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A Basketball Rivalry

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Kentucky is known for three perfect things: the Kentucky Derby in May (the world’s best horse race), Kentucky Bourbon (the world’s best drink), and, of course, Kentucky Basketball (the world’s best college basketball program). In Kentucky, all boys grow up wanting to play basketball for UK. It’s like a law or something. Of course, almost none of us make it, so we just watch the games (live at Rupp Arena if at all possible) and pretend.

Matt, Ed and I had grown up together. We lived in the same town, went to the same school, even occasionally dated the same girls. It just seemed natural that we would all go to the same college.

The University of Kentucky. Basketball Capital of the Universe.

Our first week in Lexington was a mildly drunken party. And of course the highlight was breaking into Rupp Arena to actually walk on the floor.

We had lived in the dorms for our first three years there and finally decided that we had finished with that life. No alcohol, signing in and out, no parking nearby and all of the other hassles of dorm life had finally gotten to us. We decided to get an apartment not too far from campus for our glorious senior year. Before the end of our last semester as juniors we signed a lease and got ready for party central.

Then Ed managed to screw up the plan. He and his girlfriend Tammy had to get married that summer and he left us short one roommate.

Don’t get me wrong. Ed and Tammy would have gotten married right after graduation anyway. It was just the timing that was the problem. Matt and I gave Ed a great bachelor party and set about finding someone else for the third bedroom. We placed an ad in the school paper and sure enough the calls came in the next day. We had assumed that our undiscovered friend would be male, but as things turned out the first person who showed up with actual money was a she. And what a she. Her name was Barbara and she moved in the next morning.

Matt and I were helping her move in her stuff and unpack a little when we discovered exactly how big a mistake we had made.

Barbara was an Indiana fan.

Now, Indiana is the hated rival of UK. Two of the loudest and most raucous UK basketball fans in the world had just rented out to the enemy. We made a bunch of jokes about how we had done it to convert her, but the truth was that we just didn’t think to ask. You know what happens when you assume things.

Despite the lack of basketball agreement, we seemed to get along fine. Barbara paid her part of the bills on time and generally kept to herself. We gradually got to know her over a period of the first few weeks. She was an English major who was attended the hated rival school because she had won a scholarship. Her love for IU basketball was deep; she had banners in her room and even a poster of the IU National Championship team from some insignificant year in the past.

We got used to drinking that wonderful Brown in the evenings after classes ended and talking about anything that came to mind. There was everything from professors we had in common to some pretty inviting sexual flirtation, but nothing ever really came of it. We became like best buds and got comfortable with each other. But the basketball ribbing just kept getting more intense the closer we got to basketball season.

The night before the UK-IU game we were all sitting in the living room and had already gone through most of a bottle of Kentucky’s finest.

“When my Hoosiers kick your little Kitty Cats’ asses tomorrow I’m never going to let the two of you live it down,” she said.

I had to defend the Cats. “Those wimps couldn’t beat our high school team. Look at the points. We rule the boards. We’ve got the best forward in the nation. No way in hell those pussies are going to win,” I said with only a slight slur to my words.

“So put your money where your mouth is.”

“How much?” Matt asked.

“A hundred bucks. Each.”

“No way. If you win you get $200. If we win we only get $50 apiece. That’s hardly fair,” he replied. “Besides, if any of the three of us had that kind of money we’d be at the game in person instead of watching it on television.”

“So what are the stakes going to be?” she asked. “If losing the bet doesn’t hurt a little it’s no fun.”

For a long time I had nursed along a fantasy of getting Barbara in bed. I had seen her a time or two walking around the apartment at night when she thought no one else was up. She had a penchant for wearing t-shirts and panties and I had masturbated over that image several times.

“Okay, I’ve got it. I’ll be back in a minute,” Matt said. When he came back he held up a pair of white panties with the UK Wildcat logo on them. “If UK wins, you have to wear only these panties in the house. Nothing else. For a week.”

Her mouth dropped open. “It’s the middle of winter. I’d get cold.”

“We’ll turn the heat up,” Matt said.

“And what do I get when Indiana wins?”

“What do you want?” I asked with a smile.

“I don’t know. You guys walk around in shorts and boxers all the time, so seeing you in IU boxers would be fun, but not equal to the thrill you’ll get if I have to parade around for the two of you.”

“Well, it wouldn’t be that much of a thrill,” Matt stammered.

Barbara stood up and put her hands on her hips. “What do you mean not that much of a thrill? I’ve seen you both looking at me.”

“Looking, sure,” I said. “But that’s only normal. Jeez, Barbara, you’re great looking. Really. Sure, we’ve looked. Well, at least I know I have. But you know we’ve never done anything to come on to you.”

“At least nothing more than a little flirting,” Matt added.

She smiled at us and all the tension left. “I know that. I’m just teasing you. You guys have been great. I had all kinds of images in my mind when I moved in here about how much you two would be after me and you’ve both behaved like gentlemen.” She leaned over and gave me a quick hug and kiss on the cheek and then did the same for Matt. “And I love you both for it,” she said as she sat back down.

“But we still have a problem here,” Matt said. “What’s your side of the wager?”

“Okay,” she said with a smile. “If Indiana loses you get a week of staring at my breasts. That’s all right since I know my boys wouldn’t let me down. And when they win, I get a week of the two of you totally naked. Not a stitch on. As naked as the day you were born. That way I get some eye candy like you do.”

“No way,” I blurted out.

Matt hit me on the arm. “Excuse me a moment,” he said to Barbara. “I need to converse with my colleague here.” He looked over at me. “Come on,” he said as he stood up and walked into the kitchen.

When I got there he looked at me with surprise in his eyes. “What the fuck is wrong with you? A beautiful girl says that she wants to see you naked and you say no way. You going gay on me or something?”

“Matt, I’m not really into walking around naked, and I really don’t want to stare at your dick for a week.”

“No matter what happens we’re going to get laid here. What’s the problem?”

I thought about it for a minute. “What do you mean that we’re going to get laid?”

“Think about it you asshole. If she spends a week looking at us she has to get horny. Or if she spends a week in nothing but panties. It’s as close to a sure thing as we’re ever going to find.”

“You really think so?”

“Of course.”

I nodded my head and agreed with him. “Okay. But if we don’t get laid I’m going slash all the tires on your car for this.”

We went back into the living room and looked at Barbara again. “You’re on,” Matt said. She clapped her hands like a little girl and said “Oh, goody. Two naked hunks for little ole me. I’m gonna have fun.”

I couldn’t sleep that night. Images of Barbara in nothing but a pair of panties kept running through my head. Those perfect breasts became fixed in my mind. I masturbated twice but still stayed awake. Finally I got up and mixed a little of Kentucky’s best sleeping sauce with some ginger ale and fell asleep on the couch.

When the game started I had butterflies in my stomach. I had never told this to Matt, but I was a virgin. He thought that I had lost my cherry on the same night he did, after the senior prom in high school. The problem was that the girl I went with wouldn’t go all the way with me. Matt made some assumptions and I just let him. I was nervous in that fun kind of way.

When the game started we were all gathered in the living room in our game wear. Matt was in a UK t-shirt and I had on my blue sweatshirt. Barbara was in a pair of tight red shorts and a black IU shirt. We were drinking a lot of the Brown and jumping up every time a great shot was made. It was really a lot of fun.

As UK stretched their lead early Matt hung the panties over the corner of the TV set. He looked at Barbara and smiled. “I just wanted to remind you what the stakes were,” he said.

Barbara got up and went to her room. She brought back a picture of some naked man. “Get used to this one, bay-bee,” she said as she taped it on the wall over the set.

Despite all the ribbing, the game was really over before the first half ended. Indiana finally went down to a graceful defeat and Barbara looked crushed.

Matt retrieved the panties from the set and handed them to Barbara. She finished her drink and left the room with a slight stagger. When she came back she was wearing nothing but the panties. Her long red hair covered her breasts, but the view was so fantastic I almost came right then. She plopped down on the couch between us. “Like the view?” she asked.

Matt reached out and pushed her hair back over her shoulder. “Oh yeah,” we both replied.

“Well, enjoy it for now. ‘Cause when the NCAA Tournament starts in March you two are going to be bare assed.”

Matt leaned over and cupped her breast. “We’ll worry about that in March,” he said as he kissed her shoulder.

Since he was getting away with it I joined in on the other breast, kissing her shoulder and eventually working my way down and getting her nipple in my mouth. Barbara sighed and moaned slightly and put her hands on our dicks. “I’ve always had a fantasy, guys. Two men at once.” She started rubbing me through my sweats. “I’ve always been a good girl. I’ve only been with one guy and at the time I thought it would be forever. But ever since I broke up with him I’ve been wanting to be naughty.” She turned her head towards me and kissed me. The feeling of her hand on my dick and her tongue in my mouth was sending me through the roof. She ended the kiss and then kissed Matt. “In my fantasies I am very, very naughty. But we have to keep this among ourselves. I don’t want to get a reputation here. I saw what that could do to a girl when I lived in Bloomington.”

“How naughty do you want to be?” I asked her.

“Can we keep it all in the family here?” she asked.

“Certainly,” Matt answered.

“Then there are no rules. Anything goes,” she said as she squeezed both of us.

“Then give me a lap dance,” Matt said.

She reached over me to get the remote, brushing my hard on with her breasts. The feeling was spectacular and completely unlike anything else I had ever felt. She changed the channel until she found the cable music stations, and then selected one playing a slow saxophone song. She stood up and started to dance.

As she moved to the sensual beat of the song I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. She kept rubbing her hands over her body and breasts, pinching and twisting her nipples slightly until they were little stones pointing at us. She would throw her head back and let her beautiful red hair cascade back until it would brush the tops of her thighs. She climbed onto the couch with one knee on each side of Matt’s legs and rubbed those lovely breasts in his face. Matt took the nipples in his mouth each time they were offered. He used his hands on her ass to guide her down until she was grinding against his dick. I could see the moisture dampening her panties as she rubbed herself against him. I couldn’t keep from rubbing myself as the dance got hotter.

When the song ended Barbara kissed Matt deeply and then crawled over to me for the next song. I got pretty much the same performance as Matt did. At the end of the song Barbara was standing on the couch with her pussy right in my face. I reached up and started to slide the panties down. As they dropped onto my lap she stepped out of them and shoved her red bush into my face.

I used my tongue to open her and began to explore. After a moan escaped her lips I felt her pulling away. She leaned down and pulled my shirt off and then took my hand as if to lift me off the couch. As I stood she pulled my sweats down and licked my completely hard dick like a Popsicle. She reached over to get Matt’s hand and did the same to him. “Come on,” she said as she took each of us by the hand and headed for her room. “My team may have lost but we’re going to do this in my room rather than the Wildcat playpen out here.”

She pushed Matt down onto her bed and crawled over him, lying on her stomach with her head in his lap. As she took his cock into her mouth I moved over to the other side and began to stroke her pussy with my hand. She began to move her hips in a circle and push back into my hand. She couldn’t get all of Matt in her mouth at once, so she wrapped her hand around the shaft and pumped with her hand as she sucked the tip. I could see Matt start to tense up and he came. A little bit leaked out of the corners of Barbara’s mouth as she rolled over and smiled at me. I put my legs on the side of her head and she took me into her mouth, using one hand on the base of my cock to control the amount I could put into her and the other hand to massage my balls as I slowly thrust in and out. She moaned and I looked back at Matt who was settling in with his head between her legs and licking away.

As Barbara began to shake she pulled away from me, clenching her teeth in a spasm of pleasure as she came. When she opened her eyes she smiled and took me back into her mouth. I came in huge spurts as she worked her finger into my ass.

All three of us collapsed on the bed. “Anyone else need a drink?” Matt asked a few minutes later as he got up. “I know I do.”

Both Barbara and I nodded and he left. While we waited for him to come back Barbara ran our hands lightly over each other. I felt my dick start to harden again.

Matt came back and handed us that lovely Brown and we just sipped our drinks and smiled.

“You know Barbara,” Matt said, “that really wasn’t very naughty. What else do you want to do?”

“I want both of you inside me at once.”

“I think we can arrange that,” I said as I finished my drink and sat the glass on the floor.

Barbara crawled over to me and started stoking my cock again. “I hope so,” she said. “Because I don’t know if I’ll ever feel like this again and I’d hate to miss out on a once in a lifetime opportunity.” As I became fully hard she straddled me and guided me inside her.

I couldn’t believe how soft and hot she was. Moisture seeped out from around the edges as she used her muscles to draw me in deeper. I felt the bed shake and open my eyes to see Matt moving around behind her. Barbara lay down on top of me and stopped moving. She moaned as Matt pushed his way into her from behind. My eyes opened in surprise as I felt him enter her asshole. It seemed like I could feel his dick rubbing mine through her.

I began moving slowly in and out of her as Matt began to thrust as well. We set up an unspoken rhythm as both of us sought to make Barbara come again. I felt her moisture dribble down my cock and onto my thighs and I heard her began to moan constantly. Matt was grunting softly as he got all the way in with each thrust. Both he and I began to thrust faster, sliding in and out in as the exquisite pressure began to build in my balls.

I felt Barbara moving back against both of us, urging both of us to go inside her more deeply with each thrust. She began to moan again, softly at first and then more loudly, finally screaming through her clenched teeth as she came, shuddering uncontrollably. Matt came as she fell onto me completely and I came right afterward. As my softening cock slipped from it’s wet embrace I could feel the mixing juices of all three of us drip onto my legs.

Matt fell onto the side of the bed and Barbara rolled into the space between us. I turned onto my side just so that I could look at her and I reached out to cup her breast.

She smiled when she felt my hand and looked at me, then at Matt. “Thanks guys,” she said.

Matt smiled. “You know that the Cats are gonna kill Indiana in the NCAA Tournament don’t you?”

“No way in Hell,” she said with a smile.

“So what’s the bet?” I asked.

* * * * *

As all NCAA fans know, UK lost to Maryland who played Indiana for the National Championship. Therefore Barbara has a chance to get even. If you want to see what happens, let me know and vote for my story. “Awlni”

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