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A Long Time Ago…

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Lori was my very first girlfriend. I loved her.

It began in Grade Six. Lori’s mum was Thai, so she had inherited an exotic skin tone and face. She wasn’t ultra petite, like her mum, so guess she got that from her dad.

Lori was by far the prettiest girl in school. I tried several times to ask her out, to a movie or whatever qualified as a date at that young age, but she wasn’t interested. We were good friends, and she wanted to stay that way. Like I said, she was a girl, and she was my friend. In my mind we were together, but somehow, she never got that memo.

Truly, ‘let’s just be friends’ is the worst thing a woman can say to a man who wants to be more. I was crushed, understandably. It would get worse.

I couldn’t get away from her, because we went to the same high school, as well. I had accepted that she was out of my league, but I wasn’t blind. She just kept getting more and more beautiful as she became more womanly. I pulled back, sacrificing our friendship to ease the pain.

By the time we were 18, Lori was truly gorgeous. Her face retained the exotic structure of her heritage, with deep brown eyes and lashes to die for. She had very tempting, kissable lips, not that I expected to ever get that opportunity. Below the neck was where she and her mother deviated.

Lori had developed curves. This was the era of ultra tight jeans, and she looked as though she had been poured into hers, filling them with deliciously shapely legs and a truly great ass. Up top, she was the very proud owner of one seriously beautiful pair of breasts. I know she was proud of them, because she sure liked to show them off, within the boundaries of school attire. Their full, rounded forms were often covered by the thinnest of t-shirts that were stretched beyond the design specifications of the fabric. Her breasts were definitely above average for a high school senior. Hell, they were probably above average for a high school teacher, depending on whether or not you went to a high school from a porn movie.

I still heard the rumours, though. How she would let you feel her up, but shut down further advances. I would have settled for a grab of those breasts, but I wasn’t even allowed that far. Then I heard more. Someone had cracked her code. It seems, the best way to get Lori revved up, was to get her in a revved up car. That explained why her boyfriends always seemed to be driving hopped up Camaros, Firebirds, and other muscle cars. That really let me out.

Life went on. We graduated. I assume that Lori continued to fuck whoever had the car that most excited her. I know that’s a harsh comment, but, I was hurt, so cut me some slack. I ran into her years later, and she was married. Her husband was one of the muscle car guys from high school. And she still looked incredible. If anything, her breasts were even bigger than I remembered.

I eventually moved away, to the west coast. I, too, got married, but several years in, my wife jumped into bed with someone else, so that brought an end to the trust, and the marriage.

I finally found my niche, building a team of people who run offices for me, allowing my income to multiply rapidly. I had made a deal with myself : when I was set financially, and when my income passed a certain level, I would treat myself. The first part was easy, believe it or not, merely a matter of getting a plan and following it. The second part of my motivational plan was coming along nicely.

That’s about the time I got the invitation. I have no idea how they found me, as I had no real contact with anyone from high school. However they did it, there it was. I was ‘cordially invited’ to the 25th anniversary reunion of our graduating class.

My first thought was….. not a chance. Why would I want to drag up all those bad memories. High school had not been great for me. I was smart, tall, scrawny, and lacking confidence. That firmly planted me on the wrong side of the line that divided the cool kids from the geeks. I got a little closer to that line towards the end of my high school years, but never crossed over.

Still, I had changed a lot, and there were a few people whose faces I wouldn’t mind rubbing in my success. I had filled out. When you weigh 140 pounds, as I did in high school, being 6 feet 4 makes you a skinny object of ridicule. Now, at 6’6″,225, no one had anything to say. I have to admit, there was a small part of me that enjoyed being intimidating. My career had taken a path that had been completely unknown back then, and I was proud of what my team and I did. All of this factored into my decision to go.

I booked the best room in the best hotel in town, and arranged my flight. The date was six months away.

That’s when part two of my deal fell into place. My income passed the predetermined goal. Time for my treat, which would take a few months to arrive. Every day, I would check the status of my order. For months, there was nothing, then I got the word. It would be delivered about one month before the reunion. After a bit of thought, I cancelled my flight. It was a five day drive back east, but I couldn’t leave my treat behind.

The trip back was fun, reversing the voyage I had made about twenty years earlier. It had taken five days then, by myself, in my Honda Accord. This time I would be much more comfortable. I actually arrived a bit earlier than I expected, allowing me to tour some of my old stomping grounds. It’s amazing how much things can change when you are not there to see it happen.

I left my hotel and headed for the reunion, which was actually being held at the school. I was anxious, but in a good way. I arrived early, and the universe provided me with a parking spot right across from the front door, between a BMW and an Acura. I checked in, got my name tag, and took a position that allowed me to watch the others arrive.

People trickled in. I saw a lot of faces I didn’t recognize, but a few that I did. Even fewer ones that I felt like talking to. Lots of middle age spread and receding hairlines. Eventually, someone showed up that I did want to see. Two friends. Virtually my only two friends from high school. Dave and Mark still lived locally, and still had contact with each other. They had no idea I would be in attendance, as I had not been at any previous reunions. The Three Musketeers were reunited, if only for one night. There were little cliques forming all over the gym, just as though none of us had ever left.

There were geeks over there, jocks over in that corner, and gossip girls over here. In the middle, a gaggle of assholes, intent on proving that you can take the moron out of high school, but you can’t take the high school out of the moron.

They had a running commentary going, with snide remarks for anyone and everyone that met their gaze. They were the bullies in school, and hadn’t evolved one iota. I recognized at least three of them as past tormentors, and a few that I had finally stood up to. I had my back to them when I heard them unleash their latest venomous attack.

I didn’t need a name tag to recognize Lori, clad in a short black dress with a deep scooped neckline. Dark hair surrounded her pretty, exotic face, and tumbled over her shoulders. She was the subject of their insults, wolf whistles and not so subtle sexual gestures. She tried to just walk around them, but they spread out to block her, and their leader stepped forward to get in her face. Then he made a grab at her.

Up to this point, I had been just observing idiots in their natural habitat. Now I felt compelled to do more. Sure, I was still upset with her, deep down, but the years had softened those feelings a little. No matter how much she had hurt me, she didn’t deserve to be disrespected in this way. I looked at Dave and Mark, and they obviously weren’t going to do anything.

“Excuse me for a sec, guys,” I said as I turned away and started across the gym.. As I got closer, I could hear the filth they were spewing.

“…. get you in my car, so you can suck my dick. I know about you, and cars, you slut…..” the leader said as I neared the group.

Oh, yeah… I forgot about the rumours from high school about Lori and her weakness for fast cars, I thought. Maybe we will find out if they are true. Either way, these guys are way out of line.

Lori was still trying to get around them, unsuccessfully. Perhaps I could play Galahad.

“There you are!” I said loudly, stepping through the gang to grab her hand. I hugged her. Damn, her big breasts felt good against me. I whispered quietly in her ear, “Need a hand with these imbeciles?” She hugged me tighter. I took that as a yes.

“The rest of us are over here…” I said, leading her through them. We were almost clear, when I felt a hand grab my shoulder.

“Hey asshole,” the voice of the lead shithead said, in a voice dripping with arrogance, “Get your own slut. She’s ours.”

I didn’t want to cause a scene, but I couldn’t see myself walking away like the scared, skinny kid they used to prey on. I could feel the hand on my left shoulder, but no thumb pressure, so it was probably his right hand.

I spun quickly to the left, raising my left arm in an arc as I did. This detached his hand from my shoulder, and as my arm continued the arc, I came under his elbow with my hand, clamping it on his shoulder and neck. I now had a leveraged underhook on his extended arm, his hand trapped in my armpit, and pressing on his shoulder threatened to hyper-extend his elbow. My right hand came around with the spin, and I firmly grabbed his throat. He struggled a bit, using his left hand to try, unsuccessfully, to remove my hand from his throat. I levered on his trapped arm, looking into his eyes, where I could see the pain. He dropped his free hand, accepting the inevitable, and I released the pressure on his elbow.

“You know, Joey….” I said firmly, looking into his surprised face, “….. I don’t think so. In fact, I don’t think she wants anything to do with any of you… gentlemen….. and I use that word very loosely. Is that right, Lori?” I asked, never letting my eyes leave Joey. What a jackass.

“That’s right,” she said from a few feet away.

“Well…. there it is. Now, Joseph….. I think I would be willing to chalk this whole thing up to excessive alcohol, and let bygones be bygones….” my hand tightened briefly on his throat, “….. if you would be so kind as to apologize to the lady.” He briefly struggled again, and one of his fellow idiots stepped up, perhaps in an attempt to help him. I squeezed a bit tighter, and Joe made a gurgle, gesturing wildly for him to step back. He did, and I released the pressure.

“I’m sorry,” he croaked hoarsely.

“Again please, Joseph…. and this time try to sound like you mean it. Convince me that you mean it.”

He tried to clear his throat. “I apologize for insulting you…. for calling you a slut. I regret having said such things, and my friends and I were wrong. I apologize.” Probably the most eloquent sentence of his life.

“Very good, Joseph. I am satisfied. Are you, Lori?” She nodded. “Great! Now, Joe…. I am going to let you go. You’re not going to try anything stupid, like taking a swing at me, are you?” He shook his head. “Because, you know, if you do, I will be forced to defend myself. This…..” I squeezed and released, “… just an attention getter. Defending myself would result in more….. permanent…… damage. You understand?” He nodded. “Good!”

I released his throat and his arm, turning to Lori as he shook the bees out of his elbow.

Lori had a sparkle in her eyes. I offered my arm, and she took it. “My hero,” she said, walking with me back towards Mark and Dave.

“Where the hell did that come from?” they asked in unison.

“Kung fu movies” I winked. I turned to Lori, “You should be safe now. I suppose you have many people to see?” I had no delusions that rescuing her had changed our relationship. Perhaps I was premature in reaching that conclusion.

She was still looking at me. “I suppose I do. I think I will stay here, anyway. Let them seek me out.” She kept her arm locked with mine.

Now that all the fun was over, I was able to check Lori out. A devastating amount of cleavage showed through the neckline of her LBFMD. Just what a Little Black Fuck Me Dress is made to do. She saw me gawking at her chest, and just grinned.

We hung out together. Several people stopped by to congratulate me for silencing the riff raff. Lori’s friends made an appearance. I got the impression that I was the unexpected centre of attention.

After about two hours, my need for nostalgia had been satisfied. There was, however, one more thing that had been on my mind. Ever since I overheard the idiots rehashing the rumours about Lori, I had been wondering about their veracity. And I had just the way to find out.

“Lori….” I asked, “Did you bring your car, tonight?”

“Actually no. I was planning to get a cab, so I wouldn’t need to worry about getting drunk. Whyyyyy?” she drew out the last word, with a smile, as if she knew where this was going.

“Let me show you.” We said our goodbyes and headed out to where I had parked.

There was a small crowd out front when we walked out the door. It was blocking our view. For a brief second, I was worried that someone had hurt my baby. As we grew closer, those fears was assuaged. I looked over the shoulders of the crowd.

I whistled. “Wow! Nice car!” I said. “Yours?” I prodded.

“In my dreams” the anonymous admirer said. “BC plates. Long way from home.”

Lori squeezed my hand at that last one. One of the things we had discussed earlier was where we lived. I squeezed back, and touched my finger to my lips in the universal ‘shhh’ signal. We all continued to mill about, admiring the car from all angles. Lori had a smirk on her face. I goaded the crowd.

“Probably all show, and no go.” I said, knowing that it was far from true. I made several other comments. Then I stepped closer, and heard the proximity sensor unlock the car. I took Lori’s hand and moved to the passenger side.

“Lori, let me introduce you.” I reached down and popped open the door, before saying the next part. The part that makes all car guys instantly erect, and makes car girls instantly wet. “Meet the Aston Martin Vanquish.” She moaned. I directed her into her seat. Once seated, I invited her to observe the sill plates, which bore the name of the owner. Me. This was my treat.

I walked around the car, retrieving a small glass puck from my pocket.. I took my place behind the wheel, but not before I got several incredulous looks from the assemblage. With the door closed, I turned toward Lori.

There was another incredulous look on her face. “This is yours? For real?” I nodded. “Jesus, how much money do you make?”

“Closing in on 80K,” I said, baiting her.

“And you can afford this on $80,000 a year?,” she scoffed.

“Oh, sorry…. I always forget to finish the sentence. That’s 80K per month.” I clarified. “I have eight offices, counting my own, with a total of just under 200 licensed agents. My ring is in the shop, getting a ninth diamond put in. That’s $900,000 annual income.”

Her mouth was opening and closing like a fish, but nothing was coming out, as she digested what I had said. “Doing what? Real estate?”

I laughed. “No, not real estate, but using a similar business system. We help people accumulate and protect wealth. What they do with it after they have it, is up to them.”

There was a gentle knock on the window. The guy outside was gesturing and mouthing ‘start it up’. I put the glass puck in the slot on the dash, and looked at Lori. “Shall we?” I asked.

“Oh, my…. Yes!,” she whispered, her voice quivering with excitement. I guess the rumours were true. And I hadn’t even started the engine yet.

I smiled and pushed the button. An electronic whirring sound preceded the rumble of the engine coming to life. I pushed the window button. After it was down, I told him the specs. I was saying them for Lori’s benefit as well. “Six litre, V 12, 4 valves per cylinder…” Lori’s hand grabbed mine… “565 horsepower.” Her hand clutched me harder. I blipped the throttle a few times. Every time I did, she grasped firmer. It was getting to her. Maybe it was the vibrations as well as a psychological reaction. Either way, she was getting pretty excited. I pushed the R button on the dash, and backed out of the spot. I pulled the paddle on the right side of the wheel, and we rolled slowly out of the parking area. We got to the road’s edge, and I looked over at her. She smiled. I signalled and turned right, accelerating smoothly.

Within a few minutes, we were pulling onto the service road, approaching the highway. It was late, and the road was quiet. I pushed one button on the wheel, switching to Sport mode. I looked over. “Ready?”

She rolled her head towards me. A dreamy look was on her face. “Yes, please.” she replied, still quivering.

My foot hit the peddle. Within seconds we were blowing past the legal limit. Then past 100…..120….140mph. I backed off at 150. The engine rumbled mightily, especially off throttle. I looked at her ; she was gasping for breath, and not in fear. “I may have just soiled your leather upholstery,” she whispered.

I laughed. She laughed. “So, I gather you are aware of my little…. problem… with fast cars. Did you do all this just to get to me?” she asked.

“Lori, there was a time when that could have been the case. You know I had the biggest crush on you,” she nodded and looked away, embarrassed. “But if you think I would drive 2500 miles in a $400,000 car just to get in your pants?….. Well, that must be some pussy you’ve got! ”

She laughed again, before turning serious. “I know you had a crush on me. I know I didn’t even give you a chance. I am sorry about that. Truly.” she touched my hand. ” And as for the quality of my pussy…. You’ll just have to judge for yourself.”

Now, no one is dense enough to miss that one, but I couldn’t believe what I just heard. I glanced over at her. She was smiling, and shrugged her shoulders. Her breasts jiggled slightly, but my eyes caught it. Over thirty years of desire came flooding back with an overwhelming rush.

“Mine or yours?” I asked.

“Mmmm… Yours.” she replied. I took the next exit, then the overpass, before rejoining the highway going the other way. I set the cruise at about 70.

I saw the lights coming behind us. Pretty quick. The car pulled up beside us on the passenger side. It was a hopped up Acura. A ‘tuner’. The driver was gesturing to race. Lori looked at me, a question on her lips.

“Your call.” I answered. She looked at the other car and nodded. The flatulent exhaust note of the Acura rose as he pulled away. I let him go.

Lori looked at me, disappointed.

“Don’t jump to conclusions…. I’m just making it a little more interesting.” I said as I put the transmission into Sport mode, and the suspension into Track mode. The car hunkered down as the suspension stiffened. I pulled the left paddle three times, dropping to third gear. “Hold on to your panties,” I said just before I punched it.

The Acura was about a hundred yards ahead. Under the Aston’s hood, twelve cylinders spooled up rapidly , accelerating hard. When I pulled the paddle for fourth gear we were doing 125, and the Acura was growing bigger. Another pull, and we eased up beside him at around 150 in fifth gear.

“Wave goodbye to the children,” I said while we cruised beside the Acura. Lori turned her back to me and waved out her window. I eased my foot down again, and the other car began to slip behind us. One more gear, and we were pulling away rapidly. With my peripheral vision, I noticed that Lori was squirming in her seat. “You okay, there?” I asked, keeping my eyes on the road as the speedo crested 180.

She was breathing very heavy. “Oh,… Yes! Just flashed them, and had an orgasm, that’s all! ”

I laughed loudly. “I said wave at them, not wave your tits at them! ”

The Acura was now a distant point of light in the mirror. I backed out of the throttle, and put the car back in Normal mode. As the speed bled off, I looked over at her. Her tits were hanging out.

“My god, Lori….. You are so beautiful!,” I gasped. “I had no idea how….” I trailed off, suddenly at a loss for words.

She smiled. She may also have blushed, but it was too dark for me to see it. I could see her look away, for a second or two, and when she turned back, her eyes were damp. “I am so sorry”, she said regretfully. “I was a teenage girl, the shallowest form of life on the planet. The world was centred on me, as far as I could tell. It never even occurred to me that other people had feelings….,” she touched my arm,”…. feelings that I was stomping on in my ignorance. I know it sounds like I’m trying to make excuses, but…” she realized that even that sounded like an excuse, for making an excuse. “I didn’t know you felt so strongly.”

She sat there, bare breasted, thinking presumably deep thoughts, until we made our turn off the highway and started downtown to my hotel. Then she tucked her breasts back into her dress. Moments later, we were parked, and on the way up the elevator. Down the hall, and through the door to my room.

When the door closed, I turned and took her in my arms. “I’ve been waiting over thirty years for this.” I kissed her.

In retrospect, maybe it was worth it….. having to wait so long to get her, because there was no adolescent fumbling or inexperienced nervousness in our embrace. We had both been around enough to know what we wanted. Let me tell you, it was some kiss.

It started gently, just her soft lips pressing against mine. She was warm and delicious. I kissed across her cheek, and turned south, heading down her smooth, elegant neck, nibbling as I went. A few small happy noises met my ears, and she guided my head back up to her lips. I looked into her eyes, so deep and so sexy that I felt like I could drown in their sensual pools. Our lips met again, so lightly that angels would be brusque by comparison, before Lori’s tongue peeked out and traced a line across and around my mouth. She playfully pecked and withdrew, teasing me gently, before she again pressed her lips to mine. Even when our lips parted to admit each other’s tongues, there was no frantic escalation. It was verrrrrry sexy. She had her arms around my neck already, so I was easily able to scoop her up and carry her to the bedroom of the suite.

She never even broke her grip on my lips as I placed her on her back and crawled into position above her. Her breasts were mashed into my chest, with a resilient pressure that paid homage to their sumptuous fullness. Now that I didn’t need to hold her up anymore, my hands were free to roam, and I spread exploring caresses wherever I touched. I fondled the delightful firmness of her muscular ass. I gently ran my fingertips down her thighs, finding stockings rather than pantyhose. Moving up again, I palmed the bulging sides of her breasts in passing, before gently brushing up her neck. Throughout all of this, Lori kept her arms around my neck, and we continued our mutual lip lock. The excitement level was ramping up rapidly. We were both moaning our desire, and the sound of wet kissing and heavy breathing filled the room. Finally, Lori broke the silence.

“I hate to…. mmmm….. need to use…. mmmm…. bathroom….. mmm…. back in a second!” I reluctantly rolled off her, and watched her ass wiggle off to the lavatory. She closed the door. I flopped back on the bed. My dick was like stone. I squeezed it through my pants. A minute or so later, the door opened. She, of course, was stunning.

She stepped toward me, turning her back and holding her hair aside. I didn’t need to be asked. I slowly slid the zipper down. I was just about to grab her ass, when she pirouetted away, doing a little dance that required no music. She held the dress up for a few seconds, then turned away and dropped it. As it slid lower, I saw the back of her black strapless bra, then the top of a matching thong. Finally, the dress reached the floor.

Lori smiled at me over her shoulder, as she undulated her hips. She moved closer, and presented her back to me again. The clasp of her bra succumbed to my fingers. She moved away before I could caress her smooth ass again. She turned to face me once more, holding her arm across her breasts as she dropped the bra, which she handed to me. I looked down at the lacy garment in my hands. When I looked up, Lori dropped her arm.

Her magnificent breasts swung free. They were deliciously full, round and firm, and they swayed seductively when she moved, still dancing. They were crowned by very large, dark pink areolas, that surrounded extremely erect nipples, that were short but stubby, and very thick. Lori was grinning at me while she cupped and caressed her globes. She then tugged at the straps of her thong, pulling it up between her wet pussy lips. She kicked off her heels, and rolled her stockings down, one at a time, showing me the rounded curves of her ass as she did. She pulled up on her thong again.

“I don’t know if you have noticed….” she shook her tits in my face, “…. but, I am almost naked, and you are still dressed.”

I quickly shed everything I was wearing, until I was down to just my underwear, which was doing a pathetic job of containing my hard cock. Lori was staring at the bulge, licking her lips unconsciously. I slowly pulled the shorts down, revealing my erection. Long, hard, hot… and as thick as her wrist.

“Oh my god!” she whispered, “if I had known you were hung like that,…..” Her voice trailed off, and she looked at me sheepishly, knowing how that made her sound. Putting that regret aside, she pushed her thong down over her hips, stepping out of it. She then scooped it up and twisted it in her hands. “Do you know how incredibly aroused I am right now? Open your mouth and I will show you.”

I did as she asked, and she stepped between my legs, holding her thong above my upturned mouth. I thought she was going to stuff the miniscule undergarment in my mouth, but she had other ideas. She twisted the fabric harder, then harder still, wringing her juices from it. I watched as a drop of her honey grew bigger. I extended my tongue, and the drop fell on the tip. She wrung harder, until several more drops of pussy juice had been deposited in my mouth.

“That’s what you and your fucking Aston Martin did to me! I came three times in your car, did you know that?,” she giggled. She was pushing me back on the bed now, and gliding lower, until she was on her knees, just inches away from the head of my cock. “Nice cock…. good cock…” she cooed, petting my shaft like a puppy, “…… big….. yummy…. cock.” She plunged her mouth over the head, and ran her tongue down the underside. She was making little moaning, humming noises, like I was made of candy, and she had a wicked sweet tooth. “Please don’t worry about holding back… I want to taste you…. to feel you explode in my mouth…. to suck every drop of your hot, sticky cum…..” she resumed her sucking duties, satisfied she had said enough.

Her lips felt like heaven itself had surrounded my penis. Warmth, wetness and gentle suction combined to bring my excitement level to near orgasmic proportions. If she wanted me to spurt in her mouth, she wouldn’t get an argument from me. I laid back and enjoyed the sensations her lips were giving me. She was one seriously good cocksucker, and despite the girth of my engorged tool, she made every effort to swallow me to the root. I was feeling a very familiar tingle in my balls, that had nothing to do with her gentle caresses of my scrotum. The tingle grew warmer. She was bobbing and sucking furiously now, moaning her encouragement as she sensed my approaching climax.

“I hope you are ready, baby, ’cause here…….. cummmms!”

She let out a high pitched squeal of delight as the first blast of semen rocketed down her throat. She had her hand around the base of my dick, and was deliriously sucking, pumping and swallowing, while I filled her mouth with shot after shot of thick, sticky goo. She maintained her rhythm, milking me fully, until she had sucked up everything I had to give. The sensation of her lips on me vaulted over the line, from exquisitely arousing to hypersensitive, and I had to push her away.

“Please stop!” I gasped. “Too sensitive!”

Lori sat back on her haunches, licking renegade drops of cum from her lips. When I had recovered sufficiently, she crawled up beside me, and curled her leg across my midsection. She started to kiss me again, with the same sensual gentleness as before, and I was more than happy to reciprocate. It didn’t take too long before I was pushing her over on her back and taking a place between her wide spread thighs.

I must admit, a part of me was ready to just fuck the shit out of her. After all, I had been waiting a very, very long time for this opportunity. But the truth was this ; I still loved her, every bit as much as I had as in the past, when my crush had consumed my every waking moment. That love had been surrounded by a cocoon of emotional scar tissue, and been freed by her kiss.

I moved down her body, kissing and claiming her breasts. They were so smooth, other than the now puckered areolas and stiff little buds. Thinking back, my fantasies had underestimated the beauty of her body, and in particular, her breasts. If it sounds like I have a thing for a woman’s breasts, that’s only because I do. Hers were remarkable. I held them, kissing the nipples while feeling their weight. Her skin was so soft, yet the flesh beneath was so firm. I could have spent hours moored happily to her chest, but there was another area I also wished to lavish some attention on. My kisses now trailed down, across her firm tummy, before arriving at my destination.

A small tuft of token pubic hair was all that remained on her fleshy mons. From there on, she was delectably smooth and bare. Her labia were puffed up pink with arousal, pouting, begging for attention. With the tip of my tongue, I traced the beguiling contours of her pussy, tasting the source of the nectar that had soaked her diminutive panties. I took my time, exploring the slick seams between her inner and outer lips. She hissed approvingly. I licked her from top to bottom, cleaning , tasting, teasing, worshipping. Her breathing quivered with each touch of my tongue.

“Close your eyes for a second, baby,” I requested. “No peeking.” I quickly retrieved something from my pants pocket, then returned to my position at her crotch. I resumed my tongue bath of her opening, which soon began to ooze with a fresh coating of her natural lubricant. She was a wellspring of ambrosia, and I lapped away at her for several minutes, unable or unwilling to satisfy my thirst. I only occasionally paid a visit to her clit, as every time I did she squealed and gasped excitedly.

While I continued to orally adore her sex, my mind was racing. From our earlier conversations at the reunion, I knew that Lori and her husband were separated, a fact that assuaged some of the guilt I felt for bedding a technically married woman. I also knew that her marriage had produced two children, both of whom were now away at school. I began to hope that this might become more than a nostalgic rewriting of history. Presumptuous, I know, but those old feelings were overriding my logical self.

In the meantime, I just enjoyed the syrupy sweetness of her pussy, which was getting wetter by the second. She was moaning louder now, anxious to orgasm, but I wasn’t letting her. I figured she had suffered enough.

I slipped the glass puck from its velvet pouch, and placed it where I could get at it when the time came, if you’ll pardon the pun. I assaulted her cunt with more fervor, spending more time on her bright pink button. Lori was now whining and groaning. There may have been words in there somewhere, but it was mostly unintelligible. Obvious in meaning, but still unintelligible. She was gasping and clawing at the sheets, tossing her head from side to side. She was very close. It was time.

I picked up the glass puck and pressed it into her yawning cunt, while simultaneously sucking her clit with a vengeance. To her, it must have felt like I stuffed an ice cube into her. I imagine the temperature difference compared to her hot little clit must have been quite the sensation. She went off like a Roman candle.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhfuckyes! Oooooooo! Ooooooooooooahhhhhhhhhhh!” she shrieked, arching her back and bucking her hips. She continued her operatic aria of orgasmic delight, while I held on and tried to keep my lips on her pulsating pussy. Her vagina gushed, pushing the glass puck out of her with a pop. She wasn’t cumming… She was CUMMMMMMMMMING! She squirmed so much she almost fell off the bed, but I caught her and pulled her back from the edge. I licked her juicy lips for another few minutes, while she slowly came down from the mountaintop.

I looked up at her from below. Her nipples were no longer erect but stubby. Now they were worthy of the title ‘hat pegs’, and still very thick. I had never seen nipples that impressive. I just had to have them. I crawled up her body and went to town, sucking them wildly, abandoning the gentleness I had previously used. She moaned her approval, and pulled my face closer to her breast. I suckled her for a few minutes more, until she had recovered her senses.

“What the fuck was that you put in my pussy?” she demanded. She had a surprised look on her face.

“Oh, yeah… I forgot….” I answered, crawling down the bed to retrieve it, “…. Aston Martin call it the ‘Emotional Control Unit’. Basically, it’s the key to the car. A chip encased in glass.”

“Can’t say I’ve ever had someone put their car keys in my hoo haa. A rather unique approach. What did you say they call it?” she laughed.

“The Emotional Control Unit, or ECU,” I repeated.

Lori started laughing hysterically. After a few seconds she said “that’s not an ECU….” then she grabbed my rejuvenated cock, “….. This is an ECU! And I think it’s time to put the unit to work!” She tugged at my shaft.

“If you insist,” I relented, climbing on top of her. She rubbed the tip of my spear between her slick lips, then placed it in entry position.

“Step on it, big boy!” she said, then reconsidered the comment. “I’m sorry… Let me rephrase that. I don’t mean to trivialize this wonderful evening. You have made me feel so special tonight… so desirable…. so loved. I would very much like to continue that feeling. Please…. make love to me.” She kissed me again. My imagination was obviously playing tricks with me, because, as wonderful as our earlier kisses had been, this one was more so, for some unknown reason.

I pressed into her gently, feeling the wet engorged lips of her pussy spread and slide their warm embrace down my shaft. I really found it hard to believe that two kids had been pushed through her tunnel. She wasn’t just snug; she was vice like. She was also volcanically hot. Yet despite the tightness, her muscles relaxed and I slipped in easily. Then, she seemed to shrink-wrap her pussy to the contours of my shaft. I must admit, that was a first for me.

“Oh god, Lori! That feels incredible,” I said as her vaginal muscles rippled along my length. Lori grinned shyly, trying to deflect the compliment. It was false modesty, and she knew that I had her figured out. The smile on her face widened, and a devilish grin appeared, like the cat that ate the canary. Like her kitty ate the canary. And I was the canary.

I began a gentle rhythm of thrusts into her, revelling in the snug feel of her vagina. She closed her eyes blissfully, and sharp snorts of breath escaped with each stroke. She moaned, and pulled my face to her lips. Searing passion poured out with her kisses.

“Oh god, yes….. your cock fills me up so nicely. You fuck so good. Please, don’t stop….” she gasped, before resuming the kiss.

She really did fit me like a glove, and part of me was angry for losing all those years of access to her charms. After a few more minutes of gently fucking her, I began to wonder if I would have survived it anyway. Goddamn! She was good! She almost had me ready to cum again, already. It was like her pussy was lined with velvet, memory foam, and silicone gel…. all at the same time. At least the excitement wasn’t only one way.

Lori was hooking her heels around my ass. Her breathing was laboured, and a flush of pink began to creep across her chest and neck. She wasn’t shy about giving directions. Making love transitioned into fucking her brains out.

“Oh god, baby, fuck me!….. Yeah, just like that!…. Gimme more of that big cock!…. Harder!… Faster!…. Fuck me!… FUCK me!… FUCK ME!!… FUCK MEEEE!” She shrieked as she came. I was glad I was able to get her off before I shot my load, so I could back away from the cliff. I wanted to stay in this pussy for a long, long time.

I pulled out for a second, hooked her legs over my shoulders, and buried myself to the hilt again. I immediately knew that I had made an error in strategy, if my goal was to fuck her for a long session.

I mentioned my love of breasts, before. Let me be clear. I love big tits. I mean…. I LOVE big tits! I love to look at them, to feel them, and most of all… I love to watch them move. Bounce. Shimmy. Quiver. Almost liquid, but not quite. Big bouncing tits almost always make me cum. And now I was looking down at Lori’s magnificently full, beautiful breasts, moving in rhythm to my strokes. I tried not to watch them, but no one has that much willpower. She saved me again, as the depth advantage I had in this position accelerated her passion. Then she did something else I had never seen before.

When she came, in addition to her vocal performance, her pussy gushed, and juice literally bubbled around my shaft. I pushed home again, and she squirted. It was like pumping up a super soaker. Apparently, Lori was enjoying this. Equally apparent was the fact she wanted more.

“More!” she screamed. (See, I told you…)

Okay, more it is. I pulled out and flipped her over, slamming back into her as soon as I dragged her hips up into the target zone. At least I didn’t need to watch her tits anymore, but the view of my cock splitting her puffy pussy lips was equally arousing. She was also tickling my balls with her hand. Then she decided to concentrate on her clitoris instead.

She squirted through another orgasm, and this time, I didn’t need to stop thrusting, so yet another was soon following. Lori’s screams were petering out, as she tired, but the clutching of her overflowing vagina never flagged, indicating that her arousal was not declining. She came yet again. Streams of honey were trickling down her thighs. Only after her seventh orgasm did she crack, grabbing the edge of the bed and literally yanking herself of my skewering member. She collapsed, panting and sweating.

“Enough! Need to breathe! You motherfucking stud!” she cursed at me, and complimented me at the same time. She peered up at me from her flaked-out position, struggling both with her breathing and her emotions. Finally, she reached up and stroked her hand across my cheek. “I am beginning to wish I had made different choices in life.”

“Don’t say that!” I snapped. She was a bit taken aback. “Lori…” I clarified, softening my tone apologetically,”… we all have regrets, don’t we? But, I believe that we become who we are because of those same choices, and even the regrets have a role to play. I know you don’t regret having your children, do you, despite the end result of your marriage?” The answer was no. “And I have a similar history, to look back on. But, would I be who I am if it were not for that history, both good and bad? Would you be who you are?”

Lori stared at me, and I could see the change in her eyes.

“I know I’m getting all ‘philosophical’ on you, but….” I searched for the words to convey my emotions,”… I guess, what I’m trying to say is this : If you can’t go back to change the things you don’t like about your life, then just accept it, and choose differently now. Do you understand me?” I hoped she did, because it was as close to baring my soul as I was willing to go right now, and right now might be all we had.

Lori smiled. She didn’t say a word. She crawled over to me and kissed me again. Deeply. Passionately. Lovingly. Then she pushed me gently onto my back.

She straddled me, reaching back and guiding my stiff cock into her vestibule. She slowly lowered herself, until she was full.

“I do understand,” she said quietly. “I appreciate your honesty, and your openness.” She leaned down and kissed me again. “I think I am making one of those ‘different choices’ right now.”

She began to gently rise and fall on my cock, staring into my eyes with a soulful expression. She was so beautiful. Lori rode me with a slow, sensuous rhythm for what seemed like hours. I know it wasn’t, but it sure felt like it. We were truly making love now. I watched as her breasts quivered with her motions, and couldn’t resist holding them, gently kneading while she pleasured both of us. Her breathing was getting more intense, and with it her strokes increased in ferocity.

Lori was now fucking me like a demon, determined to coax the cum out of my balls. She really didn’t need to wait long. Her pussy and breasts were too much for me, even without our new emotional connection. When I started to cum, her eyes lit up.

“Oh yes, baby, cum in me!” she hissed, undulating her hips. I was still cumming. She wiggled more, and I kept shooting into her. She dropped on me, crushing her breasts against my chest while she kissed me. She moaned as I kept filling her with hot cream. “Mmmm! Oh my god! You fucking cum factory!” I slowed, and finally stopped twitching. “Jesus…. there is no way I’m making it to the bathroom without leaving a trail….. prepare to get gooey, darling!”

Lori lifted her hips, and scooted up my body. As soon as my cork left her vessel, cum started to pour out of her. She moved higher, and continued to dribble, all the way up to my chest. Eventually, the tide ebbed. She stood up, still straddling me, as the last few globs bombed me.

“This is different…. Usually l’m the one wearing the huge load of cum,” she giggled, and bounded off to the bathroom.

She was back with a towel, and sopped up the puddle. It’s a good thing it was an absorbant towel ; she was right, it was a lot of cum. She retreated with the gloppy mess, and came back with another towel and a warm cloth. She cleaned me up, and then crawled back into bed with me.

We cuddled in silence for a considerable length of time. Lori finally broke the vacuum.

“So….,” she began, “…. Tell me about B.C.”

“Gladly,” I responded, as I pulled her up for another kiss. All in all, the wait was worth it.

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