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A Merry Christmas

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I had driven 25 of the 50 kilometres of my way home from the Christmas Eve celebrations I had at my girlfriend’s home. I decided to call in on old Miss Tomlinson, my old retired schoolteacher, she and I finished school the same year; I at 16 and she at 60. That was 12 years ago.

Why I decided to call in on her I have no idea still. Sure I saw her in her garden and waved as I passed her house on many occasions, but never once stopped.

I thought that for once I would get into the knickers of Beth, that’s my girlfriend’s name. As usual I was rejected and so I drank more than I should have. When I was halfway home I was seeing three roads in front of me and it was then I decided to call in on Miss Tomlinson. The other reason was that I saw her downstairs light on and since hers was the only house for miles it was like a beacon to my fuzzy mind.

Now I used to be a favourite of Miss Tomlinson’s at school and was always being ribbed about it. Maybe it was because we travelled on the same bus every day. We used to talk a lot to each other, but that was years ago now.

I pulled up outside her home and all I can say was I flowed out of my car and somehow made it to her front door. I knocked and leant against the door woodwork.

“My goodness Thomas, what is wrong?” She said opening the door and finding me propped up against her door.

“Sorry I can’t drive any more, I need somewhere to lie down. I guess I drunk too much,” I slurred out. I can clearly remember saying these words.

“Come in I can’t have you driving up the rest of the way home, you’ll kill yourself on that road.” She took me into her spare downstairs bedroom and lay me on the bed. That was the last I remembered.

I woke up surprisingly without a headache, but a dry mouth and the sky was just a grey colour. I also knew where I was, I remembered that much. I got up and assuming the door on the north was a bathroom, I padded in. I was right and relieved myself, then afterwards drank two glasses of water straight from the tap.

I hate sleeping in my clothes, so I stripped naked and returned to bed. Sleep came right away and I was having the most wonderful dream, I had managed to get into Beth’s knickers and she was sitting astride my hips pounding her body on to my raging penis. Well this was what I was dreaming, but somehow it felt too real and I came awake to see Miss Tomlinson sitting where I had dreamt Beth was.

To say that Miss Tomlinson was thin would be an exaggeration, she was exceptionally thin and her broomstick thin weather browned arms were in contrast to her white body with the drooping flat breasts hanging on her thin body. The feeling though of her lovely clasping pussy was unbelievable and she felt so lovely and moist as she sat there looking down at me.

“I looked in on you and it seemed a shame to waste such an erect penis as you lay there naked on your back,” she said.

“It’s just a bit of a shock seeing you sitting there Miss Tomlinson,” I said meaning every word.

“Isobel please,” she said still lifting and lowering herself on my shaft.”

“Merry Christmas Isobel, at least it is different that’s for sure!” I was lost for words to say, but I was enjoying the feeling I was getting.

Sure she didn’t look the greatest but this was the first oldie I had ever fucked and never realised how little difference there was between her and her younger sisters, well in this department anyway.

I started keeping time with her and she pounded herself on to my shaft. I felt my climax rising and usually in this instant if I wasn’t using a condom I would withdraw, but I couldn’t in this case and just released my load inside her.

“That is the best Christmas present I could ever have had. Thank you Thomas.”

“Thank you Isobel!” Was all I could say as she dismounted and left the room into the bathroom.

Was I dreaming or was this for real? I just lay there, but I could smell her perfume and body scent still lingering in the air and knew that it must be true. Who would have ever thought I would fuck old Miss Tomlinson. But it wasn’t me who fucked her it was the other way round. Was this just a one-off hump, or will she let me fuck her again? On recollection I had enjoyed being rove up her thin body. When she walked to the bathroom I noted she had hardly any bottom and her crotch was ever so wide, but so what.

She must have left the bathroom by the other door, for half an hour later she came in through the other door pushing a trolley containing a cooked breakfast, dressed in a thin housecoat.

“I thought you would share breakfast with me,” she said.

It was then that I noticed the bottom tray held the same as the top one. “I don’t usually eat a cooked breakfast but that looks delicious.” As I looked at the bacon, eggs, sausage, fried tomatoes and the toast on a small rack.

It tasted just as good and after I had eaten the lot and drank two cups of tea I got up, showered, then put on my crumbled clothes.

“I was wondering if you would like to have Christmas dinner with my friend and I?” She asked after I joined her in her kitchen.

“Sure, but I need to get home and get changed. I’ll be back in two hours.”

“You don’t mind then sharing Christmas with two old women.”

“Isobel, I would like some more of what we had this morning as I am sure you would.”

“Then you had better bring a change of clothing and your toilet things, then we can enjoy Christmas and Boxing Day doing what you seem to like doing. That is of course if you have nothing else doing,” she said with a wicked smile.

I was meant to go for Christmas with Beth, but I had been fobbed off that many times by her that I was beginning to get a bit pissed off. That is the problem living in the country, there are not that many spare women around that one hangs on to one. Basically all a bloke wants is to get his end away and I have found a more than eager partner and only half the distance to travel too. So Beth and her family will just have to celebrate on their own this year without me.

“Fine I’ll do just that. Maybe this is the start of a new friendship.”

“It has already started, and I want more of it if I can.”

I walked over and kissed her on the cheek, “Oh I sure hope so, I won’t be long Isobel,” I said as I left feeling real pleased with how things have turned out. Christ she was eager enough and I felt no revulsion at all fucking her. I thought I would have had, but surprisingly I had none, in fact I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It was slightly more than two hours before I returned and when I drove up there was a blue Land Rover Discovery parked outside Isobel’s house. I recognised the car as that of Mrs D’Silva who owned the General Store in town. She was a swarthy woman over sixty, well she always looked that ever since I knew her, with permanent drooping of the mouth, which made her look miserable. She was a well-built woman, not fat, but well padded with large breasts and wide hips, she always wore orange dresses.

Her niece’s worked in the shop and they had the same complexion and like her had their hair tied back tight and in a bun at the back.

So this must be Isobel’s friend she talked about earlier. I had said very few words with Mrs D’Silva, so I knew nothing about her, except she was the storeowner as previous mentioned.

As I got out carrying my overnight bag the door opened and Isobel was standing there all dressed up with Mrs D’silva by her side. Isobel had a wide grin on her face as I walked up the pathway.

“You were a bit more than the two hours, I was beginning to think you had changed your mind,” she said kissing me on the cheek. “This is Maria my very good friend; treat her as you would me Thomas.”

Maria came up and kissed me not on the cheek but on the mouth, “Happy Christmas Thomas, I would like to be your friend too!”

There was no doubting that Isobel had told Maria that I had shafted her and I was being offered it on a plate from her too. Eighteen months I have been without and now I have been offered it twice and from the most unusual sources. I have been going out with Beth for three years and she has kept her legs crossed all that time. I thought it was me to blame, but it is Beth’s whole attitude to life that has pissed me off.

As Isobel prepared the Christmas dinner Maria and I sat in the sitting room on the same settee. I had only been sitting there for five minutes when Maria calmly undone my zip and top clip of my trousers and dug out my now raging cock. She at first just bent over and slid her lips over it. Then she got down on the floor in front of me on her knees and started sliding her hand up and down the shaft as her mouth moved back and forward slowly taking my whole ten inches into her mouth.

She kept it up and I was slowly reaching my climax, so I placed my hand on her head and held her on to me. Just as I shot she moved her head back and I spurted the complete load into her mouth, which she swallowed, after swilling it around inside her mouth. She then got up and took a drink of the brandy she had in her glass and turned towards me.

“You liked that, my late husband said I was the best cock sucker he had ever met, but I would rather have the cock in my proper hole and you have such a lovely cock too.”

“Maria as much as I like you sucking my cock I too would rather shove it up between your legs.”

“Oh I’m glad you think that way, for it has been a long-time since I have felt a cock there. I’m staying overnight maybe between now and then I can feel it there.”

“I hope so too Maria,” I replied.

After we had our meal and everything settled Isobel took me into her bedroom. “Thomas I would like you to look after Maria, I am sure she will more than appreciate any attention you give her, but first I would like to continue where we left off this morning. I have an ache to feel you inside me again, but I want to be on top I don’t think I could stand your weight.”

“No need, we will do it doggie way then no-one bears any weight.”

“Wonderful, let me get down on my hands and knees then.” Down she went and she flipped her dress over her back revealing she had no knickers on.

In seconds I was once again sunk into her and it was as nice as the last time. I had been starved for the past eighteen months and I was making up for it today. I took hold of her bony hips and pulled her on to me. Driving deep into her body as she hissed through her teeth as I drove my cock into her time after time, until I released my load into her. I had to hold her up for she just seemed to collapse once she had climaxed.

“God Thomas that was lovely, we will have to do it that way again. I will be seeing you again won’t I?” She asked almost pleaded.

“I’m here until tomorrow night and I’ll be back any time you want me to.”

“Oh that is wonderful news; I just love feeling you inside me Thomas. I am a wanton old woman, but I have so many years to make up.”

“Oh you’ll catch up if I have anything to do with it,” I said, for now I knew that I could come here any time and sink my cock into her.

All told we were only gone about fifteen minutes but I was now feeling even randier and instead of my cock deflating I was getting hard again.

Maria knew why we went into the bedroom for she looked at both of us when we came out and smiled when Isobel smiled at her. Somehow they had a secret signal that passed between them for now Maria patted the settee for me to sit beside her.

The rest of the afternoon we watched a movie on TV with Isobel in her recliner chair. Maria was stretched along the settee with her legs over mine and I had my hand up her dress running my fingers through her coarse pubic hairs titillating her now very hard and pronounced clitoris. Occasionally I slid my hand down her crack to find she was wet with excitement. I am sure Isobel knew what was going on but she said nothing.

When the movie finished Isobel went to make tea. Maria and I went into the spare bedroom where I had spent the previous night. She rushed over to the bed and pulled her dress up.

“Come on Thomas, I couldn’t be more ready than I am now.”

It was like sinking into a hot vat, as I slid so easily into her vagina. I thought Isobel was pleasurable, but Maria was equally so. Maria had a lot more body bulk and it was nice to feel her soft inner thighs as I thrust into her slapping into mine.

I haven’t had a woman who took so tight a grip on my penis as Maria did. During her climaxes I felt her muscles tighten around my shaft and made the thrust all the more sensitive. Maria was a very experienced woman and she was making me last longer than I have ever been in the past. Wow if I can have her when I want what is the bother going out with Beth. Between the pair of them I can have all the sex I want without all the hassles.

“That’s all right Thomas let me have your sperm, in fact I want it all inside me. Don’t hold back Thomas, God I feel it gushing inside me,” she said holding me close to her body with her legs tightly wrapped around me. Maria’s body scents were strong and made it so much more intimate; also I loved her olive complexion. Yes! I liked this woman very much.

Again this encounter didn’t take all that long and we were once again sitting on the settee when Isobel called us in to have tea. This was becoming the best Christmas I’ve ever had and it was only late afternoon and I had fucked two different women already.

The rest of that day and the next were spent on a sexual adventure with all three of us spending the night in Isobel’s bed.

Twice a week I now travel down to see Isobel and Maria. Wednesday evenings and Saturday evenings returning home on late Sunday afternoons. I can’t stay away much longer because the cows have to be milked and Sunday evening milking is my responsibility. As for Beth I haven’t seen her for a few months now, but she has sent numerous messages for me to contact her. If she was playing hard to get then it is her who has suffered the loss. I haven’t had such a loving time as I am having now.

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