to grow up enjoying their lovely bodies’ sensuality. She was waiting for her daughter’s curiosity about feminine love to draw them together. Mitch said her cunt tasted amazing.

She rolled over and pressed herself against her husband’s warm body. His half hard cock pulsed against her belly. They were taking full advantage of the privacy at this villa, dressing only for an occasional dinner in town. It was a chance to make sure their kids were using good hygiene, knew when to say enough, and by the way, enjoy their young bodies. She and Mitch certainly did. But she could see they watched their parents avidly, noticing little subtleties of technique. And Mitch still seemed tireless, always ready to indulge her appetites. Which were, it seemed to her, at least as strong as fifteen years ago.

Marcia reached between them and stuffed his dick into her wet pussy. She never really got dry down here, something about her memories of all the pleasure they had had over the years. She began to gently work his cock, combining movements of her hips with the muscles inside her pussy, as they let themselves begin to soar together, well practiced but never dull. She felt him sucking her neck, his tongue tasting the salt and lotion, and his finger playing with her asshole. God, she thought, we’re still as good together as ever. Maybe she’d have him dance for them tonight.

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